Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update Episode (Today) 30 October 2022: Rudraksh Is Alive

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update Episode (Today) 30 October 2022: Preesha is beautifying the home when Sharda enters and inquires as to who might be arriving. Preesha says Pihu is in town to extend an invitation to her wedding. Sharda makes fun of Pihu, saying that while Preesha wed Armaan after Rudra passed away, Pihu is wed to someone else after Vidyuth passed away. Digvijay is informed by Preesha of Pihu’s visit.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update Episode (Today) 30 October 2022

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update Episode (Today) 30 October 2022

Digvijay thanks her for letting him know because he is grieving greatly over losing Pihu and Kanchan. After losing Pihu, he said he believed he would also lose Armaan, but Preesha is looking after him and doing them a favor. He inquires as to whether she told Pihu of Armaan’s illness. Says Preesha, “No.” No one, according to Digvijay, does what she is doing for Armaan.

Preesha believes that yes, she is looking after Armaan since only Armaan can let her know where her child is. Preesha welcomes Pihu and conducts her aarti. She asks about her future husband. Pihu says to be in the vehicle. Roohi gives her chocolate to Armaan. In a fit of rage, Roohi tries to take it away from him. Preesha is referred to as aunty by Armaan. Digvijay and Preesha run to help him.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update Episode (Today) 30 October 2022

According to Armaan, Roohi and he are at odds over chocolate. Digvijay takes care of Armaan and houses him. Preesha is asked by Pihu whether she won’t conduct the aarti for her fiancé. The fiancé of Pihu enters. When they learn that Rudra is married to Pihu, Preesha, Sharda, and the kids are shocked. Preesha asks about the status of Rudra. Pihu asks questions as to the surprise of her fiance.

Preesha is asked by Rudra if she will not perform the aarti for Pihu’s future husband so that he might wed her and become Preesha’s son-in-law. He asks questions to see if she must be in shock over the fact that he is still living; clearly, she did not even imagine in her dreams that he may still be alive and would wed Pihu. According to him, Preesha is his satsuma/mother-in-law because Armaan is Pihu’s older brother and acts as a father figure.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein

She is also Armaan’s wife. Preesha says that she is happy to see him alive. Inquiring as to his location, Sarah and Roohi give him a warm hug. Rudra is given a tender touch by Sharda, who then leads him to her room. She gives him hugs, feeds him emotionally, and says that her life has back. With Rudra’s blessings, he is alive, as per her. Upon seeing the blast, Sharda said she believed he had died.

Rudra tells the story of how he fell into the lake and was saved by a hero just in time to avoid being attacked by a crocodile. Rudra is attended to by Savior for several days until he regains consciousness. Unknowingly talking to Preesha, Rudra murmurs. Savior believes that it looks like the man loves Preesha. After a few days, Rudra fully awakens and asks where he is and how he got here.

Full Written Episode Yeh Hai Chahatein

Full Written Episode Yeh Hai Chahatein 

The hero says that despite being severely burned and injured, fate intervened to save him. He inquires as to who Preesha is because he was subconsciously murmuring her name and is still alive as a result. Rudra needs to go to Preesha and let her know that he is alive as, according to Rudra, they were ready to get married and she must be in shock. He has sleepiness. Savior says that there is still time for him to heal.

Rudra recovers fully after a few more days. He can go and meet his Preesha right away because the Savior says that meeting and parting are all part of God’s game. In a flashback, he explains to Sharda that he recovered expecting he would see Preesha and his family again, but nothing happened the way he had anticipated.

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