From the border area, a leader's daughter was detained along with two crore rupees in cash. Additionally, two guns were found on him.

Yeshi Morea, 28, is the daughter of the municipality's mayor in Michoacan, Mexico. The US Customs and Border Protection team apprehended him.

A money laundering case has been filed against him, and an investigation has begun.

Yeshi Morea was attempting to cross the border from America to Mexico with more than $20 million in cash and firearms, according to a report in the "Daily Mail.

" However, she was apprehended at a checkpoint on the Juarez-Lincoln Bridge in Laredo, Texas, preventing her from crossing the border.

After that, Yeshi Morea was given to the Webb County Sheriff's Police. however, Yeshi Morea was released from jail after paying a surety of Rs 4 lakh.

Yeshi said on Instagram that "his arrest was politically motivated". and alleged by Yeshi that "all this is for political purpose to defame his family".

Under US law, a person carrying such a large amount in or out of the country is required to inform the Border Protection Team. under the law, only a certain amount can be carried without restriction.