Vi APN Settings For Fast Internet Speed (Vodafone-Idea) 2022

Vi APN Settings For Fast Internet Speed (Vodafone-Idea) 2022: In today’s article, we are going to talk about Vi Vodafone-idea apn settings. You may have accidentally tampered with your APN settings, due to which now you may have some problem in using the Internet, whatever the reason, in today’s article you can get the solution of all your problems, here we will also give you the default APN settings. From setting fast internet speed to setting APN setting for fast internet, we are going to give you information, but before proceeding in the article, let us know about Vi.

Know About Vi ( Vodafone Idea) :

Vi is the third-largest telecom company in India and the sixth-largest telecom company in the world, the name of this company is formed from the merger of two companies, in which the word Vodafone and Idea are included and the first letter is used where the word V means Vodafone and the word I Means Idea it was started in 2018 and now its number of customers is in crores, the CEO of this company is Ravinder Takkar and talk about Head Quarter, Head Quarter is established in India in Mumbai and Gandhinagar, you will get from 2G 3G to K 4G provides 4G VoLTE internet speed or faster. Vi company operated in two separate brands Vodafone and idea. Vodafone network offers postpaid and prepaid GSM services for Customers. Idea network offers a prepaid GSM service for Clients.

Vi APN settings (3G /4G) For Different Operating systems

  • Vi APN Settings for iPhone and ios devices
  • APN Settings for Vi on Android Phones.
  • Vi APN Settings For Windows Phone
  • Vi APN Settings For Blackberry

Vi APN Settings For Android Phones:

The APN setting may vary depending on the operating system. If you are an Android user then you can use the APN setting mentioned below, but if you do not know how to change the APN setting in an Android phone then you should know this first. To know how to change the APN setting in Android-phone, we are telling you some steps below.

How To change Vi APN Settings On Android:

Step 1: Click On Settings App Icon And Open It.

Step 2: Now Go To the “Network and Internet” option In the Settings App of your device.

Step 3: Find The “APN Settings” option and Click On the ‘create a new APN’ settings on your Phone.

Step 4: Enter the following Vi APN Setting to get a faster internet connection on your Android Phone.

Vi APN Settings (Android)

Name VI internet 4G
APN VI Net Speed
Proxy Blank
Port Blank
Username Not Set
Password Not Set
Server Not Set
MMSC Not Set
MMS ProxyLeave it
MMS PortLeave it
MCC Keep default
MNC Keep default
Authentication TypePAP or CHAP
APN Typedefault,supl
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming ProtocolIPv4/IPv6

Step 5: After Save This APN Settings, you have to restart your android Phone to apply the New VI APN Settings.

vi fast apn settings

Vi APN Setting For BlackBerry

The procedure to change the internet setting or APN setting is the same in almost all different operating system mobile phones, before knowing APN setting for Blackberry phones you should know how to change APN setting in the Blackberry phone. It can be done, and also if you are a Blackberry user then you can use the fast APN setting mentioned below, if using it does not give you any benefit or if it causes you any problem then you can use your Can reset APN settings again

How To Change Vi APN Setting On BlackBerry

Follow These Steps To Change APN Settings In Your Blackberry Phone.

Step 1: Open Your Setting App In your blackberry phone.

Step 2: Now Go To “Network Connections”.

Step 3: Here Click On the “Mobile Networks” option.

Step 4: Now You Can See “APN” Option-click On It.

Step 5: To Change Your APN Settings Click On Advance And Fill The New APN Settings Given Bellow.

Vi APN Settings (Blackberry)

  • APN: VI Internet 4G
  • Username: Leave Blank
  • Password: Leave Blank
APNVI Internet 4G
UsernameLeave it
PasswordLeave it

Step 6: After Fill, The New APN Settings Click On Save And Restart Your Phone To Apply these New Settings.

Vi APN Settings For Windows Phone

If you are a Windows operating system phone user and you are troubled by your internet connectivity or you have accidentally tampered with your APN settings or Internet settings and now you want to change your APN setting, then you can use the Fast APN setting as mentioned below. Can be used.
But before changing anything in your APN settings, you should try to reset your APN settings once, it might solve your problem. But if you have done so and your problem still persists and you are looking for fast apn settings for your windows phone then we are telling you fast apn settings for windows phone.

How To change Vi APN Settings In Window Phones:

Step 1: First Of All Go To the App List And Click On the Settings Icon.

Step 2: Here You Can Find the “Network & Wireless” Option, Click On It.

Step 3: After That Click On “Cellular & SIM”.

Step 4: And Here You Have To Select You Vi Sim, And Then Select Property.

Step 5: Now You Can Add New APN (Given Bellow) Under The ‘Internet APN’ Option.

Vi Fast APN Settings (Window):

  • Name: Vi Internet 4G
  • APN: Vi Net Speed
  • Username: Not Set
  • Password: Not Set
  • Type of sign-in info: PAP
  • IP Type: IPv4
  • Proxy Server: Leave it
  • Proxy Port: Not Set
NameVi Internet 4G
APNVi Net Speed
UsernameNot Set
PasswordNot Set
Type of sign-in infoPAP
IP TypeIPv4
Proxy ServerLeave it
Proxy PortNot Set

Step 6: After changing the APN settings for Vi hit the save button to make the New Vi APN setting active on your Windows Phone.

Vi APN Settings For IOS Phones:

If you are an iOS phone user and you are troubled by your APN setting or you may have accidentally tampered with your APN setting and now you are not able to use the internet connection at a normal speed. In such a situation, we are telling you here that how you can change the V APN settings inside your iPhone, as we told you earlier that the option to change the APN setting in every operating system or in the phone may be different. So the option to change APN settings in iPhone or IOS is quite different from other operating systems, if you want to change the APN setting in your iOS phone, then by following the steps mentioned below, you can easily change Vi APN settings in iPhone or iOS phone. can do.

How to Change Vi APN Setting In IOS Or iPhone:

Step 1: In Order To change the apn settings in your iPhone you need to connect your phone to the internet, you can use wifi, etc.

Step 2: Now Open Any Browser In your phone and go to

Step 3: Here you have to find an option called “Create APN’ and then click on it.

Step 4: After clicking on “Create APN’ select “Vi” From this list, then again click on “Create APN”.

Step 5: Ok, Finely you have to install this new APN’ setting on your ios phone.

Must Read (Conclusion)

If you have reached here in this post then we hope that you have found the solution to your problem, but the information given in this post does not solve your problem, then you should reset your APN settings. And also no one must restart your phone after changing the APN settings. If your problem is not solved even after using everything, then you should contact your operator or try once by selecting the default APN settings.

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