Toy Pom – What Is Toy Pom?

Toy Pom: Hello friends, today we have brought a great article for you. Yes, friends, today’s article is about the dog breed. You must have heard about the dog of this breed and if you have not heard then you must have seen the dog of this breed. Because these days these dogs are becoming very viral on social media. You people must have also seen many videos of this dog, which the audience also likes very much.

Yes, friends, we are talking about Pom Dog, also known as Toy Pom. In today’s article, we are going to give you complete information about Toy Pom (Pom Dog). If you are also an animal lover and you are also fond of keeping cute dogs, then you must read this article of ours today. Because in this we are going to give you complete information about such cute, intelligent and smart dog toy pom about its size, color, weight, height, their health, and their behavior. Along with this, we will also know what is their maximum age is and by what other names they are known. If you also want to know more about Toy Pom then stay with us:-

What Is Toy Pom?

By the way, we have told you in the beginning that Toy Pom is a special type of dog breed. Due to its small size, this dog is known as a toy breed. The full name of this dog is Pomeranian. But it is often referred to as POM. The Pomeranian is a spitz-type dog breed. Due to the region of Pomerania, it was named Pomeranian. Pomerania is the territory of Germany and Poland. In our internet research on this breed of dog, we found that even Queen Victoria had a particularly small Pomeranian. And as a result, the small breed became extremely popular universally. If we talk, overall the Pomeranian dog is strong and healthy. Below you can find out more about this dog.

What Do Toy Poms (Pomeranian) Look Like?

These dogs are small in size. These are compact yet strong dogs. Their tails are high and flat. A ruff of fur forms on their neck for which poms are well known.

Weight:- They are very light in weight. Toy poms are about 3-7 pounds (1.4 to 3.2 kg).

Height:- The height of the toy pom is very small, which also looks very beautiful. These dogs are 8 to 14 inches (20 to 36 cm) high.

Life Span:- (12 to 16 years) is the lifespan of toy pom.

Color: Pom dogs look pretty. Pom dogs are of different colors. Below we have mentioned the colors of which Pomeranian Dogs belong

  • Black Pomeranian
  • Cream Colored Pomeranian
  • Orange Sable Pomeranian
  • Red Sable Pomeranian
  • White Pomeranian
  • Black & Tan
  • Brown Pomeranian
  • Gray Pomeranian


They also have the same health problems as other breeds of dogs. A good breed dog also requires high exercise and a good diet. If kept trim and fit, the Pom is a strong dog. Some health problems can occur if care is not given to the cleanliness of their teeth, ears, and eyes. These problems can be avoided with regular care. Another health problem in Pomeranian breed dogs is the luxating patella.

Exercise:- These Pomeranian breed dogs need daily walks. They can be kept fit by exercising and taking health care. If Poms are kept trim and fit, the Pomeranian is a strong dog. They also need some exercise, and play can take care of a lot of their exercise needs, however, as with all breeds of dog, the sport will not satisfy their basic instinct to walk. Dogs that do not go for daily walks are more likely to have behavioral problems.


If we talk about the behavior of Pomeranians, then these dogs are considered very good in behavior. Dogs of this breed (Pomeranian) are friendly, playful, and lively. Poms are alert and aware of changes in their environment. Poms dogs defend their territory to some extent, so when they hear an unknown movement or an unknown sound, poms dogs can bark. Pomeranians are considered intelligent. These Poms dogs are intelligent and respond well to training. Poms can become stubborn if they are not properly trained and socialized. Pom dogs can sometimes become aggressive towards dogs and humans when trying to prove themselves. If you want to train them to spend time alone, then a toy can be a good way to do that.

Popularity Of Pomeranian Dogs

The popularity of Pomeranian dogs has been immense. They have been garnering a lot of popularity and love due to their small size and playful nature. The Poms dog breed has been one of the more popular dog breeds in the United States. These dogs are considered to be of intelligent and polite nature. It is also believed that the common Pomeranian is listed at number 27th in the list of most intelligent dogs, while the German Shepherd is at No. 1 in this list.

What Other Names Are Pom Dogs Known By?

Pomeranian Dogs are also known by many names. Apart from Toy Pom, Pom Dog, Pomeranian, there are many other names of Pom Dogs, whose list we have given below:-

  • Pom,
  • Toy Pom,
  • German Spitz,
  • Pom Pom,
  • Pomeranian,
  • Spitz Nain,
  • Spitz Anno,
  • Zvars, Etc.

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We have provided you with all the information in this article about how Poms look, their nature, their health. All the information we share in this article is based on internet research. We hope you got the information you wanted from this article of ours. If you still think that we have missed any aspect related to pom dogs, then you can tell us through the comment. If you have any queries or any doubt or any problem then you can share with us in the comment box.



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