‘That is Not Me’ Clarifies Rapper Lil Fizz On His Alleged Nude Pictures Go Viral


Last Updated: December 14, 2022, 15:55 IST

Lil Fizz's alleged nude pics leak online, he issues clarification.

Lil Fizz’s alleged nude pics leak online, he issues clarification.

Lil Fizz cleared the air that the nude pictures claiming to be him are not his.

Twitter just took a wild turn and American rapper Lil Fizz is at the centre of it all for all the wrong reasons. The reality show star allegedly had his explicit photos taken from his OnlyFans page. Those then went viral on social media. This has happened to the rapper for the second time this year, reported Hollywood Unlocked. Of the photos leaked, in one of the snaps, the famous rapper is reportedly seen wearing an LA cap. The other two are more explicit but no face is visible in those.

Lil Fizz finally addressed the issue on Tuesday and shared his statement on his Instagram. He wants to make sure everyone knows that it is not him in the photos or videos that have been making the rounds on social media. He went on to write, “This is crazy, the levels these chicks will go to, to try and destroy and ruin you.” Lil Fizz added, “Wow unbelievable! Ya’ll have a happy holiday, that is NOT ME!” Check it out here:

Some Instagram users were sceptical about the rapper’s statement. Many claimed that people could see his OnlyFans username at the bottom of the video. “But you cannot fake that OnlyFans tag…” “Straight from your OnlyFans page though with the watermark, why are you lying?” another comment read.

However, many others had come to Lil Fizz’s defence. One Instagram user commented, “They don’t realise that people’s kids may actually see this nonsense that they post about their parents and possibly get bullied in school for it.”

The rapper rose to fame as a member of the hip-hop band B2K. He remained with them from 2001 to 2004. Many popular singers like Omarion, J-Boong, Raz-B, and others were also a part of B2K. The group made their first appearance in the rapper Bow Wow’s video for his song called Ghetto Girls. They released their first single titled Uh Huh in 2001, which became a popular hit. B2K made a comeback in 2018 but parted ways again in 2019.

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