SMS Center Number For Airtel 2023 All States

SMS (SMSC) Center Number For Airtel 2023 All States: One of the leading mobile service providers in India has been Airtel. You could possibly, nonetheless, be unable to send any SMS from your cell device. There could be a variety of problems, including faulty SIM cards, expired recharge plans, and phone problems.

Do you have problems sending messages on your phone, such as the inability to message contacts? In that situation, you must address the issue by calling the relevant service provider’s message center. Check out the Airtel message center phone numbers for all active circles if you have an Airtel connection.

Numbers for All States’ Airtel Message Centers

Check out the list below to find the Airtel SMS center number for your state.

StatesAirtel Message Centre Number
Maharashtra+91 98980-51916
Madhya Pradesh+91 98450-86020
Bihar+91 98310-29416
Andhra Pradesh (AP)+91 98490-87001
Delhi+91 98100-51914
Punjab+91 98150-51914
Karnataka+91 98450-86007
Gujarat+91 98310-29416
Rajasthan+91 98150-51914
Telangana+91 98490-87001
Assam+91 98180-23015
Uttar Pradesh+91 98100-51914
Uttarakhand+91 98450-86020
Odisha+91 98180-23015
Himachal Pradesh+91 98450-86020
West Bengal+91 99320-29007
Jharkhand+91 98450-86020
Tamil Nadu+91 98980-51914
Kerala+91 98100-51905
Jammu and Kashmir+91 98450-86007

In addition to this, you can dial the toll-free number 1800-103-4444 from your registered mobile number any time of day or night.

Do not hesitate to call the all-states SMS center number if you are experiencing issues with your Airtel message center. You can access information about your phone and account in every Indian state by dialing this number. Call us at any time if you have inquiries or concerns. Keep this number close so you can always get in touch with assistance quickly.

How to Change Airtel SMS Center Number?

If you want to change the Airtel SMS center number then try the below methods to change the Airtel SMS center number.

  • Go to the ‘Settings App’ on your phone.
  • Find “Network & Internet” or a setting that resembles it in the list now. Every phone has a unique layout. Please select the appropriate choices.
  • After selecting “Call” look in the menu for “Advanced Settings”
  • A menu option titled “SMSC Settings” or “SMS Center Number” will appear. To modify a number, tap on it.

After that, confirm that the number supplied here actually belongs to your state. Please refer to the preceding sheet and make the necessary updates if the number is different.

We’ve covered the various scenarios in which the SMS service on your phone might stop working. Lack of SMS recharge may be another simple but sometimes disregarded factor. Your prepaid recharge may not include an SMS pack.

Keep in mind that the procedure differs from phone to phone. Setting the SMSC option is all that is required. In the search box at the top, you may quickly look for it. The procedure will be simpler as a result.

Where can I find the Airtel SMS settings?

SMS (SMSC) Center Number For Airtel 2023 All States: Send a text message with the subject “MO” to 54321 using your Airtel SIM if you’d want to receive Airtel SMS settings via SMS. When you get the Airtel APN settings by SMS, hit OK and restart your phone.

How can I fix the Airtel message not being sent?

Airtel has said in a blog post that if you are not able to send any SMS then try these troubleshooting steps. This solves the problem of not sending messages from your Airtel number.

  • Restart your phone: A simple way to fix any temporary issues is to restart your phone.
  • Delete Unnecessary SMS: Delete those messages which you find unnecessary.
  • Clear Cache Data: Clearing the cache memory helps to get rid of any misbehaving processes in the background.
  • Update phone software: If you’re having trouble with messages being delivered, updating the software may solve the problem.
  • Contact Customer Care: If the above options do not solve the problem, then you can contact Airtel’s customer care number, Airtel’s customer care number is 121.

What Number Is the Airtel Message Center?

If you live in Delhi, the Airtel SMS center number is 9810051914. Airtel’s short message service center number is referred to as SMSC. Telecom companies generally use this number to offer SMS services to their customers. Airtel uses this number to route and forwards all messages to the intended recipients. Therefore, you can use this Airtel SMS center number to resolve any troubles you may be having when sending texts with your Airtel SIM card.

How to Change Airtel Message Center Number with USSD Code?

Try changing it by using the USSD code method by following the steps provided below to alter the Airtel SMS center number.

  • Dial *#*#4636#*#* on your phone’s numeric pad.
  • When a message appears, select Phone Info and scroll down.
  • To view the most recent SMS center number, locate the SMSC option and click the Refresh button.
  • The revised Airtel SMS center number for your state can be copied and pasted from the table above. Click Update now.
  • You can now send SMS using the new number listed as your Airtel SMS center.

How to set up the Airtel Message Center Number in Android?

  • Open the messaging app on your mobile
  • Click on the 3 dots and go to Settings
  • After going to Settings, now click on More Settings
  • Here you will see the option of SMSC
  • Change or set that number to the number below
  • Now open the dialer pad app on your mobile
  • After opening dialer pad app dial #*#*3646*#*#
  • After dialing phone setting will appear in front of you select the phone setting
  • After selecting the phone setting go to the SMSC option
  • Then set the airtel message center number or change it to the new number

Airtel Service Center Number For International Users

You can utilize the following international Airtel message center numbers in accordance with your needs: –

SMSC Number For Airtel UAE+233244550190000
SMSC Number For Airtel Kuwait+96596000303
SMSC Number For Airtel Nigeria+2348020000009
SMSC Number For Airtel Uganda+25675010004

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my SMSC number?

After entering *#5005*7672 on your mobile phone, tap on Call. This SMSC number will be displayed now.

How can I fix the Airtel SMS problem?

Take out the SIM and put it in another ordinary cellphone. After that update the SMS service center number. Afterward, insert the SIM card into your phone… Messages can now be sent.

Why Airtel is not receiving SMS?

Call the Airtel customer care helpline number and ask them to help you.

Airtel SMS Center Number Haryana?

Airtel SMS Center Number in Haryana is +919810051914

Airtel SMS Center Number UP East?

Airtel SMS Center Number in up east is +919810051914

Airtel SMS Center Number Bihar?

Airtel SMS Center Number in Bihar is +919831029416

Airtel SMS Center Number Northeast?

Airtel SMS Center Number in the northeast is +919815051914

Airtel SMS Center Number Maharashtra?

Airtel SMS Center Number in Maharashtra is +919898051916

Airtel SMS Center Number Tamilnadu?

Airtel SMS Center Number in Tamilnadu is +919898051914

Airtel SMS Center Number Delhi?

Airtel SMS Center Number in Delhi is +919810051914


We have listed Airtel message center numbers of all states in this blog. You can use this number to get all the information about your Airtel message center number including message center number, contact information, helpline information, and more. We have shared all this information with you by collecting public resources available on the Internet, for more information or books, you can visit the official website.

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