Sherdil Shergill Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022: Manmeet Saves Raj

Sherdil Shergill Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022: The Man Attacks Raj at the beginning of the Episode Before Fleeing. When They See Raj, They Know Him. They Make an Ambulance Call. Raj Rides Off in a Taxi. Manmeet Returns House. She Meets Puneet and Ajeet. She Claims That Gunjan and I Were Anxious. We Had to Give You a Surprise, According to Puneet. They Refer to Surprise. Manmeet Examines the Door.

Raj Is Injured. She Is Shocked. She Queries What Happened. He Claims That I Was Attacked by Some Males. a Fall Occurs. He Is Being Held in Her Lap. Dad Shouldn’t Know This, He Assures Us. She Addresses Ajeet by Name. What Occurred, Inquire Ajeet and Puneet. I’ll Call Ajeet’s Dad, He Says. She Replies That He Stated His Family Shouldn’t Be Aware.

Sherdil Shergill Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022

Sherdil Shergill Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022

Ajeet Claims He Rejected This State. No, Try to Understand, I’ll Take Him to the Hospital, I’ll Call Hussain for Help, and You Stay in This House, She Adds. Did Raj Arrive, Bhairav Queries? Nirali Replies, “No, I’m Worried About Whether He’ll Show Up.” He Queries Why. She Says That He Was Made Aware of Nikki Showing Us the Footage. He Claims That If He Lied in the Video, He Would Come to Us and Admit It. If So, Is It True? She Queries.

Don’t Start It Up Again, He Says, “I Know You’re Upset.” Yes, I Didn’t See Anmol Properly, She Admits. He Queries Who Anmol Is. She Says That Our Grandson’s Nose Resembles Raj’s. According to Him, Up Until a Few Months, Babies Look the Same. She Says That You Have Become Cold-Hearted. If Anmol Is Our Grandchild, I Will Never Be Able to Forgive Myself for Not Hugging Him. She Leaves. Raj Is Taken to the Hospital by Manmeet.

\Radhe Contacts Raj. She Looks at the Call. Murari Looks for Raj. What Occurred, Bhairav Queries. Murari Remains Silent. Bhairav Predicts Raj Will Arrive. Raj, According to Radhe, Has Messaged. He Misreads a Few Signals. He Says Sorry and Lets You Know That He Will Be Working Late into the Night in the Office.

Aaj Ka Sherdil Shergill Written Episode

Sherdil Shergill

Choti Says That Tension Must Be Handled Because Raj Never Sent Any Texts. Bhairav Departs. Talking to the Doctor Is Manmeet. He Advises That We Run Several Tests and Look for Internal Wounds. He Gets Her Thanks. When Someone Answers the Phone, He Says, “I’ve Sent Manmeet’s Address. Please Ask Her If Raj Is There and If So, Go in and Get Raj Here.” Are You with Raj, the Nurse Inquires? Yes, Says Manmeet.

the Nurse Inquires, “Did You Notify the Police; It’s a Fighting Case; Sign This Form; It’s a Consent Form; You Are His Wife, Correct; Any Problems; Do You Want to Call Someone Else from the Family?” You Are His Wife, After All. No, Tell Me, Manmeet Replies, and I’ll Sign. She Completes the Form and Asks the Nurse to Begin the Procedure.

She Queries the Doctor About Any Serious Issues. According to the Doctor, We Had a Mri Done, He Is Well, Will Become Conscious Soon, and Can Leave Tomorrow. He Gets Her Thanks. Really Raj, What Else Are You Going to Force Me to Do? My Life Was Difficult, but I Never Worked in the Cinema, and Now You Are Sleeping as You Disturbed My Sleep. She Goes to Sleep on the Couch. Raj Wakes Up and Confronts Her.

Full Sherdil Shergill Written Episode

Sherdil Shergill

Are You Okay? Can You See Me and Talk to Me? Tell Me What Happened, She Queries. First, He Says, Pinches Me. She Squeals. He Yells. She Queries Why. He Says That I Had Just Confirmed Your Presence. She Responds, “Yes, That’s Why You’re Still Alive. I Was So Afraid When I Saw You Hurt at My Door.

Now That We’ve Had a Serious Discussion, Bhairav, Tell Me What Happened and Everything You Know. How Long Will You Simply Hide? He Advises Me to State a Partial Truth, Namely That Some Thugs Battered Me and Stole My Things. Right, She Asserts. He Says That Some People Find Humor Offensive, While Others Give Praise or Beat. Manmeet’s Home Is Visited by Bhairav’s Men, Who Request Raj. Ajeet Prevents Them.

They Quarrel Before Entering the Residence to Investigate. Anmol Is Sleeping Inside, According to Puneet. Let Us Check First, the Man Says, and Then We’ll Head Off. Raj Is Not Discovered. Raj Isn’t Here, We Told You, According to Ajeet. Do You Know Where Raj Is, the Man Asks? Puneet Rejects.

Please Let Bhairav Know That His Family Is Concerned, the Man Requests. They Go Away. When Raj Wasn’t There When Your Guys Arrived Looking for Him, Ajeet phoned Bhairav and Says, “It’s My Turn to Tell You Something.” Raj Smiles as He Wakes. He Notices Ajeet. Raj’s Feet Are Where Manmeet Is Dozing. Raj Says That I Now Also See Ajeet in My Dreams, in Addition to Manmeet.

Janiye Aaj Ka Sherdil Shergill Written Episode

Janiye Aaj Ka Sherdil Shergill Written Episode 

When He Sees Bhairav, He Is Horrified. He Says That I Was Severely Injured and That I Had Even Seen My Father. Bhairav Beams. Raj Reaches Out and Frightens Himself. Raj Is Held by Bhairav. Ajeet Speaks Slowly. Bhairav Says His Shoulder Is Fine, and When I Went to the Doctor About It, the Doctor Stated He Can Return Home Today.

Will You Go to Your Father’s House or Manmeet’s Place, He Asks. Manmeet Is Roused by Raj. When She Sees Ajeet and Bhairav, She Is Shocked. I Asked You to Stay at Home, She Says. Bhairav Asks, “Tell Me What to Do. If Raj Had Passed Away, Would You Have Invited Us to His Funeral?” So That You Won’t Worry, Raj Adds I Requested the Manager Not to Tell You. Amazingly, Bhairav Claims That She Would Message About Late-Night Work.

Actually, Manmeet Says, I Was on My Own and Unsure of What to Do, So I Messaged to Ease Your Tension. Thanks to Ajeet for Letting Us Know, Bhairav Inquires as to What Sin I Did That You Covered Anything, Major. I Expect You Both to Respond. Raj Tenses Up.

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