Sherdil Shergill Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022: Ramji and Meera Leaves Home

Sherdil Shergill Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022: In This Episode, Bhim Rao stepped forward agreeing to Bala. He asked Bala to forgive him. Bala’s wife questions him for creating a scene and asked him to come inside. Rama stopped Bala’s wife from interfering. Anand asked Bala to talk later, he was drunk right now. Bala refused, he asked Anand not to mediate this, to let him speak for once. Bala asked Bhim Rao to solve his problem, it was his order as an elder brother. Asked Bhim Rao if he still had the right to order his younger brother. Bhim Rao asked Bala what he needed. Bala told Bhim Rao to support him from today, if he doesn’t he will consider that Bhim Rao didn’t love him. Bhim Rao agreed to support him on one condition. Bhim Rao asked Bala to do what he wants but did it right. Bala refused, the loved ones don’t see right or wrong, they just support. Bhim Rao told that’s where he was different.

Sherdil Shergill Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022

Sherdil Shergill Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022

Bhim Rao said that everyone made him like this since a child, and he has paid the price for it every time. He always does what is right irrespective of he who he hurts in the way. Bhim Rao agreed to change himself for Bala but asked if he would accept the change in him. Will everyone like him changing at all? Anand wouldn’t like Bhim Rao changing at all. They all appreciated Bhim Rao for who he is, whether they like it or not. Meera told Ramji that all brothers were in an argument with each other. Ramji was writing his letter. Anand asked Bala to understand Bhim Rao. Bala refused and said that Bhim Rao didn’t love him. Anand questioned Bhim Rao. Bala told everyone that he won’t love Bhim Rao from now on because Bhim Rao didn’t love him. Bhim Rao hugged Bala tightly and said that he really loves Bala. He wanted everyone to unite like before. Bala fell asleep in Bhim Rao’s arms. Anand made Bhim Rao realize that. Bhim Rao maintained the hug.

Sherdil Shergill

Ramji asked Meera to place Jijabai’s letter back in Bhim Rao’s diary. They will leave once everyone falls asleep. Meera went to put the letter back. The next morning, a lawyer came to chawl. He asked everyone about any news. Hitesh showed Bala who was asleep. He told that Ramji and Meera felt at home. Sethji came asking for Rama and Lakshmi. Everyone told that they went to look after their elders. Chawl members questioned Sethji. He told that Rama had a bet with him. Ramji and Meera traveled far. Ramji asked two men to lend them a place to live in. The men questioned. Ramji told that he was new in the city. A man said that Ramji was lying. Rama came to chawl asking if Ramji returned. Lakshmi and others followed Rama, Ramji and Meera left unannounced and were nowhere to be found. The lawyer asked about Bhim Rao. Rama didn’t know, Bhim Rao wasn’t home when she woke up. Joshi told came to chawl, told they ran away. He knew that Bhim Rao would run away.

Sherdil Shergill Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022

Chawl members object, Bhim Rao must have gone to find Ramji and Meera. Joshi refused because in that situation he would have woken everyone else as well. Hitesh told that they ran away. Bhim Rao came to Ramji and Meera, he found Ramji and Meera leaving. He could have stopped them or awakened everyone else, but he wanted to see if Ramji would think about his family and children. Bhim Rao was okay with Raji finding a new home for himself, he won’t stop him. Bhim Rao would sit outside that house until Ramji changes his mind. Joshi told that Bhim Rao ran away. Bala woke up refusing the allegation. Bhim Rao cannot run away; he had never turned his back on any trouble. Hitesh questioned Bala for talking against Bhim Rao, and now he changed his stance. Bala believed that Bhim Rao has not run away.

Joshi asked Bala to find Ramji and Meera. In between conversations, Sethji asked Rama to come to work, he didn’t care what happens around him. He remained Rama about the deal. Joshi was stunned to hear about the deal. Anand questioned. Sethji told that Rama made the deal. The lawyer told that he would go to court, and file a complaint against all those who ran away. Bhim Rao asked two men to lend Ramji a house. The men refused to call Ramji a liar. Bhim Rao told them that they must tell them a lie but weren’t liars. The men left. Ramji asked Bhim Rao to understand the situation. Bhim Rao questioned, and asked Meera to talk Ramji out of this. He wanted to take Ramji home. Ramji refused and asked Bhim Rao to understand.

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