Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022: Another Evil Power Enters Oswal Mansion

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022: Aarav begins the episode by calling Vivaan and asking him what to get Simar. Vivaan suggests items like clothing and jewelry. Reema, according to him, like designer goods. Aarav examines the statue’s bangles. When Simar and Reema run across Sadhvi Ji, they inform them that the flowers’ color hasn’t changed at all after three days.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022

Simar says that we can now live in peace in our homes. Guru Ji arrives and informs Simar of her dream. By accepting his blessings, Sadhvi Ji identifies him as her Guru Ji. He has taught her something. Reema and Simar accept his blessings. Guru Ji inquires about the dreams they had. Reema and Simar say to have seen a woman on fire.

How did you know, I didn’t tell you, Reema asks Simar. According to Simar, even I had the same dream. Aarav enters the store and says to have seen a woman holding a bracelet. The store owner says that they sell antique items. I want that bangle, says Aarav. I run this store alone, the shopkeeper says, and there are no female employees present. When Aarav notices a bangle in the statue’s hand, he turns to go.

He is informed by the store owner that it is a statue and not a real person. Guru Ji cautions Simar to take this warning seriously and to exercise caution if “the spirit penetrates a human body once, it makes its way to other spirits.” It’s okay, Aarav responds; he doesn’t want.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update Episode

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Aarav is stopped by the store owner, who offers to sell the bracelet for Rs 1 K. He says that the statue is extremely unlucky and that no one wants to purchase it. He promises to give you a bracelet. Aarav declines to purchase, saying that the statue would have been made with careful consideration by the sculptor. The statue’s thumb is broken as the shopkeeper struggles to remove the bracelet. Aarav corrects the thumb and reprimands the man.

The statue’s eyes are visible staring at Aarav as the material pulls away from the scorched face of the statue. Aarav buys the statue and requests that the vendor store it in his store for his safety. He asks him not to label the statue of the woman ugly because all women are beautiful because they bear children. He accepts the bracelet and departs.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Full Written Episode

Written Episode

The store owner claims that although he paid for the statue, he did not take it. He ought to have gotten it. He walks away while hiding the statue’s face. Maharaj Ji is informed about Govardhan Mountain by Simar. When Aarav arrives, he tells Simar that he has a surprise in store for her. From there, he takes her. When the flowers around Sadhvi Ji change color and fly through the air, she is in the act of praying.

As soon as Sadhvi Ji opens her eyes, she closes them. In the air, the blooms become dark and disappear. The bracelet is given to Simar by Aarav. Simar likes it, attempts to wear it, and feels pain. Aarav says he grabbed it when he saw it on the girl’s hand. Later, he laughs. About the other bracelet, Simar inquires. Aarav says there was only one.

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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Episode

It is difficult, according to Simar, because girls are territorial about their jewelry. What about your husband, asks Aarav. When Simar’s phone rings, they make an effort to make love. Simar was unable to hear Sadhvi Ji when she tried to inform him that she was on call. She is asked to put it on by Aarav. Sadhvi Ji knows that something dreadful is about to occur and decides to perform puja. She gets the puja going.

When something falls, the shopkeeper is inside his shop. As soon as he lifts it up, he feels someone there. After a long day of work, he feels as though his mind is heavy. The statue of the burned woman assaulted him, and he later passed away. It displays the statue’s menacing eyes. Excited, Badimaa and the others head downstairs.

Simar gathers her things and takes the bangle. How am I supposed to forget the bangle Aarav Ji gave me? she wonders. Her hand aches once more.

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