Radha Mohan Written Update Episode (Today) 26 October 2022: Radha Recognizes the Peon as Parthap

Radha Mohan Written Update Episode (Today) 26 October 2022: When Radha asks Parthap what he was doing kneeling, he responds that he was simply looking for something. Radha then tries to see what is under the seat and asks Parthap what it is, which causes him to get concerned. However, she insists on knowing what it is. She offers to help him when he says he lost something, but just as she is about to kneel, he grabs her hand and says, “I warned you to get back and sit on your seat.

Radha Mohan Written Update Episode (Today) 26 October 2022

Radha Mohan Written Update Episode (Today) 26 October 2022

” Ketki snaps at him, demanding to know how he dared touch Radha. Radha tells him that there is no need to worry. Damini thinks that Radha always gets to win while she loses, but this time she would definitely win since Gungun would die and she would too, while she would concentrate on making ready for her wedding. Damini, who is holding up a picture of Mohan, declares that she is about to complete a crucial aspect of their wedding.

She applies Haldi to his face while also doing the same to her own. Believing she has the right to his hands, she also plans to burn the Radha’s fingers that touched him. When Kaveri walks in and sees her applying the Haldi, Damini asks if she does not realize that she is celebrating her Haldi alone because Radha was present for the function because of Gungun, but now that Radha is doing it alone, Radha will pay for what she has done.

When Parthap says that he protected her because the car was turning and Radha queried how he dared touch her hand, she yanked it free and said it was something else. When Parthap asked her to return and sit in her seat, Radha thought he must be keeping something from her, but she was unsure of what it was when the bomb detonated in front of her.

Radha Mohan Written Update Episode

Radha Mohan Written Update Episode (Today) 26 October 2022

Partap questions whether the entire scheme would fail if Radha were to discover the device. Kaveri gets concerned as she says that she was already half-crazy but now she fears Damini would surely go crazy. Damini responds that Radha damaged the function of Haldi and no one, including Mohan, imagined they could have it performed once more.

Kaveri explains everything that transpired between her and Kadambari and explains how she was about to give Mohan the whole truth after asking if she knows what is about to happen. However, today is the final day since after that Kadambari won’t have any other option, so Damini thanks her for taking care of everything. Then, when Damini says she’ll find out really soon, Kaveri wonders what she’s going to do.

She hands her the gift but wonders why she seems so composed. Kaveri claims Tulsi beat her up and even Kadambari was about to thwart her plan. Damini says she won’t find out until the evening. Kaveri claims she has done a lot for her daughter but isn’t telling her anything. Damini responds that she must hold off until her plan is realized, which is why she ordered this box and told Kaveri it contained a bomb.

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan Written Episode

Radha Mohan Written Update Episode

Radha asks him why he’s on his knees and he says sorry, saying she was just worried about him but he was always arguing with her. He then sits back. Radha turns back to her seat, thinking the peon has been acting strangely ever since he arrived because he first had the tool and then fought with her, so she believes even Mohan felt something off about him as she sits there.

When Mohan throws the towel, the painting of Gungun and Radha breaks on the floor. He then exits the bathroom and tries to pick up the glass, but this causes a drop to land on him. He recalls how Gungun and Radha were father and daughter even though they were related by blood. Mohan questions why he is feeling so anxious and asks Tulsi to watch over both Radha and Gungun.

Tulsi responds that even she felt strange and never wanted them to leave. Mohan assumes that since Radha is with Gungun, he should not be concerned, but he still decides to phone Radha. While seated on the bus, Radha makes the decision to contact Mohan as well. When both of their phones are busy, they try to call each other again, and when Mohan asks if they have arrived, she responds that they are still traveling.

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Written Update Episode

Before Radha can say anything to Mohan about this peon and how she feels he is not the proper guy, he snatches the phone away from her and inquires about Gungun’s well-being. Ketki challenges him, and Radha wonders how he had the temerity to grab her phone. Mohan questions why he can’t get to Radha.

The mother of Tulsi and her brother arrive when Kadambari summons Mohan to come to see who has arrived; she assures him they have not come here to fight because there is no reason, but Mohan is shocked to see them. Tulsi is concerned about the sudden change in their actions so she requests to come to their wedding, requesting that she also be allowed to invite some of her guests.

She even bestows her blessings on Mohan, explaining that she came to say sorry for explaining that she found Gungun happy here so she came to sorry. She can call anybody she wants because Mohan assures her that this is her home. When Damini goes to their brother Tulsi to ask if her wish would come true, he responds that she gave a significant donation, so the work would also be done in accordance with her wishes.

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Radha Mohan

Tulsi responds that she never imagined her own brother would team up with Damini, knowing that she is her foe and where Radha is. The peon inquires as to if they are the parents of these kids and adds that if she answers the phone, it will set a poor example for the kids. Partap explains that they should not talk while driving. He has been doing this work for a long time, so he knows what is right and wrong.

When Ketki asks who is he to tell them anything, Radha wonders if something is wrong because he just said he started this work yesterday but is now saying he has been doing it for a long time. After shoving the kids into their chairs, Partap reprimands her to sit down, and she complies. However, as he wipes his face, he accidentally pops a pimple. When Radha realizes that he is the same person who abducted her, she gets concerned since he must be up to no good.

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