Pandya Store Written Episode Update 29th October 2022: Suman ousts Shweta

Pandya Store Written Episode Update 29th October 2022: I knew you had taken jewelry and money from your parent’s house for my reason, I recall, you did a lot of things for my love, Deven says at the beginning of the episode. Shweta is worried. Holding Deven’s collar is Dhara. When he sees her, he is surprised. I won’t allow you to take even the house dust, the police will see you, she says, asking if you want jewelry. She strikes him. Shiva, Gautam, she shouts. She is pushed while being attacked with a knife by Deven. She suffers harm. Everyone is startled when they witness this. Everyone runs outdoors. Dhara collapses.

Pandya Store Written Episode Update 29th October 2022

Dev and Shiva beat Deven. Gautam is securing Dhara. Shweta enters the residence out of worry. Devin slips. He observes Raavi holding Chiku. Chiku is taken away by him. He claims that I will beat him. He is asked to leave Chiku by Gautam. Shiva autographs Krish. We shall chat, Gautam says, then leave Chiku. Shiva rear-ends Deven as she attacks. Suman encounters Shweta. Shweta observes the on-screen live coverage. Krishna defeats Deven. Shweta freezes when she sees Suman. Suman becomes angry. She turns off the overhead. Police show up. Shiva claims that because everyone was caught on video, I should testify against Deven. Arrested is Deven. Dhara is carried into the home by Gautam. Is she okay, Suman queries.

Pandya Store Written Episode Update 29th October 2022


Raavi travels to collect some water. To obtain a first aid kit, Rishita leaves. Shweta claims, “I didn’t do anything, and I have no idea how Deven arrived.” Suman strikes her. Suman claims that you are daring to lie, that everyone is aware of you, that we kept your child and you at home, that Krish married a female like you, and that you should all put Shweta and her lover in jail. Please pay attention, Shweta begs. Dev says that since she is now our bahu, we cannot imprison her. Suman says you should call Jankana and urge her to remove Shweta since she would damage our entire house and you are afraid of the insults from the public because she destroyed Krish’s life. Krish receives her apology.

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She doesn’t deserve to be here, according to Krish, who claims that she was ready to go. Everybody is in wonder. Suman questions why you didn’t tell me earlier if you knew it. No, according to Krish; she told me the truth; I hoped she would stay with our family and make apologies; everything would be OK. I’m sorry; I only learned about Deven today. No, I’m sorry, Suman replies, but I got you married to her. She cries. Rishita claims that Krish’s error is not his fault because Shweta duped both of you and because Krish is a young man. Suman commands Shweta to stand. Shweta is forced out of the house by her dragging.

She requests that Krish see a lawyer and file for divorce, saying that it would be better if our relationship with her ended. She reprimands Shweta. Where am I going at this moment? Shweta queries. Go to your parents, advises Suman; they would know how to manage your cheating. Gautam helps Dhara in need. Rishita tells Maa to be calm. Suman claims that despite Rishita’s repeated warnings, I disregarded her. Shweta’s bag gets thrown by Krish. I’m telling the truth, according to Shweta. The reality is, you have shown several sides to everyone; we were idiots to keep you here, according to Rishita, who advises against bringing Dhara up in your remarks. I know what you will observe. Shut the door, Suman says; there’s no need to chat.

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The door was closed. Shweta requests that you open the door. She cries.  She claims that Rishita and Dhara are to blame and that she has no choice but to see her mother as a result. She goes. Suman claims that if you had all heard me earlier, this would not have happened. Forget that, says Raavi; everything is great. Suman claims that you all coerced me into approving the marriage of Krish and Shweta. Rishita says that despite her claims to the contrary, no one paid attention to her warnings. Had Dev not stuck by her today, Shweta may have misled us. Dev claims that while Krish was aware that Shweta was absent, they realized Rishita was correct. Did anyone call the doctor? Gautam queries.

Doctor, according to Krish. A doctor examines Dhara. She takes care of her wound. She requests that Gautam obtain the medications. Make Dhara sleep in the room, Suman says. I’ll sleep, too, and we’ll discuss it in the morning. Krish invites her to leave. Krish considers Dhara. He sobs. It’s not your fault, says Gautam, Krish. Shweta will soon arrive. She can remember everything. She says, “I have nowhere to go now; where will I go.” She sobs.

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