Kumkum Bhagya Written Update  Episode (Today) 7 November 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update  Episode (Today) 7 November 2022: The Episode starts with Aaliya calling Dr. Madhurima. Dr. Madhurima thinks she has to pick up the call, Rhea and her bua are calling. She picks up the call. Aaliya asks her to reach the hospital fast. Dr. Madhurima says tomorrow is the test and asks when she will reach. He tells that she is stuck and can’t come there, as she is not getting a taxi and there is no network too.

Dr. Preeti tells Rhea that she will make her file. Aaliya calls Rhea and tells her that Madhurima can’t come there, and ask her to tell everything to Dr. Preeti so that she doesn’t get trapped. She asks her to buy the doctor. Rhea is about to tell Dr. Preeti about her fake pregnancy, but just then Prachi comes there. Dr. Preeti asks Rhea to go with the nurse for the test. Prachi says all the best. She asks how much time will be taken. Dr. Preeti says it will be soon. Rhea goes with the nurse.

Pallavi says who had come here, we didn’t see. Dida says whoever had come, must be angry and did this. Vikram calls Police and says the phone is busy. Shahana asks what has happened here. Pallavi asks didn’t you see, you can’t think and asks her not to question them. Dida says Sid is missing and it seems like something wrong has happened here. Vikram says someone might have taken Sid from here. Shahana recalls telling Prachi that Aaliya wants to get him killed, and tells everyone that this is done by Aaliya Buji.

Aaliya asks what did I do? Shahana says whoever you think is a hurdle, you do this. Aaliya says you blame everyone. Shahana says just the guilty. They hear the noise and come out to the hall. They see Aryan and Sid fighting. Dida asks what is happening. Vikram asks what is happening. Pallavi asks them to stop it. Aaliya asks why you both are fighting. Aryan says we were playing card games, Sid has lost and not giving 5000 Rs and not getting punched too. Dida scolds them and asks them to clean the floor. Pallavi says I will ask Priya to clean.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update  Episode (Today) 7 November 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update  Episode (Today) 7 November 2022

Ranbir, Prachi and Rhea come back home. Pallavi asks Ranbir why is he stressed. Shahana thinks it seems Rhea’s truth came out. Rhea says before anyone assumes anything, whatever I did is because I love Ranbir. Aaliya thinks fake pregnancy is exposed. Rhea says Prachi has challenged me to get a DNA test, I did it as I love Ranbir and he is upset with me and didn’t talk to me all the way. Ranbir says I was feeling unwell and don’t want to talk. Rhea says I shall be upset with him, but just forget it. Ranbir and Rhea go from there.

Pallavi stops Prachi and asks her to do what she was asked to do. Prachi looks on and goes. The decorator comes there. Pallavi asks him to decorate for the sangeet and marriage. She says she doesn’t want anything to get late. Aaliya asks Rhea to tell them what happened there. Rhea says I have handled everything. She tells that you had asked me to buy Preeti, but she was Prachi’s friend. She sees the nurse Shagun there. The nurses go out.

Rhea sees a pregnant lady there and says she is Dr. Rhea Kohli and wants to take her sample again. FB ends. She tells Aaliya that she gave that pregnant lady’s sample and solved the problem. She says I couldn’t do anything about the report, and says we have to make sure that nobody shall get that report. Rhea says we will ask Dr. Madhurima to make a fake DNA report proving that Ranbir is her baby’s father. She says we will switch it with the real report, then we are safe. Shahana hears them and runs to Prachi.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update  Episode (Today) 7 November 2022

Prachi asks what happened. Shahana says how can anyone lie so big? She says she couldn’t say. Prachi asks her to take a deep breath and say. Shahana says Rhea is not pregnant. Prachi says ok. Shahana says just ok, I thought you will react. Prachi says with this test, we will know the truth. She says I don’t know how she acts to be pregnant. Prachi says they had a doubt when she asked for Papaya and ordered deep tissue massage. Prachi says Rhea thought she will play a game with us, but I played a game with her. Shahana says I heard that she has taken some pregnant lady samples. Prachi says I failed her plan.

A FB is shown, and Rhea asks the lady to go after taking her blood sample. The lady goes. Rhea then gives the lady’s sample to the nurse, saying it is hers. She then faints. Nurse Shagun comes there and makes the blood sample falls down. Another nurse asks Shagun to take her sample. FB ends. Prachi tells that when Rhea gained consciousness, she thought it is a lady’s sample. She says either the rat will be caught by the cat or will be trapped forever. Pallavi recalls the happenings and asks Sid to call Mihika for the marriage. Sid asks Pallavi to ask Rhea to call Mihika as she listens to her, and if he calls her, then Dida will feel bad.

Pallavi and Sid go to Rhea. Pallavi asks where is Mihika? Aaliya comes there. Pallavi says even you are involved. Aaliya says Mihika is Sid’s sister, we can’t do anything. Pallavi asks why she couldn’t come and asks Rhea to invite her for a sangeet. Sid says Chachi asked me to call her, then I told her that Mihika is closer to you. Aaliya thinks I know what you are doing. Sid says you have called her on Ganapati. Pallavi asks Rhea to call her. Rhea says I will try. Pallavi orders her to call mihika. Sid says I had decided if my sister doesn’t come then I will leave the rituals midway.

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