Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022: Tailor Frames Pallavi

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022: Shahana wants to make tea for everyone at the start of The Episode but thinks Priya has been busy throughout the morning. The tailor thinks that he made the dupatta based on Aaliya’s comments and is en route to Kohli’s home. The police are looking into if the girl for whom the dupatta was made died.

He calls Aaliya to inquire because he believes she told the police that he produced the gunpowder dupatta. Inspector Yamini has the police ring in his hands. When I requested him to come here, Yamini asked why he was calling you. As this is our home and not a PS, Aaliya says he wants to know why you called him here. Priya had asked Shahana if she should bring sweets when she brought the tea, she says.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022

She is asked to make them tea by Dida. Shahana is informed by Aryan that something is affixed to her feet. Shahana says she will trash the paper after taking it. Yamini requests that she show. She sees from Shahana. Yamini says that it is a report. Rhea intentionally collides with her, thinking it to be her report, making the report fall. Yamini requests that she choose the report.

Thinking it is her report, Rhea pulls it up and examines it. She shreds the paper, says to Yamini that it is trash, and says she will dump it outside. Dida says that I am tired and will sleep. Yamini asks that Aaliya call Tailor and asks the purpose of his call. You didn’t give the phone to call, according to Aaliya. Call, Yamini asks of her. Call Aaliya and tells him that the phone is not ringing.

We will question him when he arrives, according to Yamini. When it is time for your favorite medicine, Prachi takes Dida to her room. No medicine today at the festival, according to Dida. As per Prachi, you cannot skip. As per Dida, today is Diwali. Prachi asks her to have it since she says that her illness is ignorant and that today is a holiday. She forces her to eat it. Upon hearing her, Ranbir beams.

Kumkum Bhagya Full Written Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022

Prachi promises to arrive in 15 minutes, and if she doesn’t sleep, they will talk. She is asked to sing a lullaby for Dida. Prachi refuses after spotting Ranbir. Ranbir says sorry before continuing. I love you, he allegedly told Dida. She is urged not to overthink by Prachi. It’s happening with your heart, according to Dida. Prachi appears. She is held by Ranbir. Prachi turns to face him.

Will you not ask as to why I held your hand, he asks. Prachi says, “I won’t tell.” Have you ever asked why I can be so rude at times? Prachi asks why you always act rudely. Ranbir beams. She questions him about his fake smile. To say, Ranbir tries. I decided to sit and listen after Prachi sat down in a chair and commented that you were taking a lot of time. Basically, as Ranbir states, it is… If he requires mahurat, Prachi asks.

In fact, Ranbir comes here and says. You are good, he says. You are quite khadoos/rude, according to Prachi. Ranbir asks what I did. You take care of Rhea more than is necessary, Prachi says, recalling Rhea’s words. Now that I understand, Ranbir says that you have two names: Prachi and Mrs. J. (jealous). Jealous, Prachi says before leaving. There, the tailor shows up. Officer takes him there. Yamini asks his name.

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Kumkum Bhagya

Sukesh, according to the tailor. His father, he says, was a tailor as well. If his store sells fireworks, Yamini asks where he learned to make the dupatta that goes with them. The tailor tries to flee but is apprehended. He is prompted by Yamini to identify the people who funded his dupatta-making and the assassins of Prachi. The drape’s maker says to have based it on Aaliya’s quotes. He is lying, says Aaliya, and trapping me.

She grabs hold of his collar and demands to know who gave him the cash. Yamini says that you gave him cash. Ranbir asks how you intend to kill Prachi. How is Buji to blame, asks Rhea. Does Ranbir mention the kind of proof he needs after the tailor admitted that your Buji attempted to kill Prachi?

How could you when you would have at least assumed Prachi was expecting a child and claimed you were risking the life of her unborn child, Vikram asks? In front of Tailor, Aaliya makes an effort to beg him to tell the truth. Aaliya didn’t want to kill Prachi, according to Tailor, who says that Pallavi truly did. He says this as he flees. Aaliya beams. Police, Sid, and Ranbir pursue him from behind.

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Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

The tailor ducks behind the car in the hopes that the police will save him, but Aaliya, who is quite haughty, will not spare him. Pallavi is astounded by the tailor’s remarks. Pallavi is asked by Aaliya if he used your name. Rhea confirms that he used Mom’s name. As per Prachi, he was lying.  She asks Pallavi not to worry and says that if he were telling the truth, he wouldn’t have fled.

She says that he was using Buji’s and Mummy’s names. Pallavi, stated this to catch our attention. Pallavi asserts, “I am aware that none of you believe I am to a fault.” She says that he might be targeting the entire family and that we need to find out because we are not safe. Rhea says that she sees someone watching them and declares that we will find out who it is. Why didn’t you tell me this earlier, asks Shahana?

Aaliya requests that she stay out of the conversation because it is a family matter. How can you say this, Aryan asks. Aaliya reprimands her. Aaliya is urged not to retaliate by Vikram, who adds, “I understand your annoyance.” He thinks everyone is tired and we should take a nap. Sid appears again. Inquiring about Ranbir, Vikram. Sid says that after running after Tailor, he tripped and returned.

He is told to take a nap, and Vikram tells Prachi not to worry. Prachi says, “I don’t need anything else; your love and faith are with me.” She is urged to smile by Vikram, who adds, “We are all with you.”

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