Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode (Today) 28 October 2022: Inspector Yamini Doubts Aaliya and Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode (Today) 28 October 2022: Inspector Yamini Singh, Vikram, Dida, and Lady Constable are there when the episode opens. Dida says she has no questions for us, so why did she call? According to the lady constable, Yamini calls the folks whose credibility she has. Why did she call us, Vikram inquires. For their duties, the lady constable explains.

Yamini asks them to report any weird events they may have seen. They decline. They are asked if Prachi is their favorite by Yamini. I might be lying, Dida says. You should ask Prachi. Yamini says you care deeply about Prachi. Dida claims to love Prachi and to hold her close to her heart. Vikram says to have hugged Prachi and accepted her. He says that while he doesn’t love her more than his kid, he also doesn’t love her less.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode (Today) 28 October 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode (Today) 28 October 2022

Yamini claims that she is also being attacked in the places where Prachi is so adored. She requests that they keep their information confidential so that she won’t have trouble identifying them if they start preparing with the questions. Yamini claims she wants to identify them by gazing into their eyes (the guilty). She requests that they send Sid away. Whom does Lady Constable doubt? Yamini queries.

Yamini says that she will first see everyone before confirming her doubt. Prachi is the beneficiary of everything that occurs in this home, according to Ranbir. Prachi queries if it was proper to yell, accuse, and toss the phone. Ranbir says I acted impolitely outdoors and shouldn’t have. He says that you are really careless and don’t look after yourself. Prachi advises me on how to handle situations over which I have no control.

Ranbir says that he is sorry and not asking her to apologize. He inquires whether I should write to you and inform you that you are being reckless and careless with my sign. If I’m crazy, Prachi asks. She’s preparing to depart. He warns her against falling and admits that he was wrong to repent. Prachi claims that he is unable to apologize to Baku. Aryan makes a call. What happened? Shahana queries. Aryan remains silent.

Aaj Ka Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Episode (Today) 28 October 2022

She says that your worry over the call is real. According to Aryan, Mili is involved. He claims he is hesitant to share because she will judge him. Shahana assures them she won’t judge and invites him to speak. He promises to inform them later and claims he won’t tell her now. Yamini queries Sid as to why he is anxious after going idle earlier. Sid says that I didn’t hurt Prachi because I love and respect her a lot.

He is telling the truth, the constables say. Is Yamini going around asking if anyone doesn’t like Prachi? Sid affirms. If they ever argue with one another, Yamini remarks. Sid recalls Aaliyah’s warning and says that although they occasionally disagree and threaten each other, they remain loving sisters. He is asked by Yamini to send Rhea and Aaliya. Sid leaves. Yamini says that he is keeping information from us.

When Aryan arrives, he inquires as to why Sid hasn’t arrived yet. Pallavi asks a standard question: “Why are you taking tension?” Aryan says he cannot handle the pressure. He seems tense, according to Shahana. Dida queries what transpired. What is the question that Shahana says is on everyone’s marks asking? Inspector, according to Vikram, wants to check if our responses differ. Does Aryan inquire as she had inquired of you?

Full Written Episode Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Vikram claims that she enquired as to our level of liking for Prachi. She was interested in finding out who is and is not close to Prachi. Does Rhea ask the same questions she did? According to Dida, Inspector asked us not to divulge anything. Yes, says Vikram. Sid emerges. Does Dida describe what occurred? Shahana answers their questions. Sid said that she asked whether we could… He is prevented from answering Dida’s queries.

Sid affirms, but she strongly forbade us from sharing anything and summoned Rhea and Aaliya instead. Dida commands them to go. Lady Constable queries the assassins of Prachi. That, according to the inspector, is the wolf dressed as a lamb. There, Aaliya and Rhea arrive. Yamini invites them to visit. If you have a list of questions for us, Rhea inquires. Yamini states that she would inquire about Prachi’s attack.

She requests that they keep their answers to themselves. Rhea answers in the positive to ensure that no one misinterprets the question and fails to plan an appropriate response. Dida must have told you, says Yamini. Rhea chuckles. Aaliya says that we are prepared to respond. Yamini asks who likes Prachi much and responds that you have no choice. I am Rhea’s real sister, and I love her a lot, she claims.

Janiye Aaj Ka Written Episode Kumkum Bhagya

We all adore one another as a family, according to Aaliya. How is your relationship with Prachi going, Yamini queries? Aaliya says that when she was younger, she used my hand to feed her food before her mother removed her from the house. She says that when Prachi came home as an adult, our love for her was reignited. She says that Rhea is her favorite and that Prachi believes she doesn’t love her. However, this is not the case.

Yamini says that she did understand, and one day Prachi will as well. She inquires about Prachi’s birthday before stating that since they are twins, their birthdays must coincide. Rhea and Aaliya go away. Yamini says that her suspicion is proven. When Aaliya appears, she reveals that Yamini had inquired about their relationship with Prachi. Dida says that she questioned us in various ways.

Aaliya accuses Prachi of being responsible for the events and commands her to treat everyone nicely in order to avoid making enemies and have fewer adversaries. Dida asserts that Prachi’s opponents understand why she is so good and says that there are many enemies of good people. According to Shahana, Dida was correct. They are asked to be silent by Vikram. They haven’t been quiet, says Pallavi. You don’t understand, says Sid.

Inspector Yamini Doubts Aaliya and Rhea

He is told to stop talking by Pallavi, who also reminds him that she is handling his life’s problems. She also warns him not to dare interrupt her. When Yamini arrives, she declares that she will address the issue at hand first. She says to have questioned each person. You didn’t ask Prachi, says Rhea. Yamini says that you claimed to love Prachi. Rhea confirms that she is in fact, my sister.

Yamini says that Prachi and Ranbir are not in doubt, so I didn’t ask them. To grab Aaliya’s phone, she commands the female constable. Giving her phone is Aaliya. Asking for the password is Yamini. It requires a password, says Aaliya. When Yamini checks the message, she informs him that you have informed the tailor that the job is finished. He made the dupattas, according to Aaliya. Yamini requests that she phone him.

He may already be asleep, according to Aaliya. Calling Tailor, Yamini requests that he hurry to Kohli’s residence. After hanging up, she invites them to tea. Don’t send sweets, she requests, as she had plenty during Diwali and preferred salty food. Dida says she will ask Priya to make it. Dida steps on a packet. Shahana says she will throw it outside and takes the packet.

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