Kumkum Bhagya Written Update  Episode (Today) 27 October 2022: Ranbir Calls Police for Investigation

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update  Episode (Today) 27 October 2022: As Sid stands there, The Episode opens with Aryan and Aaliya carrying Rhea into space. Aaliya tells Aryan to hold off on calling the doctor because he has already worried her out by taking the car and now this. Aryan says, “I feared you would reprimand me for the phone. I shall concentrate and take care of her.” Aaliya yells at him to go. She forces him to go.

I want to meet Mihika, Sid says. He is asked to leave by Aaliya. The door is shut by her. Rhea rises. For saving her, Aaliya praised the woman. Rhea says that I came up with this concept since I am visibly pregnant. But, as Aaliya points out, everyone wondered where that dupatta originated. We would inform them that the lady/Cracker might have become entangled in her dupatta, according to Rhea.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update  Episode (Today) 27 October 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update  Episode (Today) 27 October 2022

When Pallavi arrives, she notices Rhea standing. Aaliya says that she only recently became conscious. Rhea claims that she was sleeping when she passed out; perhaps the infant was startled. She says sorry. This is your first child, and Pallavi remarks that all of her attention was on Prachi. She invites Rhea to go. Aaliya mulls over her response. After Ranbir, Prachi approaches and says, “I want to talk to you.

” I don’t want to talk to you, Ranbir responds, requesting that she leave. Prachi says that if I don’t stop you from talking to me and following me, you won’t be able to stop me. Don’t talk to me like this, says Ranbir. What do you want to do, he asks. According to Prachi, she wants to express her feelings for him and them. Prachi clutches his hand and keeps her head on his shoulder as he turns to go after telling her to say it later.

What is it, he queries. It’s how you express gratitude, according to Prachi. Does Ranbir inquire as to your motivations? Prachi expresses gratitude. He welcomes you and inquires as to your motivations. What, says Prachi? Don’t talk to me, says Ranbir. Why, inquires Prachi. You are not in my destiny, but I can take care of you, adds Ranbir, adding that in order to protect yours, I must battle both fate and you.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode 

Prachi beams. She is smiling and asks Ranbir. Prachi warns that if I say, you might become irate. She says you are losing your cool. Prachi smiles and quips, “You look adorable.” You are calling me cute while the police are going to arrive, he says. I asked you to look for yourselves, he claims. He questions your decision to dance close to the crackers. Rhea is fine, adds Pallavi as they step outside with her.

She tells everyone that she is OK and begs them not to worry. Vikram says that we were talking about something else. Dida reports that Aryan said Aaliya was acting differently. According to Vikram, Aaliya reacted while the situation with Prachi was happening. She is criticizing me unduly, according to Aryan, and her conduct has changed. How can you discuss Buji behind Rhea’s back, she queries.

Aryan claims that I am referring to my mother. According to Rhea, Buji threw you outside and told you not to enter the house since I was unconscious. How do you know when you’re unconscious, Sid wonders? According to Rhea, Buji told me that she was terrified about my kid and turned her ire on you. Prachi asks him to pay attention when Ranbir arrives there. He queries Aaliya about the source of her dupatta.

Aaj Ka Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Kumkum Bhagya

According to Aaliya, Prachi did not wear the dupatta I brought. The dupatta is this one, she shows while stating. She says that she does not know where her dupatta originated or who is seeking retribution against her. She stares at Rhea while grinning. When an FB is shown, Aaliya muses over what to say and exercises her thinking. She pulls out a dupatta from her wardrobe after spotting it.

She believes that everyone won’t pay close attention because the color is the same. Ranbir phones the police and requests a quick arrival. Police, he says, is on the way. Constable says that they tarnish Diwali. The female constable discusses the significance of Diwali. When Lady Inspector arrives, she suggests going inside to check out the circus because it is a large home. Ranbir is waiting for the police.

Aaliya analyzes her options and how to inform the tailor. Dida inquires as to what happened, feeling your worry. Rhea is tense, so Pallavi tells her to calm down. We will respond to the police, she says. Rhea is pregnant, and Ranbir tells her to go relax. Pallavi is then questioned by the man as to why he didn’t ask Prachi to take a break because she is also expecting. Ranbir, says Prachi. She is asked by Ranbir not to speak.

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Dad, Prachi says. Do not use your father’s name, Ranbir begs her. You care for everyone, including me, Rhea says. She asks him to treat Prachi nicely and says that he has taken good care of her, hugged her, and applied for medication. What does it indicate that Ranbir acts in the same way around everyone, Shahana queries. Yes, Rhea replies. They clash. They are urged to halt by Ranbir.

Along with the lady constable and the constable, lady inspector Yamini Singh arrives there. She said that someone from here contacted her and requested their help. She enquires as to who phoned me and who Ranbir is. Ranbir gives a brief introduction to his family. In response to Prachi’s dupatta catching fire, he phones the police. Such instances, according to Yamini Singh, occur around Diwali.

Ranbir says it was out of the ordinary; I’m curious as to who did it. According to Yamini Singh, it was an attempt at murder. She enquires about the visitors. Ranbir says that they left. Aryan says they are able to provide the list. He is asked by Yamini not to provide her with any investigation tips. She promises to discreetly question the family members as well. Why private, queries Aaliya.

Yamini asserts that the family is more dangerous than outsiders and declares that she wants to learn who the adversary is and who they loathe. She says she will first consult Dida and Vikram.

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