Join Indian Navy 2022: How To Join Indian Navy? Complete Details

Join Indian Navy: This article of ours today is for those young heroes who want to do something for their country, who have the courage, and passion to protect the country, and who want to join the Indian Navy.
Do you know that the Indian Navy is included in the top 7 navies of the world? Originally known as the Royal Indian Navy, our ‘major branch of the Indian Armed Forces was established in 1612 AD by the East India Company. After independence, its name was changed to the Indian Navy on 26 January 1950.
In this post of ours today, we are going to share complete information about the Indian Navy with you. In today’s article, we will know how to join the Indian Navy and what should be the qualification to join the Indian Navy. Apart from this, we are going to give you much more information related to Indian Navy Agniveer or Indian Navy Agneepath in this article.
If you have the courage and passion to do something for your country in your heart. And if you also want to join the Indian Navy, then read this article completely from beginning to end.

What Is The Indian Navy?

Friends, the Indian Navy was established in 1612. The Indian Navy is the maritime branch of the Indian Armed Forces and our President of India is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Army, the Navy is headed by a four-star admin who commands the Navy. The primary objective of the Indian Navy is to protect the country’s maritime borders. And along with this to protect the people of India from any danger, both in war and in peace, together with the other Armed Forces of the Union.

Compared to many other professions in the civilian world, the Indian Navy has a wide variety of jobs for thousands of young men and women. And with this, the Indian Navy also gives you big responsibilities at a very young age.

What Is The Work Of The Indian Navy?

The Navy of India is a technological powerhouse and has ships, submarines, and aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. As an engineer officer in the Indian Navy, you will have the opportunity to operate and maintain marine engineering equipment on board a ship/submarine/aircraft.
The President of India serves as the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces in the Indian Navy, the organizational structure of the Navy is headed by the Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), who holds the rank of Admiral.

Indian Navy For Women

Till the year 1992, the Indian Navy used to recruit women only in the Armed Forces Medical Corps. But then in July 1992, the Indian Navy started recruiting women as short-term commissioned officers in selected branches of the Indian Navy. There is a special profile and entry route for all Indian female candidates. Women in the Indian Navy can apply for the following profiles if they meet the prescribed eligibility criteria.

ProfileRequired AgeEducational Qualification
Navel Architecture19.5-2560% Marks In BTech/BE Degree
Observer19-24BTech/ BE Degree with Subjects in class 12th
Education 21-24A master's degree in Physics/ Chemistryl Computer Application or any other relevant field
Logistics/Works19.5-25For Logistics: BTech/ BE degree or MBA or PG diploma in Finance/ Supply Chain Management -For Works: Btech/ BE degree (Civil) -For Catering: MSC HM/ MBA HM
Law22-27Degree in Law
ATC (19.5 to 25)19.5-25BTech/ BE degree with MPC subjects in class 12th
Pilot General/CPL HoldersGeneral-19-24/CPL Holders-19-25BTech/ BE degree with MPC subjects in class 12th Those having valid and current CPL issued by DGCA (India)
NAI19.5-24BE/BTech Degree

Qualification For The Indian Navy

Candidates who want to join Indian Navy. Those wishing to apply for the Indian Navy must have completed the 10th class from any recognized board or institute along with a certificate in relevant specialization from recognized industrial training institutes. Apart from this, if we talk about age, then the age of the candidate who wants to join the Indian Navy should be between 18 to 25 years.

You can visit the official website of the Indian Navy to know more about the eligibility details to join Indian Navy.

How To Join The Indian Navy?

Join Indian Navy
Join Indian Navy

You are advised to follow the following points to have a better understanding of how to join the Indian Navy:

  • Advertisement for recruitment in the Indian Navy is published in Employment News and in all important national and regional newspapers and in dailies.
  • For you to be selected for a permanent commission, NDA/NA and CDSE (Graduate) cadets have to pass a written examination administered by the UPSC and then an interview by the Services Selection Board (SSB).
  • All other Permanent Commission Entries and Temporary Commission Entries do not require a written test.
  • Applicants (Directorate of Personnel Planning & Recruitment) are shortlisted as per specified criteria of the Indian Naval Headquarters. Applicants are selected on the basis of merit only.

Several branches of the Indian Navy accordingly induct officers into the Navy using any one of the following procedures or programs:

Entries in the Indian Navy through Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

  • National Defense Academy (Navy)
  • Combined Defense Services Examination (CDSE)
  • National Defense Academy (Naval Academy)

Direct Entry: Graduate Level Entries Permanent Commission

  • musician
  • Play
  • law

Permanent Commission for Undergraduate Level Entry: Direct Entry

  • 10+2 (B Tech)

Permanent Commission/Short Service Commission for Graduate Level Entries: Indian Navy Entrance Test (INET)

  • (MR) Pilot – for women and men
  • (NMR) Pilot – Men only
  • Observer- for Women and Men
  • (ATC) Air Traffic Control – for Women and Men
  • (Technical – Electrical & Engineering) General Service Naval Architect – for Women and Men
  • General Service – Executive (GS/X)/
  • Hydro– Men only
  • Information Technology– for Women and Men
  • Logistics- for Women and Men
  • Education- both for Women and Men
  • (NAIC) Naval Armament Inspectorate Cadre – Women and Men

Exam For The Indian  Navy

The most sought-after route to the Indian Navy is by qualifying for various national competitive examinations. If you are looking to join the Indian Navy, then this list of written exams conducted by various officers can be the ideal entry point for you. After clearing these exams, you will get a chance to be directly recruited into the Armed Forces.

(NDA) National Defence Academy

Candidates having 12th educational qualifications can join the Indian Navy by giving the NDA exam. NDA is a tri-services academy that recruits youth to the Indian Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, and the Indian Military Academy through an examination divided into two separate tests. This exam is conducted twice in a year. Only male candidates in the age group of 16.5-19.5 can apply for this exam. Applicants must be unmarried to apply For this.

(CDS) Combined Defence Services

CDS exam is conducted twice a year by UPSC. This CDS conducted by UPSC is the most popular way to join Indian Navy. Through this exam, the candidates who are recruited into the army can target all three armies of India i.e. Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and Army. For this exam, only male candidates who fulfill the minimum requirements of the exam like a higher education degree from a recognized institute can apply for the exam. You must be below 19-22 years of age to apply for this. And this exam has three parts.

(UES) University Entry Scheme 

If you are pursuing or have got quality education through an engineering program then you can join the Indian Navy through UES. Only male candidates in the first or final year of college can apply. Candidates can apply in the departments of Executive Admission, General Services, Architecture, etc. In the Department of Architecture, both males and females can apply. Candidates opting for this route should be between 21 to 24 years of age. Candidates must have MPC in 12th class and must have secured a minimum of 60% marks in each paper in graduation.

Class 12th (BTech) Cadet Entry

For male candidates who have passed 12th class with MPC (Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry) with at least 70% marks, and for those who want to join Indian Navy, cadets are a good path for their career. Applicants who will be shortlisted in this technical application will be called through SSB. And if you want to achieve your goal by choosing this path, then for this you should be 16.5 -19 years old.

Training Institute In Indian Navy

We hope that now you know about all the important points related to joining the Indian Navy. And after this, there is one more thing about which it is important and useful for you to know. Now your next step is to choose the right training institute to join Indian Navy. Below we have given a list of some of the best institutes in India for you: You can check out this list:-

  • INS Dronacharya (Gunnery School), Kochi, Kerala
  • INS Chilka (Sailor Training), Bhubaneswar, Orissa
  • INS Garuda (Aviation), Kochi, Kerala
  • INS Agrani (Leadership Training), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • INS Hamla (Logistics Training), Malad, Mumbai
  • INS Kunjali (Music Training School), Colaba, Mumbai
  • INS Valsura (Power Training), Jamnagar, Gujarat
  • INS Mandovi (Provost and Physical Training School), Verem, Goa
  • Naval Medical Institute, Colaba, Mumbai
  • INS Vishwakarma (Shipwright School), Visakhapatnam

Multiple Jobs In The Indian Navy

Here below we have given a list of job opportunities in the Indian Navy for you, you can check out this list:-

  • Engineering
  • Executive
  • Electrical
  • Medical
  • Education

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Join India Navy

Q.1. Can 12th-pass applicants apply to the Indian Navy?

Yes, 12th-pass students can apply for the navy of India.

Q.2. What is the required height for the Indian Navy?

The height of the candidate at the age of 18 years must be at least 157 cm for males and at least 152 cm for females.

Q.3. What is the duration of Indian Navy training?

The initial training period is 22 weeks for NOC (regular) and 44 weeks for NOC (advanced). After the completion of the initial training, you will have to undergo specialized training at various training institutes of the Indian Navy in your respective branches.

Q.4. What is the age limit for Indian Navy Agniveer?

The age limit for Indian Navy Agniveer is 17.5 to 23 years

Q.5. Can girls apply for the Indian Navy Agneepath Recruitment 2022?

Yes, girls can apply for the Indian Navy Agneepath Recruitment Relly 2022


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So, friends, this was our today’s article in which we have provided you with complete information about joining the Indian Navy. We hope that you must have come to know about the important points related to joining the Indian Navy. Whatever information we have shared with you related to the Indian Navy in this article is completely based on internet research only. If you want to get more information related to the Indian Navy, then you can get more information by visiting the official website of the Indian Navy. If you have any questions or doubts related to this article, then you can share them with us in the comment box. We will try our best to answer your questions.


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