Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 8 November 2022: Atharva Begins To Doubt Chini

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 8 November 2022: Chini borrows 63000 rs from her colleague Nisha to buy a designer lehenga lying to her that she needs money for her grandmother’s treatment. She thinks she will wear it during Imlie’s paghphera ritual. Atharva walks in there. Chini thinks about what is he doing here and walks to him. Atharva asks if she mixed alcohol in his water glass. She agrees and says he married Imlie and hence she mixed alcohol in her own glass to hide her sorrow, but Imlie took away her glass and didn’t even let her experience sorrow. Atharva says she should have informed him about it, he unnecessarily scolded Imlie because of her. Chini sorry is sorry that the newly married couple fought because of him.

Nisha confronts her for fooling and borrowing money from her and demands her money right now. Atharva asks her what happened. Nisha is about to expose Chini when Chini pleads her not to create a scene and promises to return her money in 5 minutes. Nisha leaves. Chini emotionally manipulates Atharva saying she is broke because of money as Imlie has control of all of Rathore’s wealth and she doesn’t get a penny. Atharva promises to care for her financial needs and says he will confront Imlie for pushing Chini into a financial crisis. Chini stops him and asks him to let it go.

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 8 November 2022

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 8 November 2022

Devika gives gifts for Rupali, Narmada, Sundar, and Meethi to Imlie when she goes for paghphera ritual. Imlie asks why didn’t she give a gift to Chini, she knows Chini is unique and may not like the gift, so she herself will buy a gift for Chini on the way. She walks to her room to get ready. Atharva apologizes for misunderstanding and scolding her yesterday. Imlie says it’s okay and ties a knot in her pallu to conserve his scolding as her memory. She then writes Chini’s name on her gifted suit. Atharva asks why is she doing that. Imlie says since childhood, she considers everything she has belongs to Chini first. Atharva asks if she thinks she can compensate for big losses with small gifts; she owns Rathore industries and Bhaskar times and lets her sister work in a small PR advertising firm.

Imlie says though Rathore industries are in her name, Chini is bought up by her parents who were self-reliant and hence she wants to be self-reliant, Bhaskar Times equally belongs to Chini, she didn’t want to hurt Chini’s self-confidence and hence she never stopped her from working wherever she wants to. Chini fumes seeing her employer deducting a whole month’s salary for taking a week’s leave for Imlie’s marriage. Rathores prepare for Imlie’s welcome and discuss that they would feed Imlie’s favorite food and make her plumpy. Sundar asks the servant to prepare Imlie’s favorite juice. Chini grins hearing that. Atharva prays to god and thinks hearing Imlie, he thinks she is right; maybe Chini is misunderstanding Imlie.

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 8 November 2022

He thinks what is Imlie’s truth. Imlie prays standing next to him and thinks her truth is Atharva now and she wants to spend her whole life with him. Atharva thinks though he feels Imlie is right, he loves Imlie and cannot let Imlie stay in his life. Imlie prays to god that she will take gifts and lots of blessings from her family and share it with her life partner Atharva. Keya and Divya get jealous seeing Imlie’s family getting so many gifts and discuss that Imlie wouldn’t return here soon. Rudra overhears them and says Imlie would return to her house soon.

While driving towards Rathore’s house, Imlie discusses with Atharva about each family member in detail making him think that she knows his family more than him. They reach Rathore’s house. Rathore’s family welcomes them. Meethi says she was remembering sr Imlie since morning and when she hugged sr Imlie, she felt as if she hugged sr Imlie. Narmada asks Imlie if she is fine. Imlie says absolutely not and the reason is Atharva.

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