Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 7 November 2022: Chini Virals Imlie’s Intoxicated Video

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 7 November 2022: Chini tries to feed water to inebriated Atharva. Atharva imagines her as Imlie and warns her to stay away from him. Inebriated Imlie hears him and tries to open the door, but finds it locked from the inside. She thinks she should fly and reach him and ties a cape and enacts flying. She climbs a pipe and reaches his room via a balcony. Chini gets irked with Arto’s behavior and walks out of the room. She notices Imlie entering drunk and thinks about how did Imlie get drunk. Imlie thinks Rudra should get this breaking news. She takes the phone from a waiter to call Rudra. Atharva says she went out from the front door and also came from the balcony door, how can she be at both places?

Chini records Imlie’s drama with Atharva. Imlie starts crying. Atharva comforts her. Chini thinks she will not wipe Imlie’s tears but would knee her back and kick her out of Atharva’s life forever. She walks to the living room and hears Meethi praising Imlie as a diamond like her mother. She virals video to all the party guests. Keya taunts Meethi that her diamond is actually a stone. Guests start badmouthing Imlie. Narmada angrily calls Imlie down tongue lashes her for getting drunk. Imlie says she didn’t drink alcohol and doesn’t know how she got inebriated. Kavya taunts that she never touched alcohol after marrying Rana’s family. Divya accuses Imlie of having a cheap character, etc, and tells Divya that her granddaughter is a fake diamond. They all continue their allegations against Imlie.

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 7 November 2022

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 7 November 2022

Atharva walks down and says even though he is drunk and can be seen in the video, then why only is blamed? He says they all are double-standard people. Atharva’s uncle shouts his name. Atharva says he is just shouting his name when he misbehaved with them all, but they all wrongly accused Imlie even while she is pleading that she didn’t drink alcohol. He gives a speech on how society treats a girl and how they differentiate between a boy and a girl. He asks Rudra to punish him for his mistake and not Imlie. Rudra says since it’s their first mistake, he forgives them and asks them not to repeat it again. Devika apologizes to all guests to forgive youngsters.

The next morning, Imlie brings a smoothie for Atharva and informs them that she got her clothes from the laundry and kept his today’s dress out. Atharva asks why is she doing a favor to him. Imlie says he supported her last time and it’s her duty today to help him. Atharva says he doesn’t need any help and wouldn’t let her help him. He throws juice in the dustbin and says he knows Imlie is dual-faced and needs to act in front of elders, but he knows her truth and she shouldn’t lie to him, she can drink in front of him if she wants to, and he expects honesty from him. Imlie says she doesn’t lie or drink alcohol, she drank water from his glass and got inebriated; she would have alleged him last night but doesn’t like dual-faced people. Atharva thinks Imlie is not wrong, he will find out who mixed alcohol in his water.

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