Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022: Imlie And Atharva’s Post-Wedding Rituals

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022: According to Atharva, everyone on the globe is living in 2022, but his family still practices superstitions; shagun or shogun wouldn’t matter because the wedding has already taken place. Imlie says that milk turned black as a result of the black ink on his hand. She cleans it, declaring that the shogun is now free. Devika informs Divya that Imlie solved the issue, which involved Atharva.

They should restart the game when she blesses Imlie. Imlie wins the game by finding a ring in a milk dish. Thanking Imlie is cousins. Atharva declines to take part in the final phase of the ceremony and finishes it. He is stopped and sent back by Rudra. Atharva is asked by a cousin to win it this time. Let’s finish the ceremony, Atharva says after finding the ring.

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022

The winner will control the partner’s entire life, according to Ginny, who says that this is the final round. Together, Atharva and Imlie locate a ring. As their cousin put it, they would be on equal footing. Atharva walks out, kicking a milk bowl in anger. Atharva doesn’t appear to be happy, so perhaps he isn’t content with this marriage, Shivani tells Devika. Perhaps Atharva is eager for suhagraat, thinks Divya.

Rathores are sitting dejectedly after Imlie’s bidayi and missing her when Chini and Anu come, exclaiming happily that they will no longer make Imlie’s favorite dishes going forward and that they will remove Imlie’s things from the room so that she can have a free room right away. Rupali meets Chini after learning that Chini is happy and that Chini wept after her sister’s death.

Chini says Imlie is still alive and has simply stopped being useful. In a fit of rage, Rupali attempts to slap her but relents. Chini plays emotional drama, says she didn’t cry during Imlie’s body because she didn’t want Imlie to feel sad, and then walks away while continuing to pretend sadly. The family is visibly upset and believes she is crying crocodile tears.

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Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022

Imlie is dropped off in Atharva’s room by Divya, Ginni, and Keya, who tease her by saying that although Atharva is angry behind the music, he will be angry behind Imlie later tonight. Atharva enters and asks that they go. They all turn and leave, grinning at Imlie. When Atharva opens the cabinet, garments spill out. Imlie reaches out to grab them.

She is stopped by Atharva, who informs her that she is his wife and not his younger sister, allowing him to finish his work. He rests a shoulder on Imlie’s. Imlie is modest. He motions for her to step aside before leaving. Chini is ecstatic after tricking everyone. Anu treats her well and says that she has shown she is Malini’s child. According to Chini, she is now very wealthy and would no longer stay with Imlie’s followers.

She can remain at Anu’s house, she offers. Imlie’s life will thereafter be under Chini’s control, she says. When she asks about money counting, the money bag is missing. Rupali comes in and asks about any lost items while recalling picking up bags containing cash and jewelry. Where are her bags, Chini inquires? Sundar, who should have already returned to Imlie, received it from Rupali who says it belonged to Imlie.

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She says that since Chini has been taking Imlie’s rights from childhood, she ought to cease at this point. Chini freaks out, damages things, and threatens to make Imlie’s dream into her nightmare. Anu tries to stop her and asks what this girl would do. Imlie is waiting for Atharva while sitting on a bed. How will Atharva share a room with Imlie if he thinks he cannot see her face?

When Chini calls as he is ready to enter the room, he turns away, believing that only Chini can appreciate how alone he is. He is seen by Rudra and Devika, who wonder where he is going because he ought to be with Imlie at this moment. According to Atharva, he was heading to his car to get some items. When asked, he is told that Rudra married Imlie at his request.

According to Atharva, he saw his yes but was unaware that there could be someone else in his life. Chini is told to go back to Imlie by Rudra, who says he doesn’t know the truth about him. Imlie worries about how she will speak to Atharva and rehearse her talk with him. Atharva walks in. They both fall after she runs into him. She is embarrassed to see him holding her while gazing into his eyes.

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