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Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 28 October 2022: Imlie is enquired about by Atharva. Imlie queries his decision to adopt Chini’s name. Atharva is stooped over. Chini poses as concerned for Imlie and inquires as to how much it hurts. When Imlie wonders what happened to her feet, she replies that she is well. When Chini heard Imlie being shot, she allegedly stumbled and fell and hurried towards her; Arto noticed this and took her name.

Rudra glowers at her and motions for the audience to leave his son and DIL alone. Anu believes that Rudra will support her Chi baby if he is supporting his son and DIL. Let us finish the remaining rituals, Sundar jokes. After some time, Atharva draws Chini aside and demands to know why Imlie isn’t wearing bridal attire while she is; he says he is unable to recognize Imlie’s blind love for him and must therefore continue to lie to Imlie.

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 28 October 2022

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 28 October 2022

Let’s confess their love to everyone, Chini suggests, and let Imlie humiliate her in front of everyone while taking her mom’s share and her right. What does she mean, Atharva queries? Chini promises to elaborate. Devika is informed by Rudra that Imlie reminds her of a virtuous devimaa. Imlie removed her own Nazar, according to Devika, so he is correct. Rupali promises to bring Imlie to the mandap right away. They move on.

Imlie informs Rupali that she will return shortly. China tricks Atharva into believing she has previously told Imlie that she loves Arto, despite Imlie’s continued desire to wed Arto. Imlie, a Rathore, is receiving everything, while she, a Tripathi, is losing everything, she claims, proving that a person’s last name determines everything.

She claims Imlie’s mother and father shared ownership of Bhaskar Times equally, but once they passed away, Imlie quickly grabbed control of everything. Imlie has since threatened to evict her from the house and ruin both her and her mother’s reputations if she doesn’t let her marry Atharva. According to Atharva, Chini is making a mistake somewhere and he doesn’t think Imlie can accomplish all of this.

Imlie Written Episode

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 28 October 2022

Chini claims that she made a mistake earlier. Imlie showed her where she lived and revealed that she only values money and is willing to do anything for it. She is willing to get married to him in front of Imlie and lose everything, but she can’t stand the idea of Imlie sullying her late mother’s reputation by publishing an inaccurate article. She is consoled by Atharva. If he trusts Imlie more than her, Chini queries.

Atharva claims Imlie risked her own life to save his. Anu gets in the way, says Imlie never had to worry about her life because Imlie paid the thugs who shot her, and demands to see it for himself. Imlie confronts MP and demands that they reform themselves for improperly backing his security. MP says sorry to her on behalf of his bodyguard and begs her to tell Rudra to cool up so he won’t lash out at him. Imlie concurs.

Imlie then counsels the bodyguards and provides funds for their medical care. They apologize to her and touch her feet. She commands them to live honorably moving forward. Atharva stands in awe as she observes. Anu remembers going bodyguards to Imlie and begging her to explain to them and ask the police to drop their allegations. She continues to manipulate Atharva.

Full Written Episode Imlie

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 28 October 2022

Atharva assures Chini that he is on her side and that he deeply loves her. Imlie wants to marry him no matter what, and Chini wonders how he’ll handle it. Whatever he believes will occur, Atharva argues that Imlie’s wish is irrelevant. Ginni didi is asked by Imlie if she saw Atharva. Atharva went over to that side, Ginni tells her, and begs her to be casual and call her Ginni. Imlie is stopped by Arpita, who inquires as to what might be bothering her.

Imlie wants to know if Atharva is okay because she noticed that he appeared tense. Arpita claims he is nervous when the thugs storm in. Walks over to them, Atharva. Arpita adjourns. Imlie queries how he is doing. Because he is unique, Atharva claims that he is alright. Imlie claims that Chini said that. Atharva asserts that he does, which is why he and Chini share this opinion.

Imlie says that he told him everything and that he now knows the truth about her. She is asking him whether or not he wants to marry her. Atharva claims that the reason he will marry her is so that he can give her his family, his company, his fortune, and everything else he has. She emotionally reaches out to him with her hand. He doesn’t hold it and walks away.

Aaj Ka Full Written Episode Imlie

Imlie written episode

She doesn’t have time to interrogate him, but Imlie believes he answered yes despite the numerous questions in his eyes. After they get married, she will be able to tell what each of his innermost concerns is Rituals for Imlie and Atharva’s wedding begin once more. They are asked to trade garlands by Panditji. Atharva selects a garland while remaining silent. His cousin requests that he proceed.

Atharva believes he will wed Imlie in order to obtain Chini’s rights and lose credibility. Chini places a garland around Imlie’s neck while holding his hand. Imlie then places a garland around his neck. Everyone cheers them on. Chini believes Imlie used to give her the greatest gifts she had received since childhood since she was accustomed to receiving old gifts from Imlie, but now she will steal anything from Imlie.

The significance of the gatbandhan rite is explained by Panditji. Chini ties even her veil to Imlie’s veil during gathbandhan because she believes that Imlie’s fortune is all that matters.

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