Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 27 October 2022: Imlie Gets Shot

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 27 October 2022: Atharv warns those armed men not to make a scene at the wedding as the episode opens. Who are they if they’ve already sent out invitation cards to guests? When those armed men act inappropriately around Atharv, he threatens to beat them. He discovers they are guards for a high-profile visitor. The guest is asked by Atharv to ask those men to leave.

Chini is instructed by Rudra to leave Atharv with the money. He is aware that she does not love Atharv and that she is only concerned about his money because she will lose it if they get married. Chini portrays herself as refusing the offer because she is in love. Because he is a businessman himself, Rudra claims to be able to spot a business dealer.

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 27 October 2022

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 27 October 2022

After she married Arto, he begs her to change her mind and tells her that she won’t be able to travel or amass wealth. Rudra advises her to leave him because he pretends to have experience. He persuades her over and again to accept the payment. Finally persuaded, Chini accepts the cash. Rudra inquires about the bangles she is wearing as she prepares to leave. He says that she doesn’t deserve to retain them in Imlie’s hands as they are.

He also asks that Chini offer her a wedding outfit. She is yelled at by him for using Imlie in the same way as she did Atharv. He says sorry to her for speaking rudely after Chini becomes frightened and adds that he won’t put up with her drama any longer. Imlie stops Chini when she enters the venue with the cash. Where was she, Imlie asks. Chini makes up that she received some pricey gifts and will be keeping them in the space.

Imlie asks her what is currently more valuable than her sister. Imlie attempts to seize Chini’s luggage, but Anu orders her to go to the mandap. All parties are waiting. Atharv exudes joy and declares that he has a lot to say to Chini. Imlie receives the bracelets from Rudra. If she was already wearing them, she wonders. When she agrees to wear them, Rudra blesses her. What if Rudra catches Chini, wonders Atharv.

Imlie Written Episode

Imlie written episode

Anu chastises Chini for being a moron. According to Chini, Rudra promised to remove Atharv from his property. Rudra, according to Anu, can never do that because he bought her to save his son from her. Imlie is a loser, despite Chini’s assertion that she was born to be the champion. She is detested by everyone and endured a lot of insults from Rudra. Now, according to Chini, she will be the worst.

She will seize the opportunities. She won’t permit Atharv to wed Imlie. The news makes Anu delighted. Anu accuses the MP’s bodyguards of insulting them in front of everyone and warns them that they will be ridiculed. They resolve to frighten Atharv when their ego is wounded. Imlie’s veil must be taken off so that Rathores can see her face in the mirror. If he does it, Atharv thinks Chini will be caught.

Before he could remove the veil as a result of their pressure, the armed men opened fire on the crowd. Guards are warned to evacuate or Atharv will eject them after saving himself from the bullet. They ignore Atharv’s warning, and they get into a brawl. Everyone, even Atharv’s family, is shocked. Atharv is being held by guards in a tight grip while Imlie fires a burning log at a guard who is aiming a rifle at Atharv.

Aaj Ka Imlie Written Episode

Imlie written episode

She proceeds to hurl wood from the havan kund. The guard fires a handgun. Chini’s veil is taken off when Atharv shouts at her. The sight of her astounds Atharv. Later, after the police have apprehended the guards, Imlie’s wound is attended to. She queries Atharv as to why he chose the name Chini.

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