Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022: Chini fixes Imlie’s mistakes. She believes that this brush will render Imlie briefly asleep, allowing her to assume Imlie’s place in the mandap. Imlie halts Chini and inquires as to her happiness. Imlie, according to Chini, didn’t put a blush on her right cheek. Imlie thinks Chini is constantly worried about her.

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022

Imlie becomes lightheaded as Chini departs. Chini answers her appeal for help and keeps a watch on the woman. Chini enters after Imlie faints to see if the latter is wounded. Atharv and Imlie, according to Chini, are the same. After two encounters, Imlie fell in love with him, while Atharv did the same for Chini. According to Chini, she has no other opportunity to improve her life.

Chini beams while gazing out the window at Atharv as Baraat enters. He is anxious as Meethi leads his aarti. She offers prayers for Imlie and Atharv’s blissful union. Chini is needed by Narmada because she is Atharv’s saali. Chini prepares to become Atharv’s bride as Akash advises them to concentrate on the wedding since the muhurat will soon be done. Imlie’s sandals are on Chini, who claims that she must be exactly like her today.

Aaj Ka Imlie Written Episode

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022

Atharv hears the light in Imlie, but Devika assures him that he may tell her directly if he is still not satisfied with their decision. Rudra is nothing to be frightened of. Atharv fears that if he tells Chini the truth, she will kill herself, and he is unable to see how Imilie’s life will also be shattered. In his words to Devika, he cannot forfeit all in order to gain something.

She advises him to confide his concerns in God. Chini becomes emotional and expresses her sadness over a variety of childhood issues. Imlie is questioned about handling the problem. Sundar rings Imlie and knocks on the door. She will put on the bangles her in-laws gave her, he claims. Imlie is sporting them, as Chini notes. Emilie’s hand hurt when she removes them from her hands.

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Imlie, in Chini’s opinion, ought to have been present on her special day. She won’t forget her. Chini says that because she has no other option, she always does an excellent job snatching things. As it gets later, Imlie’s pals knock on the door, and Chini texts them to let them know Imlie is in the bathroom. Chini drapes a veil over her face as they depart.

She locks the door and walks out as well. Imlie awakens when raindrops land on her from the window. She observes that the baraat has arrived, but why hasn’t someone yet called her? She knocks on the door and requests assistance leaving. She searches for her phone in an effort to call her family because she is feeling anxious but is unable to do so. Imlie cannot leave the room, claims Chini while concealing the room keys under a vase.

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Imlie is the best approach to the mandap. After observing all of this, Kia will stay quiet since she believes Chini is up to something. When Arpita is asked about Chini, she responds that Chini will only escort Imlie to the mandap. Before anything goes wrong, Kia advises Akash to find Chini. Imlie takes chances and leans out of the window.

She is saved, but her feet suffer damage. She considers who would lock her in Atharv’s chamber and for what reason. She believes she must not enter by the front door lest visitors criticize their family. She uses the rear entrance to enter. Chini is told not to be anxious by Kia as she glances at her. Chini is instructed to take off her veil as she attempts to snap a selfie with her. Chini becomes anxious.

(Episode End)

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