Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 2 November 2022: Atharva’s Accident

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 2 November 2022: Chini provokes Atharva against Rudra and Imlie and says they would always provoke him against her, but she truly loves him and would prove it. Imlie driving a car searching for Atharva misses him. Atharva parts ways and says when their love is true, then why are they hiding? Chini hugs him and says she just wanted to assure him that she belongs to him. Atharva says forever. Chini notices Imlie’s car and sends Rudra from there. Jatin notices Rudra hiding and thinks he is romancing Chini leaving his newly married bride.

He rams Atharva from his car and speeds away. Atharva flies and falls to the ground unconscious. Imlie is shocked to notice that and runs toward him. A mob gathers and refuses to take Atharva to the hospital fearing a police case. Chini hears that and escapes from there. Mob record the video and discusses that it looks like the man just married today and would even die today. Imlie warns them to stop badmouthing and recording videos and help her. They all walk away silently. Imlie recalls her promise to Atharva made during the wedding pheras and promises to support him at any cost.

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 2 November 2022

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 2 November 2022

She ties a towel to his and her leg and says she is his partner and would always support him. He helps him walk to her and lies him in the back seat, then drives the car reciting a poem that they are bonded for 7 lives and when her sindhoor is protecting him, nothing can happen to him. Imlie returns home nervous. Rupali confronts her that she already warned her that she can’t separate Atharva and Imlie. She notices Chini is nervous and asks reason. Chini reveals that Atharva met with an accident. Rupali asks who is with Atharva, and why did she leave him alone. Chini says Imlie is with Atharva.

Rupali rushes to call Imlie. She gets Jatin’s call and scolds him to stop stalking her or she will reveal that he tried to kill Atharva. Jatin says he saw her with her sister’s husband and if she tries to expose him, even he will expose her. Imlie takes Atharva to the hospital and stands crying watching his treatment from a glass door. Bahe Naina Bhare Morey Naina… She recalls their wedding and moments together. She then calls the police control room and informs them about Atharva’s accident and to catch a culprit soon. Rana’s family reaches the hospital. Imlie describes the whole incident to them. Arpita asks Chini if she would like to accompany them to the hospital.

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 2 November 2022

Chini says she is not courageous like Imlie and can’t see or visit the hospital. Arpita agrees and leaves. Rupali confronts Chini that her love is struggling for life in the hospital and she doesn’t want to visit him. She forcefully drags her to the hospital with her family. Imlie emotionally hugs Chini and says a ruthless car driver hit Artharva and ran away, she will get him punished for sure. Inspector reaches there. Imlie says she had called him. Inspector says she did right by filing a complaint, they found a dented car and brought its driver along. The family is shocked to see Jatin. Chini gets tensed thinking she will be caught.

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