Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022: Chini Plans a Surprise for Atharv

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022: Atharv starts The Episode by smiling at Imlie and apologizing to her for earlier cruelty. She says that this is normal and that they will argue, be happy, and fall in love as they take their time for him to accept her. Atharv says that the reason his heart is racing more quickly is that she drew nearer. She says that she feels worried as well and that he is at fault. Imlie offers her hand to help Atharv as he stands when he tells her to. but she learns it was just a dream.

She doesn’t believe she can become lost in his dreams, but she does. In order to save Atharv’s pain, Rudra tells him that he didn’t disclose the truth, but that he must now tell him what Chini did. Rudra openly says that Chini’s choice of wealth over Arto represents her reality. Because Arto claims to be a good liar, he created the same old false narrative about Chini. Rudra claims that that was definitely concocted by Chini, whereas Arto says Imlie has a unique reality as well. According to Arto, Chini is helpful to him and this will never change.

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022

In order to meet her, he steps outside. According to Rudra, he will also lose this house if he moves out. Arto responds, “Fine, I won’t be returning,” Devika makes a fruitless attempt to stop him. Imlie watches Arto leave and thinks about what just happened. Anu tells Chini that because of how well she is handling the situation, she is free to control Arto. Rupy grabs the phone and chides Chini for seeing Arto. Imlie and Atharv will be married in accordance with their wishes, according to Chini, but there will be no love.

Imlie and Atharv, according to Rupy, were meant to be together, and Chini cannot alter that fact. Chini says that she already has power over Arto. Imlie wonders if she ought to heed Chini’s suggestion. Sundar and Rathores call her to let her know they are already missing her. Rupy converses with Imlie while she asks for Chini. Rupy explains her first night alone. Atharv, according to Imlie, fled in a rage. If Arto seems reluctant to begin a relationship with her, Rupy tells her to make the first move. Her right to do so.

Imlie Written Episode

Imlie Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022

Rudra is worried, and Imlie asks him what is going through his brain. Imlie concurs. What has become of Arto? He says sorry to her for leaving and promises to bring Arto back. Imlie says that he is no longer under Atharv’s control. She tells him that she will always bring him back. As Imlie begins to drive, Chini grabs Jatin, believing him to be Arto. She is surprised when he says he didn’t do anything before and wants to impress her by doing something special.

Chini says that she deserves a wealthy partner who will provide her with beautiful imported cars and large sums of money. Jatin lives a middle-class lifestyle, hence he cannot afford that. He departs after feeling offended. When Arto first sees Chini, he queries her choice of bridal clothes. She says that she wore it because he wanted to see her in it. When he sees the arrangements Chini prepared, he is taken aback. Arto receives a call from Imlie and they become romantic. He becomes angry, and Imlie worries that he might make a mistake.

Aaj Ka Imlie Written Episode


Arto says Rudra asked Chini to steal money from him, but Chini convinces him otherwise with her strong emotional act. Arto says he will always believe her. What does Imlie want now that she has the money? She only wants his attention tonight, says Chini. Even though Arto doesn’t want to see Imlie, she calls him and tells him she loves him. He promises not to show up. Chini hugs Arto and promises to show him tonight that he is the only one she belongs to. Imlie decides to call Atharv after hearing some sounds on the phone.

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