Imlie Written Update Episode 26th October 2022: Abduction of Chini by Rudra

Imlie Written Update Episode 26th October 2022: Imlie questions why Chini had to bring her to the mandap, and Keya observes Chini in a bridal dress, her face obscured by a veil or gunghat. Chini is tensely standing. Keya attempts to snap a selfie with her and remarks that nervousness is normal before marriage. She begs her to take off her ghungat and is ready to look at her face but Anu stops her and informs her that seeing the bride’s face in front of anybody other than the groom is considered unlucky in their family (abshagun). Since everyone is aware of who is hiding behind the ghunghat, she urges her to take a photo while wearing it. She brings Chini along, explaining it’s customary for the bride and groom to first meet in a temple before being hitched.

Imlie Written Update Episode 26th October 2022

At the entrance, Rudra welcomes his MP visitor and waits for him. He wonders who left at this precise moment after spotting Alta/red tracks on the floor. Imlie follows him while looking for Arpita. Keya halts her and calmly examines her face. She queries why she came back if she had just passed by this location. Imlie believes Keya saw her go and that she should handle the situation. She claims to have been looking for Arpita. She comes up to Devika and Vaishali, who both compliment her on how stunning she looks. She requests that Keya drive Imlie to the mandap. Imlie asks whether she can go to the temple first. Prior to marriage, the bride and husband are supposed to visit a temple, according to Keya’s account of Anu.

Imlie Written Update Episode 26th October 2022

Imlie is asked to attend the temple by Devika while she sends Atharva there. Atharva and Chini first meet in a temple, and Chini promises that they will be wed and unbreakable in 30 minutes. Atharva prays to God in silence while giving appreciation for his assistance. Chini also covers her face with a veil when praying. Imile enters the room while covered, standing next to Atharva. She asks God for assistance in adorning her new planet with Atharva. Atharva believes Imlie’s fantasy up to this point, but after marrying Chini, he will be her guilty party. Chini believes that once Sr. Imlie and Armaan left, the only life she ever dreamed of was one of luxury. She prays to God for assistance in realizing her lavish life goals with Atharva.

Imlie Today’s Episode 26th October 2022

Chini vanishes. When Atharva opens his eyes, he sees Imlie standing next to him and beams, mistaking her for Chini. Anu sees them and wonders how Chini developed the nasty habit of praying to God like Imlie. Imlie stoops to touch the foot of the deity idol with Atharva. She puts her face in the water dish, and Anu becomes alarmed. As soon as they enter, Keya and Shivani lead Atharva and Imlie to the mandap. Anu wonders who kidnapped Chini. Chini is abducted by thugs and taken to a storage area. Chini threatens them that because she learned karate, she is unique and will destroy them. When Rudra enters, he tells the woman not to worry.

Imlie written episode

Chini claims that she was abducted and taken here by thugs. Rudra claims that sending her here was a mistake, but what she did was treachery. Chini queries how he learned about it. Rudra says Imlie is a moon and how can she think of replacing Imlie after recalling seeing Chini’s face in the water bowl? Chini claims she took her position and that no one can take her from Arto since he loves her and will never accept Imlie, even if Rudra forcefully marries Arto to Chini. Rudra argues that she is correct; he won’t intercede between two loves, allowing her to wed Arto. Chini attempts to depart after being pleased. Though Atharva Rana cannot ever be hers, according to Rudra, Arto belongs to Chini.

Imlie Aaj Ka Episode

He inquires as to whether she simply needs Atharva and not his fortune or last name. He wishes her and Atharva a happy marriage and cautions her not to seek anything more from him than blessings because Atharva won’t be his heir after marries Chini. Imlie appears content as she sits in the mandap with Atharva. Rathores hears Meethi say that Imlie was never loved by her parents and that she hopes she receives her husband’s unconditional affection. As Imlie and Armaan are remembered, Arpita and Narmada become emotional. Comforting Narmada is Sundar. Narmada is urged by Arpita to accept Narmada and allow her resentment of Imlie to manifest itself via tears. Narmada claims that her tears are her strength and that no one in her home is hated.

Imlie Full Episode Episode 26th October 2022

Narmada is reportedly in anguish like Meethi. Sundar claims he is aware of Narmada’s intense affection for him. Since Atharva is so unlike Imlie and still has a great affection for her, Rupali claims that no one can dislike Imlie. Rudra tells Chini that it’s excellent that she solely cares for Atharva and doesn’t appreciate material prosperity. He offers her a one-rupee shagun coin, and she promises to give it to her alone in the hopes that she will be content with it like Atharva was. If she doesn’t marry Atharva, he gives her a large sum of money as compensation for her tears. Chini argues that although he is a sincere businessman who desires to purchase Chini’s love, her love is not for sale. Atharva confesses to Imlie that he initially fell in love with her and expresses his wish that nothing untoward happens. Why, Imlie wonders, is he saying this? As a shagun, a drunken visitor launches shots into the air. He is halted by Atharva.

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