Imlie Written Episode Update (Video) 16th November 2022: Chini’s Plan To Stay At Rana House

Imlie Written Episode Update (Video) 16th November 2022: Imlie asks Devika to take care of Atharva and runs behind goons. A goon throws a knife toward Imlie. Chini interferes and bears the knife on her arm. Atharva runs to her concern and removes the knife from her. Chini starts crying. Atharva asks their cousin to call an ambulance. My cousin’s phone network is jammed. Divya says the fraud priest and his goons must have fixed network jammers. Shivani accuses Imlie of calling a fake priest and his goons. Imlie says she checked everything before calling a priest, what can she do when even her dear ones betray her? Akash informs that goons took all the cars away. Chini and Atharva look at each other. Imlie asks Chini why did she interfere and risked her life. Chini thinks she is actually interfering between her and Atharva and snatching Atharva from her. She says she saved her sister. Atharva tries to help Chini stand up. Chini says she got a leg sprain. Atharva lifts her and takes her to a room.

Imlie Written Episode Update (Video) 16th November 2022

Rudra returns home and stands shocked seeing that. Chini grins at Rudra. Rudra tells Devika that Chini’s grin revealed that she brought goons and troubles along with her. He explains to her what Chini must have done. Imlie nurses Chini’s wound crying. Atharva’s cousin says bhabhi is crying more than Chini didi. Imlie says she will not let Chini go until she gets well. Rudra calls Imlie and says Chini cannot stay here. Imlie says she wants to take care of her sister. Rudra says Chini needs not only care but also medical treatment, she can stay at Rathore’s house where Sundar, Arpita, and Rupali can take care of her. Devika backs Rudra.

Keya walks to Chini’s room. Chini reveals her plan to stay at Rana House and sends Imlie out of it. Keya asks what if Chini doesn’t. Chini says Imlie will come right now and ask her to. Imlie walks in and says she cannot stay here. Atharva joins her and says Imlie is right, Chini will be shifted to a hospital in Rudra’s car. Devika walks in next and asks Imlie to pack her bags to stay with Chini in the hospital. Chini fumes seeing her plan failing. At Rathore’s house, Sundar gets Atharva’s message about the accident and informs Rupali and Arpita. Rupali feels guilty for doubting Chini always, but Chini risked her life and saved Imlie today. Arpita comforts her.

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Chini thinks how can Imlie send them out of Rana’s house when she is injured while doesn’t let her get out of bed even if she gets a fever? Rudra stands in front of her room and loudly tells the doctor that Chini is Imlie’s adopted sister and not a real one and just stays at her home. He tells Chini that Imlie booked the city’s best doctor for her and she should be thankful to Imlie. Chini messages Jatin to come soon and take her away as she is waiting for him with money and jewelry. Imlie breaks down noticing Chini’s blood-stained kerchief. Atharva notices her. Imlie cries that she would have become an orphan if something happened to Chini today. Atharva comforts her. Imlie cries hugging him.


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