Imlie Written Episode Update 30th October 2022: Imlie’s Griha Pravesh and Bidayi Rituals

Imlie Written Episode Update 30th October 2022: Chini believes that she needs to take action to ensure that she creates her position in Arto’s heart permanently and entangles him forever. She accepts Imlie’s poetry, thinking that Arto enjoys the such free time, and she is now prepared for Arto. Atharva appears and declares that he is not yet prepared but that he would not allow Imlie to win. Even though she had always imagined living with him and his family, Chini claims she is aware of the sacrifice he is making for him. She hands Imlie the poem and wishes him peace while he reads it, just as she did while she was composing it. Reading poetry is Atharva. Even for her, everything that is happening, according to Chini, is difficult, but he should keep in mind that she just loves him.

Imlie Written Episode Update 30th October 2022

Atharva says that he had pheras with Imlie even though he regards Chini as his wife and his genuine love. Chini muses on the poetess he is referring to. For the bidayi ceremony, Akash calls Atharva. Atharva adjourns. China feels that it should have been her body, but Imlie took control. If she can’t obtain Atharva, China won’t allow Imlie to take her. The body of Imlie begins the next morning. Imlie is hugged by Narmada, who requests that Ranas look after Imlie. Imlie will be raised by Devika and Rudra as if she were their own daughter. Keya claims that going forward, Imlie’s family will be Rana’s.

Imlie written episode

Imlie claims that before having a large family, her world was limited to her home and the road leading up to it. Now that her world has expanded, she wants to take the next step in life with everyone’s love and support. According to Atharva’s relative, bhabhi altered the significance of the day. Imlie will perform Graha Pravesh, according to Rudra, with everyone’s help and affection. Chini comes in and claims she is unable to do the Graha Pravesh. Chini is told by Rupali to quit acting like a child and that she is emotionally attached to Imlie. Imlie cannot enter without her wedding present, according to Chini. What present does she wish to give? Imlie queries. After a tearful conversation, Chini presents Radha Krishna Ji with an idol.

Imlie Today’s Full Written Episode 30th October 2022

Imlie Written Episode Update 30th October 2022: When a husband doesn’t love his wife at all, Anu teasingly claims that Radha was Krishna’s love and Rukmini was Krishna’s wife, much like Imlie was Arto’s wife. How would she respond to this? Chini says sorry and claims that she believed it was a thoughtful present. Imlie informs Anu that Radha and Rukmini are two distinct types of love and shares her opinions, calling it the finest gift in the entire world. Anu responds, “Yeah, sure,” smiling. Imlie should have been a Hindi teacher, claims Atharva’s relative. According to Imlie, Radha and Rukmini were 2 separate names for people, but Krishna used them both. If they can execute Graha Pravesh right away, Devika contacts Imlie and introduces herself as Atharva’s Radha or Rukmini. Yes, maa, replies Imlie.

Imlie Written Episode Update 30th October 2022: Imlie's Griha Pravesh and Bidayi Rituals

They remained back in respect of Devika’s request, according to Narmada, and are now leaving. Imlie welcomes Chini. Chini tells her to look after herself. Imlie and Atharva’s Graha Pravesh is performed by Devika. Imlie steps on the crimson water as she enters, kicking the bowl of rice. Keya greets her. Imlie enters with everyone else. Keya is informed by Akash that they would soon receive all the fortune. Chini examines the prints left by Imlie. Rituals are welcomed by Anu since even her new existence has only just begun. Imlie left tracks on the floor, but Chini will leave her footprints in Imlie’s married life, she claims, adding that up to this point, she has shared 50% of all she has with Imlie. Upon seeing Rudra standing, she becomes tense.

Imlie Aaj ka Episode

Rudra claims he was aware of her intense love for Imlie and her reluctance to return home. Anu steps in and claims that the two sisters have always done everything together. Chini is still striving to follow Imlie’s footsteps, according to Rudra, who claims that she should alter her course at this point because she can no longer follow Rana’s family’s bahu. In order to avoid having visitors ejected from the event, she instructs her to go back home and count the money. Chini travels with Anu. The ceremony of Imlie and Atharva discovering the rings begins. Talking about their own love story, Manish and Divya ask Atharva to locate the ring and present it to Imlie.

Imlie and Atharva begin looking for the ring. While on the way home, Chini makes the decision to stop Atharva at any cost. If she is taking her advice, Anu queries. Yes, Chini nods. Let’s see Imlie’s ruined, Anu says. The family becomes agitated when Shagun’s milk turns black. Imlie cannot take any action, according to Chini, until Arto is under her authority. Imlie is made fun of by Divya for not being able to change her unfortunate circumstances. According to Atharva, people still believe in shagun and abshagun in the year 2022, even though marriage has already ended and there is no larger abshagun than this.

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