Imlie Written Episode Update 29th October 2022: During Imlie’s Vidaai, Narmada becomes emotional

Imlie Written Episode Update 29th October 2022: Chini declares at the beginning of the episode that she is linking her own fate to the wedding knot. She uses the knot to tie her own dupatta. She claims that she will now achieve her goals. Imlie notices that Chini’s dupatta is attached to the phera and stops Atharv from taking it. Chini claims that was an accident and that untying the knot now would be unlucky. Imlie explains to him the importance of the wedding knot. A connection, according to her, cannot be compelled. Love and effort make a relationship last. She will make sufficient attempts to maintain their pleasant marriage.

Imlie Written Episode Update 29th October 2022

The priest advises that they begin the phera right away and that Atharv should talk to Imlie about all of his problems and share them with her. No matter what happens, Atharv is now under Chini’s influence and will only be Imlie’s spouse for the sake of the name, she claims. Priest discusses the additional vows Imlie and Atharv make. He believes that his commitment to Chini will stay the same and not alter. Whatever occurred to him is just wrong. He never fully completed his first love. Imlie is delighted when the priest declares that, in accordance with another vow, no third party shall stand in the way of the husband and wife.

Imlie written episode

Chini believes she has already taken Arto away from Imlie. Atharv makes Imlie wear the mangalsutra after receiving it from Chini. Older people bless them. Anu claims that Imlie and Arto were still able to marry despite their best attempts. Even if Atharv is married, according to Chini, it makes no difference that she is dominating him. Atharv will grant her all of her wishes. Manish is informed by Divya that the fact that those armed guys began firing before to the wedding indicates that Imlie’s attendance is unlucky. She may be a negative omen for her family because both of her parents passed away after she was born. They ought to be concerned about their son. That is untrue, according to Devika, and they shouldn’t be concerned since Imlie will be their fortunate charm.

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Imlie Written Episode Update 29th October 2022: Rathores cries as Imlie conducts the Vidaai rite. Imlie is afraid of crowds, and Arto should always be there for her and be her support, Arpita advises him. Rupy tells Imlie that she is resilient and capable of handling any situation. Imlie will excel in everything, according to Meethi, since she possesses the traits of her parents. Imlie hugs Sundar, who responds by saying that Imlie’s parents trusted them and granted them authority and that he is praying for Imlie’s happiness. When Imlie approaches Narmada, the latter breaks down in tears and claims that even though she has never shown Imlie any affection, Imlie is all that Narmada has left of the Aryans.

She advises Imlie to look after her in-laws and fulfill her responsibilities to them. Yes, Imlie agrees. Atharv tells Sundar he wants to retire to his room since this drama seems to go on forever. Akash makes unsuccessful attempts to stop him. Chini believes that because of Vidaai, even Narmada became emotional and that she needs to take action to reassure Atharv that she values him more than Imlie. She receives Imlie’s poetry and believes it will be beneficial. She is prepared to win him over. She swears she’s not ready when Atharv arrives. When she sees him, she is astonished. Imlie learns over the phone that Atharv has been in an accident. She is startled and runs to the door while pleading with God for the safety of her husband.

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