Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update Episode (Today) 27 October 2022: Virat’s Request For Sai

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update Episode (Today) 27 October 2022: Savi is still asking that she be given the police uncle/Viraj as her father. Sai exits the car and asks that Usha take him home. Virat tells Bhavani that since Savi is a child, he will explain the situation to her without the need for further discussion. Savi, according to Omkar and Sonali, is very smart and wicked like her mother and carried out her mother’s orders.

They are correct, Sai is behind all of this, says Bhavani, who then begins to vilify Sai and Savi. She says Pakhi invited Sai to Nagpur, and if Pakhi and Virat continue to sleep in separate beds, Sai, Vanraj, and Savi will soon move in with them and make their lives miserable. She is certain Sai is telling Savi about her upcoming scheme. In light of Savi’s situational reaction following learning of Vinayak’s adoption, Virat says he is certain it is not Sai’s plan.

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update Episode (Today) 27 October 2022

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update Episode (Today) 27 October 2022

Sai sobs while waiting for a bus as he remembers Savi’s pleading. When Jagtap calls her. She thinks it’s Usha and cries out in her heart that she will go home and won’t pass away at a bus stop, that she is helpless to hear Savi beg for her father and that she is unable to tell that Virat is Savi’s father, etc. It is, according to Jagtap. He receives a reprimand from Sai for secretly listening to her, and she cuts off the call.

She considers calling Virat to explain, but she soon finds that the Chavan family’s drama has already messaged him. When Virat receives a message, he requests that Pakhi read it aloud to the group. According to Pakhi, if Sai had known what was going through Savi’s mind, she wouldn’t have allowed it to happen and would have apologized to him. The family is informed by Virat that Sai was actually unaware of Savi’s plan.

Sai, according to Bhavani, is only acting. Savi calls Vinayak and asks him to persuade Virat to adopt her as his child. Virat concurs and assures him that Baba won’t turn down his plea. She is instructed to address her dada or older brother correctly. He is referred to as dada by her. Savi is going to stay here because she asked Virat to be her adoptive father during an event, so he disconnects the connection and asks Harini to move to the adjacent room.

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update Episode (Today) 27 October 2022

It’s preferable to ignore him, according to Harini. Should Vinayak call Sai Choti maa if Savi becomes his sister? He is cautioned by Harini to never discuss it with anyone because doing so could cause chaos at home. Hearing their interaction depresses Pakhi. Sai says sorry to Virat on Savi’s behalf over the phone. Vinayak advises that Savi reveal the name of her father and claims to be able to understand Savi’s mental state.

It’s not that simple, in Sai’s opinion. Savi enters her room and sees her jotting something down. When Savi said she wanted to adopt Virat, she claims she reprimanded her severely. She is urged to set it aside by Sai. She inquires as to why Savi wrote Virat Savi Joshi. In the same way that Vinayak became Vinayak Virat Chavan after Savi adopted him, Virat will become Virat Savi Joshi after she adopts him, according to Savi.

Sai feels Savi is like her father because she remembers Virat taking on the surname Virat Sai Chavan after they got married. Walking to Virat is Pakhi. Virat says that while discussing Savi’s desire with Sai, he suggested that Sai reveal the name of Savi’s father to prevent rumors and bad press from spreading. However, Sai showed no signs of comprehension.

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According to Pakhi, Virat has also agreed to the adoption plan and has asked Harini if he can name Sai Choti maa once Savi has adopted Virat. Vinu’s wish cannot be granted, as Virat can only be Vinu’s father and cannot be the father of anybody else, he will tell Vinu. Virat wonders how Vinu could think in such a way. Pakhi hopes he is accurate and Savi finds out about her father quickly.

When Ashwini tells Ninad that Sai is revealing the identity of Savi’s father, she suggests that Sai is hiding something. Ninad asks why they are all using Savi’s innocence as props and creating tales. Ashwini claims that because she is familiar with Sai and knows that he wouldn’t lie, she worries that something has gone wrong with Sai. Maybe Savi is an adopt like Vinayak, and Sai is lying when she says that Savi is her own child, says Ninad.

It cannot be, says Ashwini. Ninad leaves. Pakhi enters. If Virat’s wife or Vinayak’s mother has arrived, Ashwini asks. Virat’s mother, according to Pakhi. Ashwini acknowledges that she wanted to hear that and asserts that Pakhi, Vinayak, and Virat are a complete family and that there is now no room for anybody else save for the child born to Virat and Pakhi. When will she tell Virat that she actually loves him—not for the sake of the world, but for herself—she asks?

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