Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update Episode (Today) 10th November 2022: Pakhi Feels Left Out

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update Episode (Today) 10th November 2022: Savi asks Virat where is aayi/Sai. Virat says she is having a high fever, so he will take her to a doctor. Savi says her aayi herself is a doctor and she never leaves her alone, where is she now? Virat says she will stay with them for a few days. Savi feels happy. Virat says Vinayak told them she wants to spend time with him and they both can enjoy a lot. Vinayak says they will create their special corner and enjoy his mom’s prepared special dishes.

Vinayak says they will create a special corner on the terrace and enjoy it a lot. Savi feels excited hearing that. Sai shows her anger police station and shouts at the police to let her go and get her daughter back. Constable warns her to maintain silence or she will be put in jail. Usha walks in crying and says Virat is angry with her for hiding the truth for years and hence he got her arrested, she should have revealed the truth to him long ago.

Sai asks if she should have told truth to a man who remarried someone and because of whom she left her house, he is showing right on her daughter now; though Virat is Savi’s father, she took care of Savi since she was born as both her father and mother, she was with her when she spoke the first word and wrote the first word, how can Virat show his right on Savi then. She swears that Virat cannot separate her from her daughter. Pakhi gets lost in thoughts while cooking recalling Virat and Bhavani’s words. Her dupatta catches fire.

Ashwini notices that and rescues her. Pakhi hugs her and cries loudly. She asks why fate plays with her happiness, everything would be going fine, and then suddenly something happens; Vinayak won a race just some time ago and they were celebrating his victory, then suddenly Virat brings Savi home and says she is his daughter, how can Sai become pregnant, but if she is telling Savi is Virat’s daughter, then its true as Savi never lies; what will happen to her in this situation.

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update Episode (Today) 10th November 2022

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update Episode (Today) 10th November 2022:

Sai determines to get back Virat from Virat and not let him near Savi. Constable offers her food. Sai says she will not have a drop of water until she gets back to her daughter. Usha asks her to have something as she didn’t have food since yesterday. Sai says she will get her daughter back at any cost and is ready to die starving till then. Virat and Vinayak create Savi’s corner/tent on a terrace. Savi mimics Virat and says he is copying her. Virat asks who is a father. Savi excitedly asks if he would become her father. Virat says he wants her to win lots of medals like him, then he will decorate her medal in her corner. Savi happily hugs him. Vinayak says even he is here and hugs them both.

Pakhi walks to them with food and asks if it’s Savi’s corner. Vinayak says its Sa of Savi and Vi of Vinu, Savi’s Corner. Savi says it’s also Vi for Virat’s uncle. Vinayak says Sa for Sai, which means is a corner of all 4 of them. Virat thinks everything was in front of his eyes, but he couldn’t see it; Sai named her daughter Savi which they both had chosen. Pakhi feels left out of their lives. Vinayak asks Savi and Virat to have food before it gets cold and asks Pakhi to join them. Pakhi says it’s okay. Vinayak notices her dupatta is burnt and asks if she is fine. Pakhi says yes and walks away. Virat doesn’t pay attention to her at all. Savi starts coughing. Virat gets concerned.

Sai says they cannot detain her illegally and demands to see an FIR copy and to call her lawyer. Inspector thinks Sai won’t budge easily and calls Virat. The doctor checks Savi and gives a prescription. Virat asks if Savi is fine. The doctor says yes and asks whose daughter she is. Virat says his close friend’s daughter and like his own daughter. The doctor leaves asking him to take care of the girl. Pakhi asks Virat why he lied to the doctor. Virat says he is not like Sai and would inform the truth to Savi first. Pakhi looks at her, Virat, and Vinayak’s family photo.

Virat gets a call from an inspector who informs them that Sai is creating an issue. He asks her to file a charge sheet against Sai, he himself will come and sign it. Inspector says Sai is demanding to meet her lawyer. Virat says to let her make only 1 call. Constable lets Sai call her lawyer. Pakhi asks Virat if he doesn’t think he is going overboard by filing an FIR on Sai and sending her to jail. Virat says Sai deserves much more rigorous punishment for what she did.

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