Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode Update Today 2022: Vinayak finishes the race with Sai’s support.

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode Update Today 2022: Vinayak’s race starts. He fails to run and falls down. Virat, Pakhi, and their family encourage him to get up. Virat asks him to remember Dr. Dolay’s encouraging words. Sai enters encouraging him that he can do, will, and did it already. Virat gets angry. Pakhi asks him not to say anything and sees Vinayak gaining confidence.

Savi also repeats Sai’s words. Virat gets angry but stops noticing Vinayak trying to get up. Sai continues her encouraging poem and asks him to get up. Savi runs and helps him get up and reminds him to fulfill his promise. Vinayak starts walking. Everyone cheers him up to run. Vinayak runs breaking his braces in Forest Gump movie style and completes the race.

Virat feels happy that Vinayak completed a race. Sai says everyone is clapping for not the one who came first, but for him who conquered his fear and became a real hero and winner. Virat says he is a winner and hugs Sai, Virat, and Savi. Pakhi gets sad seeing that.

The top three contenders are awarded. The host says along with the top 3 contenders, there is a special contender who overcame his fear and completed the race with his family’s encouragement and proved that they can achieve anything with family’s support. He is presented with a medal. Everyone claps for him.

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode Update Today 2022

The host asks whom he would like to give the credit for this success. Vinayak says he gives credit to his family and a special person, his doctor aunty because of whom he couldn’t have completed a race. Everyone claps for Sai. Bhavani and her team frown upon seeing Vinayak taking Sai’s name.

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode Update Today 2022

Ashwini says let it be, anyways Sai would have to leave their lives now as Vinayak’s race is finished. The host asks Pakhi whom she would like to give credit for Vinayak’s success. Pakhi says Vinayak is right, Sai came from Kankauli and helped Vinayak in his dream mission.

The host then asks Virat about his opinion. Virat gives credit to his family’s support and Vinayak himself for his success. He then gives credit to his wife Pakhi and says she is the one who went to Kankauli and convinced Dr. Sai Joshi to treat Vinayak, worked day and night in serving their son, and made sure Vinayak’s comfort, she is even fasting today to their son, so the credit goes to her. Everyone claps for Pakhi.

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The host tells Vinayak he can go now. Family cheers Vinayak. Vinayak hugs his parents. Virat says they will celebrate his success at home. Savi congratulates him for his success and starts coughing. Sai says let’s go home, she will give her medicine. Savi says it’s time to fulfill her wish. Sai asks what kind of wish.

Vinayak invites Sai and Savi home for a party. Sai says they can’t as Savi is ill. Vinayak says it’s okay as they can celebrate tomorrow for one more reason.

Pakhi asks what kind of reason. Vinayak says she will find out tomorrow. Sai thinks Vinayak may not them meet tomorrow as they are leaving the town tomorrow. She hugs Vinayak and congratulates him for winning over his fear.


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