Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode Update 9th November 2022: Bhavani Refuses To Accept Savi

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode Update 9th November 2022: Sai pleads with Virat to return her daughter to her. Virat orders the police to take her away from there. Police drag her into the jeep and take her away. Pakhi stands shocked recalling Virat’s words while the family walks behind Virat. Bhavani asks Virat why did he say that Savi is his wife. Ashwini asks if he is planning to adopt Savi. Ninad and Omkar ask him to answer them first. Virat says he will answer them all later, but now he has to take care of Savi as she is severely ill. Pakhi stops him and asks if Savi is really his daughter, she is his right and has the right to know. Virat says it’s true that Savi is his daughter. Pakhi asks when he realizes it suddenly.

Virat says Jagtap informed him about it, Sai hid this truth from him for years and hence snatched Savi from Sai. He says when he reached Sai, she was already sitting in a bus and was leaving for Kanauli with Savi, she was trying to snatch his child again from him, and hence he had to take an extreme step. Ashwini cries how can Sai hide such a big truth from them? Bhavani says Sai is a seasoned player and changed the game with 1 move. Sonali asks what she means. Bhavani says Sai realized that she can’t be near Virat after Vinayak’s treatment and hence sent her old lover Jagtap to manipulate Virat and lie that Savi is Virat’s daughter, she knew what Virat would do after hearing that. Sonali praises Bhavani and says only Bhavani knows Sai better in this whole world.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode Update 9th November 2022

gum hai kisi ke pyar mein

Bhavani scolds Pakhi for getting Sai back into her life and getting into this situation without realizing Sai’s intentions. Virat says he doesn’t mind what Sai’s intentions are, he will not let his daughter away from him again. Bhavani says Savi is Jagtap and Sai’s daughter and not Virat’s. Virat warns her to dare not character assassinate Sai as she can be arrogant but can never be characterless, its his mistake that he couldn’t realize that he is Savi’s father; he repeatedly asks Sai to reveal who Savi’s father is, but this time she herself agreed that Savi is his daughter and Sai would never lie regarding her daughter’s identity. Bhavani refuses to believe him and demands to have a DNA test first, till then she will not let Savi in Chavan Nivas. Virat stops her and says Savi would stay with him. Bhavani asks him not to get adamant and move away. Virat says let him see who can dare separate him from his daughter.

Constables lock Sai in a room. Sai pleads constables to let her go and get their daughter back from Virat who snatched her from her. Ninad asks Virat how can he send Sai to jail. Virat says Sai hid the truth for years. Ninad says he can’t separate a mother from her mother. Virat says Sai kept a father away from his daughter. Ashwini says it’s wrong. Sonali says Ashwini and Ninad’s tone changed after they learned that Savi is their blood. Ashwini says Sai will question Virat about her mother. Virat says Savi would be very happy when she learns that he is her father and wouldn’t think of anyone else. Ninad says they will accept Savi is his daughter if he says so, they can amicably solve this issue, but instead, he threw Sai in jail and separated her from her daughter; its a very sensitive issue and should be handled carefully.

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Virat says he doesn’t want to see Sai’s face and hates her to the core, so he wouldn’t talk to Sai and wants his father also not to talk to her. He leaves to check on Sai. Bhavani yells that Sai wasn’t enough and that Savi came to trouble them, blames family for supporting Sai, and storms away warning them to bear the consequences now. Virat pampers sleeping Savi and recalls her craving for her father and wishing to adopt him as her father, etc. Vinayak joins him. Savi wakes up calls aayi and asks them where she is her aayi.



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