Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (VIDEO) Written Episode Update 16th November 2022

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (VIDEO) Written Episode Update 16th November 2022: Sonali brainwashes Bhavani and asks what if Sai and Virat start an uprising against Savi together. She continues that if Savi demands to sleep with her baba, Savi will bring Savi here and if Savi demands to sleep with her, Virat will take Savi to Sai’s house. Bhavani yells at her to stop it and says Virat will soon realize that Savi is not his daughter and she will not let Sai and Virat reunite. Usha asks Sai if they should return to Kankauli. Sai says it’s better if they stay here for some time as Savi is hurt and hopes Virat doesn’t create any issues again.

Doorbell rings. Sai peeps via peephole and opens the door. She gets shocked seeing Virat and requests him not to create any drama and leave from there. Virat says he came to apologize to her for snatching Savi from her and putting her behind bars. Sai says she thought he wants to snatch her daughter and give her to Pakhi like he snatched her son Vinayak and gave him to Pakhi last time. Virat says he knows to apologize for his mistake, but she doesn’t even realize what she did. Sai asks if he wants her apology. He says no, he wants to meet his daughter. Sai refuses to let him meet Savi. Virat forcefully tries to enter the house and says nobody can stop him from meeting his daughter. Sai says she will take Savi away from her after a few days once Savi.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (VIDEO) Written Episode Update 16th November 2022

Virat threatens Sai to inform Savi that he is her father whom he is craving and why her mother hid the truth. Sai pleads with him not to do that or else he won’t be able to answer Savi’s questions that why her parents don’t stay together, why her father married another woman, and why he has a different family; even if he tries to explain Savi, she is a kid and won’t understand it. She continues to plead not to put so much burden on a little heart. Savi calls Sai. Virat enters Savi’s room and locks the door from the inside. Sai knocks on the door. Savi asks Virat why did he close the door and why aayi is knocking on the door. Sai shouts she loves Savi immensely. Savi asks why is she doing this. Virat says her aayi loves her immensely and even if he does, he will reveal something today. Sai pleads not to.

Virat says they will listen to Savi’s favorite song first and plays Bam Bam Bole.. song. He then tells Savi something. Sai stands crying, knocking on the door. Usha cries that she feels ashamed to call Virat her son-in-law. Sai says she doesn’t know how Savi will react after learning the truth. Savi opens the door and says the police uncle is her baba. Sai apologizes for hiding the truth. Savi says the police uncle would be giving this good news and says he signed adoption papers and agreed to become her father. Sai sits speechless. Savi takes a selfie with Virat. Pakhi walks in. Savi holds her hand and takes her in. She tells her that the police uncle is also her father now and goes to her room to send a selfie to Vinayak.

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Virat asks Pakhi what is she doing here. Pakhi says Ninad sent her here after he left the house storming. She asks if he informed Savi that he is her father. Virat says no, he just signed her adoption papers. He warns Sai not to take Savi away from him. Sai says she hasn’t thought about it yet. Virat seeks a promise from her to stay in Nagpur so that he can meet Savi whenever he wants to, be there for her, see her growing up, and fulfill her dreams and demands. Sai says he has a wife and a family now, so he should seek their permission first. She asks Pakhi if she doesn’t have any problem with it. Virat says he doesn’t need Pakhi’s permission. Pakhi thinks even her opinion doesn’t matter to Virat now. Virat extends his hand and insists Sai promise him that she will not leave Nagpur. Sai holds his hand and promises, leaving Pakhi disheartened.

Savi video calls Vinayak and informs them that they are real siblings now as Virat signed adoption papers. Vinayak rejoices and reveals good news to the whole family. Bhavani and her puppets stand frowning while Ashwini, Ninad, and Harini stand happy.




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