Everyone Can Now Use Twitter Circle To Keep Certain Posts Private.

Twitter Circle Is Now Available To Everyone: Twitter started testing its new Circle feature in May. Although the Twitter Circle feature was initially accessible to only a handful of users, the company has now announced that Twitter Circle is now available to all users using the iOS, Android, and desktop versions of the social media platform.

Twitter Circles is one such feature that wants to give its users more choice and control over their Twitter usage. With this Twitter Circles feature, you can tweet to a more specific audience and decide who can see your messages for each individual tweet.

The feature became popular following a formula developed by Snapchat, which Instagram also employs with its close friends’ circle on Stories.

Twitter Circles is a new feature that lets you tweet your tweets to a smaller group. You can include up to 150 people in the Twitter circle. So now you can share your thoughts about culture, sports, music, work – or personal updates with a short list of people you choose.

According to Twitter, “During the Twitter Circle testing phase, we found that it (Twitter Circle) helped some people feel more comfortable tweeting,” we saw people tweet more and even also increase the engagement of their tweets, as they have more control over how they appear on the timeline.

How To Use Twitter Circle

In the ‘Twitter Circles’ feature, You now have the option to share your post with all your followers in your circle or on Twitter before posting it to Twitter. You can add up to 150 people to a Twitter circle, and you can also change who to include at any time.

Tweets sent to your circle will have a green badge next to them. And these Tweets can’t be retweeted or shared and can only be seen by people you’ve chosen to add to your circle. No one else will be able to see them except the friends in the circle. Additionally, all replies to these Tweets are private, even if your Twitter account is public.

GM of Consumer and Revenue Products, Jay Sullivan, says that:- Twitter Circles is a great step on our way to increasing the personalization of the Twitter experience. We want everyone to use Twitter on their own   terms, regardless of who they are.” Use it to broadcast your hot take or share personal news, and being able to tailor your conversation is key.”

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