BSNL Talktime & Data Loan 2022- BSNL Loan Number 2022

BSNL Emergency Talktime Loan 2022 – BSNL Loan Number 2022: Nowadays every telecom company is providing the facility of taking emergency talk time loans for its customers. And BSNL Telecom Company also provides this facility to its customers. Many times it happens with all of us that our BSNL prepaid sim balance gets exhausted and then we think of taking a talk time loan. If you too have ever faced such a problem and if you also want to take a talk time loan from BSNL then you have come to the right place. Because today we are going to provide you with complete information about taking a BSNL loan through this article. But for this, you must read this article completely and read it carefully.

Conditions For Getting Talk Time Loan In BSNL:-

If you want to take a loan in BSNL, then let us tell you that there are some conditions for taking a loan in BSNL, which you have to follow only then you will be able to get the loan service from BSNL. The conditions for taking a talk time loan in BSNL are as follows, please read and follow them carefully:-

  • 1. Your BSNL SIM connection should be at least 3 months or more old.
  • 2. The main balance of your BSNL number should be less than Rs.5 to avail BSNL loan service.
  • 3. BSNL’s Talktime loan service is available only for prepaid users, this BSNL loan service is not for post-paid users.
  • 4. And also at the time of refund in BSNL, you will have to pay additional service charges (Rs.2-3).
  • 5. To avail of the loan service of BSNL i.e. you should not have any previous BSNL loan before applying for the loan. Or there should not be any outstanding of any kind, then only you will be able to take the loan.
  • 6. And whenever you recharge your BSNL number next time the BSNL loan amount will be automatically deducted from your account.

How To Get A Talk-Time Loan In BSNL?

If you want to take a talk time loan on your BSNL sim number but you do not know how you can take a loan in BSNL then we are going to tell you today through this article how you can get a talk time loan on your BSNL number and too in a few seconds?

 Yes, friends, taking a loan in BSNL is not such a difficult task, you can easily take a loan on your BSNL number through two methods. And that’s two ways-

  •  Via USSD Code and
  •  Through BSNL Customer Care Number.

1. How To Take A BSNL Loan Via USSD Code?

To take a loan in BSNL Prepaid SIM you can simply dial this (*511*7#)  USSD Code. How to take a loan in BSNL, we have explained this step by step well below, you should read it carefully and follow:-

  • Step 1. For this, first of all, open the caller app on your Android device,
  • Step 2. After this, you dial BSNL loan USSD number *511*7#, and then you click on the call button from your BSNL sim number,
  • Step 3. After waiting for a few seconds you will see a pop-up message on your mobile screen,
  • Step 4. In this message, you will be given the options of the loan amounts, you have to choose the amount you want to take the loan amount:- Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.30, and Rs.50.
  • Step 5. After selecting the loan amount, click on the ‘submit’ button
  • Step 6.  After this finally, your loan amount will be credited to your BSNL phone number.
  • Step 7.  Next time you recharge your BSNL number, Your loan amount will be deducted from your account.

2. How To Take A BSNL Loan  Through BSNL Customer Care Number?

Yes, friends, BSNL users can also take talk time loan on their BSNL number by using their customer care services. If you do not have to take a loan through the USSD code or you have not got a talk time loan using the USSD code then you can adopt this other method. For this, read the information given below carefully:-

  • Step 1. To avail talk time loan through the BSNL customer care number, you have to simply call on BSNL customer care number (‘1800-180-1503/ 1503’).
  • Step 2. And then by calling you to have to ask the executive to provide you BSNL loan of Rs.10.
  • Step 3. After this talk time loan of Rs.10 will be given to your number. But keep in mind that whenever you recharge your number next time, the loan amount along with the additional value (2-3 Rs) will be automatically deducted from your account.

How To Get Data Loan In BSNL?

Sorry guys, but the BSNL network does not yet provide any data loan service for its users. So BSNL users can take talk time loans on their BSNL number, you cannot take data loans in BSNL.

As of now, there is no data loan facility in BSNL, we will definitely inform you whenever the BSNL network will provide a data loan service.

If any information about this you have becomes available in the future, you can let us know.

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