BSNL Message Center Number 2022: All States BSNL Message Center Number

BSNL Message Center Number 2022: All States BSNL Message Center Number: Hello friends, today our article is for those BSNL users who are facing problems in sending messages from their BSNL SIM number. If you have got recharge done on your BSNL SIM number and still you are facing the same problem then this article of ours today has brought you the solution to this problem. There can be many reasons for this problem and one of the possible reasons can be to change your BSNL message center number. And that is why in this article we are going to tell you about the BSNL SMSC number which can give you relief from the problem of not sending messages from your device. So read this article carefully and read it till the end.

What is SMSC service in BSNL?

So friends, are you also facing any problems in sending SMS from your BSNL number? If yes, then to get rid of this problem, almost every telecom company provides SMS service for its users, and similarly, BSNL has also provided the facility of SMSC number for its users.

Friends, if you are also facing a problem in sending your SMS i.e. the message you are sending is not getting delivered and another person is not getting your message. To get rid of this problem, you may need to change the SMSC number for the message setting on your phone. SMSC number stands for “Short Message Service Center” number. BSNL forwards all the messages with the help of this SMSC number. And then this number sends your message fast. Now we hope that you have understood what is BSNL “Message Center Number Facility (SMSC)” and why it is used.

What is the BSNL message center number?

+919417099997 IS The BSNL Message Center Number.
This SMSC number is a unique 10-digit number provided by BSNL which will help you to fix your BSNL message not sending problem. To get rid of the problem of not sending messages in your BSNL SIM number, all you need to do is replace your existing SMS center number BSNL with this number.
But friends, keep in mind that the BSNL message center number is different for every state. That’s why we have prepared a list for different states below, you can use it by looking at your state’s BSNL SMSC number. The list of BSNL message center numbers of all states is given below:-

List Of State Wise BSNL Message Service Center (SMSC) Number

Friends, the BSNL number we have mentioned above is for BSNL users living in some selected states as well as Rajasthan. And below we have given the state-wise BSNL SMSC numbers list, you can check it:-

BSNL SMSC Number For Northern States

SMS No BSNL Madhya Pradesh
SMSC Number BSNL Gujrat
BSNL SMS Center Number UP West
SMS Center Number BSNL UP East
BSNL SMSC Number Chattisgadh
BSNL SMS Center Number Haryana
BSNL Message Center Number West Bengal
Service Center No BSNL Kashmir
Service Center Number BSNL Jammu
BSNL HP SMS Service Center Number
SMS Center Number BSNL Jharkhand
BSNL SMS Center Number Rajasthan
BSNL SMS Center Number Punjab
+919434099997BSNL SMS Center Number Bihar

BSNL SMSC Number For Southern States

Andaman Nicobar BSNL SMSC Number
Andhra Pradesh BSNL SMSC Number
Goa BSNL SMSC Number
Karnataka BSNL SMSC Number
Kerala BSNL SMSC Number
Maharashtra BSNL SMSC Number
Tamil Nadu BSNL SMSC Number
Telangana BSNL SMSC Number

BSNL SMS Centre Number For Eastern States

Mizoram BSNL SMSC NUMBER +919434099997
Assam BSNL SMSC NUMBER +919434099997
Tripura BSNL SMSC NUMBER +919434099997
Arunachal Pradesh BSNL SMSC NUMBER +919434099997
Meghalaya BSNL SMSC NUMBER +919434099997
Nagaland BSNL SMSC NUMBER +919434099997
Sikkim BSNL SMSC NUMBER +919434099997
Manipur BSNL SMSC NUMBER +919434099997

How To Change BSNL Message Center Number?

Using the BSNL SMSC number is very easy and you can easily change in message center number on your mobile. For this, you follow some easy steps given below:-

  • Step 1: First of all tap on Messages on your phone.
  • Step 2: Open the menu and click on the Settings option available in the top right corner.
  • Step 3: After that, you go to ‘More Settings.
  • Step 4: Then click on ‘Text Message’.
  • Step 5: Next you go to the ‘Message Center’ option.
  • Step 6: After that, you replace the existing message center number with the appropriate one.
  • Step 7: And then click on ‘Save’.

So these are some easy steps using which you can change in SMSC number on your mobile.

Important Questions Regarding Jio Message Centre number

How can I activate my BSNL SMS service?

To activate the BSNL SMSC service you need to enter the BSNL message center number on your mobile:-
First of all, select the ‘Message’ option from the menu of your mobile.
Then scroll down to access ‘Service Center Number’.
After that enter your ‘Service Center Number’ (BSNL Message Center Number of your state).
This must be done to activate the service.

Why Are My BSNL Messages Not Sending?

There are many reasons for not sending SMS in BSNL. There can be two main reasons for this:

  • The first reason could be that your BSNL number does not have enough recharge.
  • Reason 2: Your BSNL Message Center number is not valid.

What Is The Full Form Of SMSC?

SMSC Full Form “Short Message Service Center” It is part of the mobile phone network that handles text messaging operations. SMSC is responsible for receiving, storing, routing, and forwarding SMS messages from the mobile handset.

What Is BSNL SMS Center Number Delhi?

Sorry, We could not find the SMSC number of BSNL for Delhi users

Is It Free To Use the BSNL SMSC Number?

YES, All the above-mentioned BSNL SMSC numbers are completely safe to use.

What Is BSNL SMS Center Number Rajasthan?

+919417099997 This is the BSNL SMS Center Number Of  Rajasthan.

What Is BSNL SMS Center Number Punjab?

+919417099997 This is the BSNL SMS Number of Punjab and you can use it to solve your SMS not sending problem.

What Is BSNL SMS Center Number Kerala?

+919442099997 Kerala BSNL users can use this SMS Center number to solve their BSNL SMS not sending problems.

What Is BSNL SMS Center Number Uttar Pradesh East?

+919417099997  This is the BSNL SMS center number for BSNL users of Uttar Pradesh East

What Is BSNL SMS Center Number Ap (Andra Pradesh)?

+919442099997 Friends, this is the BSNL SMS center number for the residents of Andra Pradesh.

What Is BSNL SMS Center Number Haryana?

+919417099997 This is the BSNL SMS center number for the residents of Haryana.

What Is BSNL SMS Center Number Maharashtra?

+919422099997 Maharashtra BSNL users can use this SMS Center number.

What Is BSNL SMS Center Number Gujarat?

+919422099997 This is the Gujarat BSNL SMS center number. it helps you to solve your ‘SMS not sending’ problem to the BSNL sim number


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So friends, as you know that today we have learned how can we solve the problem of not sending messages from our mobile BSNL SIM number. And how we can use in message center number on our mobile. Here let us tell you that whatever information we have shared with you in this article is completely based on internet research. If you want to get more information than the information present in this article, then you can tell your problem by calling the BSNL customer care number and get the solution to your problem from there. And also friends, one very important thing that was left is that THANK YOU for reading this article till the end!!!

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