How To Block Airtel Sim Online 2022 – Step By Step Complete Guide

How To Block Airtel Sim Online 2022If you are also searching for how to block airtel sim online, then let us tell you that you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you how you can block your airtel sim online. Yes, you read it right, you can block or deactivate your sim online. If your phone is lost or stolen somewhere, and you do not want anyone to take advantage of your SIM, then you should block or deactivate your SIM as soon as possible. If you block the SIM online after it is stolen or lost, then you can buy a new SIM from the same number. With this, you will also get the same number and no one will be able to take the wrong advantage of your SIM. So let’s see how we can block airtel sim online.

How To Block/Deactivate Airtel Sim Online 2022

Blocking or deactivating airtel sim numbers is a very simple and easy step. I am going to tell you some such best steps by which you will be able to block or deactivate your airtel sim very easily. You can block/deactivate your Airtel SIM using both non-Airtel numbers and Airtel numbers. Let us see how you can block your airtel sim online.

How to block an Airtel SIM by calling an Airtel number?

Airtel customers can block or deactivate their Airtel SIM online by calling a specified number. The process to block your airtel sim online by calling from an airtel number is easy and simple. However, once you block your SIM, you can reactivate or unblock it. Follow the steps given below to block your SIM online.

Step 1: Before doing this method, you must have another airtel sim number.


Step 2: You call on airtel number 121 or 98490-98490. (This may be per minute chargeable calling)


Step 3: After this, you may be asked about the most recently dialed number, the address associated with your Airtel SIM (the Airtel SIM you want to block), ID proof, and last recharge price, etc.


Step 4: You will be asked to verify the details mentioned above.


Step 5: After this, once it is verified, your airtel sim will be blocked.


How to Block/Deactivate an Airtel Sim by Calling From Non-Airtel Number?

Here we will see how you can block or deactivate your Airtel SIM by making calls from a non-Airtel SIM. Read and follow the steps given below carefully.

Step 1: Firstly, open your dialer on your smartphone.


Step 2: Now dial 1800-103-4444 (Toll-Free) and make a call.


Step 3: Next, you will be asked to verify your airtel sim, id proof, recently dialed number, last recharge value i.e. you will be asked to verify the information associated with your airtel sim.


Step 4: Verify the above information on the call.


Step 5: Your Airtel SIM (the one you want to block) will be blocked after successful verification.

Note:- The methods mentioned by us are applicable for both Airtel Prepaid and Airtel Postpaid numbers. And once you have blocked your SIM, you can reactivate it by calling again. That is, you can choose to unblock or unlock your Airtel SIM by calling


How To Get A New Airtel Sim With The Same Number?

We have read above how we can block or deactivate an airtel sim. Now we will see that after blocking our airtel sim, how can we get a new sim issued from the same number. That is, if your SIM is lost somewhere, then how can you block that SIM and get a new SIM on the same number so that the same number remains with you. So let’s see:-

Step 1: First you go to the official website of airtel and go to the airtel store locator.


Step 2: You will need to enter your city name or region’s Pincode to find your nearest Airtel store.


Step 3: After this, you go to the Airtel store with your ID proof and two passport size photos.


Step 4: Fill all the required forms, do ID verification.


Step 5: Pay the fee for your new SIM.


Step 6: Now insert your new SIM in your mobile and dial 59059 to activate the SIM.


Step 7: After that verify the details like date of birth, address, etc.


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This article covers the steps to block or deactivate your Airtel SIM online on your mobile phone. The above-mentioned methods are applicable for both Airtel prepaid and Airtel postpaid numbers. Remember that while blocking or unblocking your SIM, you need to know some basic information (address, date of birth, last recharge price, recently dialed number etc) related to your Airtel SIM. We hope that you have got the complete information, if you still have any doubt then you can ask us by commenting.

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