Bigg Boss 16 Day 72 updates: Tina, Sumbul and Soundarya become new captains of the house


New Delhi: Bigg Boss 16 Day 72 updates – It’s a new day at Bigg Boss house and we are back with the updates. Shalin and Tina get into an argument again over their ongoing fight. He says money is more important to me. She says if you had missed me then you should not have let me go. Sajid takes a jibe at Nimrit and tells her that Abdu plans to propose to her outside the house. He tells her to inform Abdu that she has a boyfriend outside.

Tina and Shalin get into an argument again over friendship. She says I am very hurt. Bigg Boss then tells Shalin to sit on a throne and asks Tina, Sumbul, and Soundarya to sit beside him. He then announces that Ankit’s tenure as captain has ended. Bigg Boss then announces the canvas task. The remaining contestants will be asked to decide the five artists who must go to the canvas placed in front of them and vote for three of their favorite contestants by sticking their pictures on the canvas one by one. This way, there will be three captains in the house.

Chaos begins as the task begins. Shiv and Ankit get into argument as Archana goes first. Abdu goes after her followed by Sreejita. Sajid gives his turn to Nimrit as her birthday gift. Nimrit says that her portrait talks about girl power and feminism. At the end of the task, Tina, Sumbul and Soundarya win and are made new captains of the house.

After the task ends, Shiv says to Sajid that his weakest point is food, he favours whoever gives him good food. Sajid calls Nimrit ‘double dhokli’ and said that I changed turns with her on purpose to open your eyes.

Ankit is upset with Sajid as Priyanka did not get selected. He calls him diplomatic. Shalin tells to Sumbul that no one understands me. Sumbul tells him to think calmly about things. Soundarya, however, calls Sumbul back. Tina tells Sumbul that Shalin has been fake with both of us. Sumbul breaks down when Sajid tells her that he is influencing her. Sajid later discusses about the same with Shalin.

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