Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022: Lakshmi Gets Emotional Missing her Father

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022: Ayush starts the episode by telling Shalu how much in love Rishi and Lakshmi are. I know, says Shalu. Ayush claims he had read that if two people grin at one another, it indicates a deep love between them. Malishka thinks that Rishi is unable to love Lakshmi. Lakshmi has kept a fast for Rishi, according to Ayush, and she would give her life for him.

Even Rishi Bhai, he says, would offer his life for her. I know, says Shalu. Malishka purposefully runs into Ayush and begs him to think positively since otherwise he might have been wounded. She leaves. Malishka, according to Ayush, is envious and believes nothing will develop between Rishi and you. Still on call is Shalu. Malishka was made jealous, according to Ayush, who also showed her the place she deserves.

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022

Shalu inquires as to what was done and informs the group that Malishka will interact with Lakshmi and target her with her wrath. Ayush begs her to go there and says, “I didn’t think.” When Malishka enters Rishi’s chamber, she assumes Lakshmi is grinning as she considers Rishi. She becomes irritated before breaking into laughter. Do you see why I’m laughing, she asks after apologizing.

She continues, “I’m giggling as I see you staying with Rishi and having your dream come true.” She asks, “What do you think that Rishi will stay with you? He will stay with me as he loves me always. I know that your dream will shatter and break down.” She claims that while you are currently his wife, you will soon get divorced and I will then wed Rishi, so you may witness it. Lakshmi will soon depart. Will you not answer today, Malishka asks.

I’m not dreaming, but you are dreaming that you would be his life companion. But he has arrived, and you are nowhere, Lakshmi asks. You already know everything. Malishka proclaims, “Even today, I have accepted all of your challenges.” Why do you think I’m going to challenge you, Lakshmi asks, adding that Rishi is not yours. Lakshmi, says Malishka.

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 31 October 2022

Not today, adds Lakshmi, adding that you are a human and even the Devil fails in front of a married woman. Malishka says, “You blo*dy illiterate, how dare you speak to me like that.” She grabs Rishi and Lakshmi’s wedding photo frame and starts to smash it, but Lakshmi grabs the photo frame out of her hand and says that it is clear who is illiterate/gawaar from the actions.

She begs her to go because you cannot remove Rishi from me, not even from the photo. Malishka leaves. Nobody can ruin today’s husband and wife’s day, according to Lakshmi. To ruin Lakshmi’s day and put a stop to their romance, Kiran asks Malishka. How many times need I tell you that Rishi just loves me, says Malishka? Okay, but end it if there is even the slightest hint of love, says Kiran.

She says that this demonstrates how awful Lakshmi is and that no one is worse than her. She says that if she breaks the fast, her reputation would suffer. Malishka questions her decision to break the fast. You’ll force her to break her fast and show that Lakshmi is Rishi’s lifelong adversary rather than his rescuer, according to Kiran. Shalu thinks back to Ayush’s remarks, believes Malishka is capable of anything and decides to visit.

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Calling Lakshmi, she chooses on telling her about Malishka. She requests that she exercise caution, enjoy the holiday without worrying, and watch out for the fast. You’re saying this because of Malishka, according to Lakshmi. Lakshmi argues that she shouldn’t eat anything because she has grown up seeing Maa observing a fast.

She says that when I used to inquire about Maa’s fasting, she would respond that God provides her the stamina to fast for her husband. She claims that she misses her parents now that she is married. Shalu informs them that she is going there with Chachi and that they are both with us. Lakshmi likes. When Lakshmi speaks, Rishi says, “You can share these chats with me.”

He requests information about her Bau Ji and remarks that she must be missing him if she loves him. He requests a description of her Bau Ji from her. My father was a decent man and a Jagat bau, Ji, according to Lakshmi. She says that although facing serious difficulty, he was unable to perceive anyone else in trouble.

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 Written  Episode

She claims that he used to be very kind to everyone and adore the three of us, saying that having us in his life made him extremely fortunate. Lakshmi recalls her interactions with him and sheds a few tears. She says he called me once a year and said I was truly Lakshmi and that the home where I would get married would be extremely blessed.

He used to say that my life partner would be my saarthi and Saathi, and I got you who takes such good care of me, she says. You are the fruit of his blessings. He used to say that my life partner would be my saarthi and Saathi, and I got you who takes such good care of me. She says that because of how admirably nice he was, she wanted him to meet her family and you. She tears as she hugs him.

Sonia departs from there and remains to listen. Lakshmi is informed by Rishi that he is present and has not left. Malishka considers it beneficial that her mother gave her this bottle. Rishi assures Lakshmi that he is certain that her Bau Ji will always be at her side and that she is lucky to have him since he loves her just as much as he loves him. Lakshmi says that Bau Ji gave her you, which no one else could have given her, and that is why she is here.

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She says that while I lost one of my Bau Jis, the other one realized his ambition and built me a home. She says that if my Bau Ji were still alive, he would have known about my family. Malishka is informed by Sonia that although she doesn’t want to be thrown out, she wants to do so. Malishka queries the reason behind this. When you were inside the house, Rishi and Lakshmi, according to Sonia, were in an embrace.

She asks if you kept a fast and adds Lakshmi is doing what you are supposed to do. No, says Malishka. Sonia asks if Bhai objected. Yes, says Malishka. Lakshmi, according to Sonia, exploits his simplicity. Since Lakshmi is now his wife, the rishi allegedly urged Malishka not to keep a fast. How can you be so naive, asks Sonia. She says that if you get angry, Rishi Bhai used to return to you in 5 minutes.

Malishka says that she has come up with a plan because they won’t let Lakshmi achieve greatness. Lakshmi will drink it, she says, but it’s medicine for my pain as she shuts the door and displays the bottle. Rishi declares that she would like to see him once, salute him, and express her thanks for having a daughter who is similar to you and saying that she is incomparable to you.

He begs her not to cry and remarks that crying makes her seem horrible. When she sobs, he claims he prefers to distance himself from her. My Karwachauth is today, according to Lakshmi. If I should leave right away, Rishi adds that my Sherni has returned. He asks if this Mumbai Sher will work for you. She says I have kept karwachauth fast. Rishi makes a roaring sound and goes. Lakshmi laughs.

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