Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 30 October 2022: Rishi Wakes up Lakshmi for Sargi

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 30 October 2022: Ayush tells Shalu how to keep quick at the start of the episode. Shalu inquires as to the subject of your fast. I’ll set the alarm for 3:30 in the morning, according to Rishi, so that you can have sargi before you get hungry. Lakshmi says that you are well informed. Dadi taught Rishi everything, it says.

Shalu is informed by Ayush that he verified her knowledge and asks whether she wants to maintain her fast if her mood changes. Shalu ends the call by calling him “jhala.” This constant talking is enough for Ayush to sleep, she believes. Shalu is asked by Bani about her fasting. With a pillow, Shalu slaps her. Rishi promises to sound the alarm. Lakshmi predicts that you won’t sleep well.

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 30 October 2022

Full Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 

Rishi warns me not to take any risks because if I don’t get up and eat my sargi, I’ll be hungry all day. Why do you worry about me, she asks. According to Rishi, you will fight with me less if you have Sargi. You can react wrong or don’t, she says. Make her view the video in which Lakshmi says that Rishi is wiser than she is and fights with me, Rishi orders. Lakshmi beams.

Rishi offers to sleep on the couch while she sleeps on the bed. She requests that he not sound the alarm. Rishi goes to sleep on the couch and worries that if Lakshmi doesn’t get up, she won’t be able to eat sargi, dadi and maa will be upset, and she’ll go without food all day. Lakshmi thanks God for sending the rishi into her life and believes he genuinely cares about her. She is urged to rest by Rishi.

She rests. Later, Rishi checks the clock while still awake. He comes to Lakshmi to wake her up since he believes that today is important. Sat on the bed, he sees her. As Lakshmi drifts off to sleep, he holds her hand. Tu thodi der plays as Lakshmi wakes and turns to face him. The song starts, and she stands up. I’m sorry, Rishi says, I was sitting on the bed. When did you wake up, asks Lakshmi.

Aaj Ka Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 30 October 2022

Rishi says that he didn’t sleep as her mom would have reprimanded her if she hadn’t had sargi. Lakshmi leaves to prepare. Virender is informed by Neelam that Lakshmi did not appear for sargi. Lakshmi, as per Dadi, is also concerned for her husband. Rishi arrives and greets everyone. You woke up early, according to Neelam, and Lakshmi should have set the alarm, she says.

Rishi says she didn’t set the alarm because she thought it would disturb my sleep and that I would worry whether or not she would wake up. As a result, I didn’t sleep all night and woke her up. There, Lakshmi appears. Neelam bestows a blessing and gives her sargi. Karishma comes and sits down to eat sargi there. The sargi plate is taken by Virender. Dadi asks that Rishi also have sargi. Rishi forces Sargi on Lakshmi.

Rano explains to her friend that she is fast for her husband and that the sight of her husband’s photo would cause her to break her fast. Her friend asks her over to break her fast at her house. Rano tells her that they will have a variety of food items and that she is heading to Oberoi’s house to break the house. Her pal leaves. Rano asks Shalu after trying the jewelry.

Full Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 30 October 2022

Shalu praises it and informs Bani that Rano wants to go there to eat after breaking his fast since he believes it is an important day for Lakshmi. Neelam is welcomed at Oberoi’s home by Malishka and Kiran. She is asked by Kiran if Lakshmi will keep her fast. Neelam replies she hopes so because she had sargi for breakfast. Dadi queries Lakshmi as to whether everything is set up. Yes, Lakshmi answers.

Lakshmi and Neelam are asked by Dadi to take a short nap. I’m alright, replies Lakshmi, and she begs Dadi and Neelam to take a short break. Neelam says that she regularly follows fasts and that the importance of her husband in her life gives her the drive to finish fast. She implores Lakshmi to adhere to the fast with all of her heart, or else, don’t. I’ve held fast to my heart and won’t let it break, according to Lakshmi. Malishka becomes irate.

Where is Lakshmi going? Rishi asks. Lakshmi says that she will enter the kitchen. Lakshmi is invited to the room by Rishi to rest. He offers to watch her take a break. You want me to rest for you, according to Lakshmi. According to Rishi, if you become weary, I will become sad and I would have to keep a fast for you. Then, he continues, you’ll feel sorry for me. I am fasting, so Lakshmi says I can’t eat or drink anything.

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Full Written Episode 

She is asked to offer Rishi a jug. Don’t smile, you used to say, according to Lakshmi. He tells her not to smile and requests a jug from her. Even you, she says, are fasting. I go to the gym, according to Rishi. She is told to go or he will lift her. Lakshmi says she won’t go. He promises to lift her. She falls after refusing. He asks if she does this to get his attention while holding her. Yes, she answers. Ayush and Malishka can hear them.

While Malishka becomes irate, Ayush smiles and seems to like hearing them. Ayush decides to punish her and makes a call to Shalu. He phones Shalu and inquires about her health. Shalu asks, “Are you okay? We spoke last night.” I called to let you know that Rishi and Lakshmi are madly in love, according to Ayush.

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