Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 29 October 2022: Malishka Conspires to Break Lakshmi’s karwachauth Fast

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 29 October 2022: Malishka exits Rishi’s vehicle and begins to cross the street at the beginning of the episode. When Rishi approaches her, he inquires as to her mental state. He gets pushed by Malishka, and he tumbles to the ground. Rishi is going to be hit by the fast car when the driver reprimands him and speeds off. Malishka hears Rishi yell.

Malishka rides home in the cab while seated. Why are you sobbing, asks Kiran. Malishka says that Rishi and Dadi said I couldn’t maintain the karwachauth fast. She says, “I’ve loved him for years, and everyone knows it.” Malishka says that Lakshmi is to blame for this. She says that I fasted for him the previous year as well and accidentally ate cake. She says that Lakshmi and I cannot be compared.

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 29 October 2022

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 29 October 2022

She says that she increased Lakshmi Rishi’s wife by making her own. She is urged to relax by Kiran. As per Malishka, Dadi and Ayush referred to Lakshmi as the ideal wife. They will come to take you, according to Kiran, when everyone sees Lakshmi’s values. She requests that she end Lakshmi’s fast. If anything awful happens to Rishi, Malishka says. Kiran says that since you are keeping a fast for him, nothing will happen.

Everyone, according to Malishka, will see that the woman they described as the perfect wife will break the fast while I will finish fast. Lakshmi contemplates why Rishi hasn’t arrived yet while she waits for him. She tells herself not to worry since she thinks Rishi cannot break anyone’s heart. Just hurry back home, she orders. Rishi visits Malishka at her home. Balwinder hides after spotting Rishi.

Rishi phones Malishka to inquire about Kiran’s status. Kiran says to have visited your home. According to Rishi, she arrived at my house when I went to pick her up, got out, shoved me, got in the cab, and drove off. Kiran believes Malishka is crazy because she wouldn’t have told me if something had happened to her. She didn’t arrive, so I’ll bring her, said Rishi.

Aaj Ka Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 29 October 2022

Balwinder believes that Rishi is pursuing Lakshmi and that Malishka is upset with him since they messed with his life. Rishis notice a presence and turn to face the pillar. Balwinder is covered. Malishka leaves her room. When Rishi sees her, he asks her why she pushed him while failing to regard her own safety. You have no clue how afraid I was for you, he says. Malishka says sorry and gives him a hug. She says that I became insane out of rage.

You shoved me onto the road, says Rishi. Don’t say I don’t care about you and care for you more than anybody else, Malishka recalls she yelled when the car was going to hit you. She says that you told Lakshmi that if anything happened to her, you couldn’t live. He is tasked with saying the same thing to her. Balwinder accidentally spills the vase while hiding. Who is at home, Rishi inquires. Simply say you love me once, says Malishka.

When Kiran arrives and tells Malishka to stop talking, saying you tried to kill yourself, Rishi is set to see Balwinder. Rishi says I was afraid she would hurt herself, but. He is asked to leave by Kiran so that she can speak with Mishka. She says that I need to speak with her and will force her to come to her senses. Rishi nods his head and leaves. Balwinder enrages Malishka and Kiran. Balwinder was attacked for coming out.

Full Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi

Full Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 

Balwinder says that I went outside to collect water. He is urged to leave Malishka’s home by her. Balwinder asks Kiran to bring him four or five bottles. He says he is heading to the room and asks questions as to whether you get borewell water. Malishka orders him to leave her home instantly. Balwinder informs Abhay that he is absent when he phones. He says that he will be here and that you will be protected up till I am.

Malishka says that after she murders him, both she and you will be dead. He leaves. Rishi was about to tell me, according to Malishka, that he loves me. Kiran says that today we were saved. But I love you, Malishka adds, was left out. Malishka is warned by Kiran not to harm herself and that Lakshmi will profit from anything she does. I don’t know about Rishi, but I really love you, she says. Malishka hugs her.

Lakshmi and Rishi, according to Shalu, have a deep love for one another and have gone to seek a divorce. She says that Di is keeping a fast for Neelam because she wants to influence Rishi to marry Malishka in the future. She expresses her wish that Rishi and Lakshmi never suffer stress. Calling Shalu, Ayush inquires as to her state of sleep. Shalu affirms. He inquires as to the situation and remarks that you have a new voice.

Malishka Conspires to Break Lakshmi’s karwachauth Fast: Bhagya Lakshmi

Malishka Conspires to Break Lakshmi's karwachauth Fast

She requests that the game be over. Since you are single, he inquires as to your work and inquires as to your marital status. Yes, I got married to you, she replies. Ayush looks. Lakshmi and his picture frame catch Rishi’s attention when he returns home. He says that Rishi is fortunate to have such a loving wife. Rishi, according to Lakshmi, is more understanding than Lakshmi, hence Rishi is fortunate. Rishi writes it down.

He is intelligent, according to Lakshmi. She is urged not to fast in support of Rishi. Shalu is asked by Ayush why he has broken his fast. Lakshmi is informed by Rishi that she has always kept him alive and lengthened his life by fasting. Shalu is asked to keep the fast for that man by Ayush, who warns her that her Jodi may already be planned. Then, Shalu continues, you must observe the fast as well.

Ayush reports that I’m planning to keep the fast. He says that I shouldn’t keep the fast if she isn’t. Lakshmi informs Rishi that all she did was her duty, and the Karwachauth fast represents her respect for and pride in being a married lady. She says to have no gaps in her life, and this fast has great significance for her.

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