Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 28 October 2022: Rishi’s Reply Stuns Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 28 October 2022: Dadi asks Mukesh to keep the items inside and bring juice and tea or coffee at the start of the episode. Rano says to desire juice. He is asked by Dadi to deliver treats. The final event has been postponed, says Ayush. Lakshmi arrives and receives Rano’s blessings there. Rano bestows a blessing on her.

Shalu told me that you were coming here, according to Lakshmi. I need help, according to Ayush. As per Dadi, Mukesh will support me. Ayush claims that if I had learned the decoration, they would like help. Shalu can, says Bani. Ayush requests Shalu’s arrival for tomorrow with Rano’s permission. Does Rano expect what Neha will do if Ayush and Shalu’s alliance is restored?

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 28 October 2022

She tells Ayush that Shalu will be busy the following day with her and promises to send Neha to help him. Ayush says, “No, I’ll take care of it.” Rishi has been exonerated, according to Rano. According to Dadi, Lakshmi has returned Rishi. Rano compliments Neha and herself. Mukesh provides food. Rano requests juice. Where are my goodies, Dadi inquires. Lakshmi tells her they won’t get it and suggests she drink some juice.

Even as a Dadi, according to Dadi, she still receives reprimands. Rano gives Lakshmi praise. Balwinder is asked by Kiran if he wants to steal inside the house. Balwinder predicts that after getting his beard trimmed, he will appear heroic. He says that I went to the kitchen because he was hungry and ate the only apple there. Why did you leave the room, asks Kiran. Balwinder claims I was hungry. He is asked by Kiran to leave today.

Balwinder addresses her as Mummy Ji and requests that she give him food. Infuriated, Kiran requests that he go. She knows that if someone sees him here, I will also be trapped. Malishka reflects on Dadi’s advice. Behind her, Rishi asks, “Why are you upset?” Malishka says only Lakshmi will grow upset, and I won’t turn to stone. She then adds, “Didn’t you notice what Dadi told me?” She says you remained silent when Dadi shared so much.

Aaj Ka Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

 Full Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi

When Dadi talks, no one responds, not even Mom says Rishi. Malishka asks why you are still married to Lakshmi after a year. Since you love me, you should be with me instead of Lakshmi, she says. She requests that he go and inform Lakshmi that only Malishka will keep fast for him because she is unable to do so. Malishka says that I allowed you to wed Lakshmi so that you could remain happy and I could contact you.

She requests that he go and inform Lakshmi that she is unable to fast for him. I can’t tell her, according to Rishi. Rano and the others receive candy and chocolate from Dadi. You gave so much, Rano says; let’s go for a walk now. You can walk, says Dadi. Your English is poor, Rano replies, and he adds, “Walk me, and we’ll go.” My dadi thinks my English is poor. She asks that Ayush store items in the car. Shalu and Bani are invited, he says.

Lakshmi is blessed by Rano, who then departs. While picking up the items, Ayush drops his phone. Shalu arrives and collects it. Bani says to be keeping the items. Shalu is asked about the fast by Ayush. Only married girls keep the fast, according to Shalu. Malishka had always kept the fast, but she is unable to do so this time. Rano believes that she won’t let Shalu and Ayush get married and that she will pierce him if it does.

 Full Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi

 Full Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi

Malishka is informed by Rishi that she would not observe a fast for him and that she already ate cake. Due to her extensive pregnancy, Malishka says she will observe the fast. According to Rishi, today is Karwachauth, which is just for husband and wife and not for anybody else. He doesn’t want her to suffer. From Neelam’s side, Dadi visits Lakshmi and presents her with clothing and jewelry. Lakshmi says it was unnecessary.

All bahus, according to Dadi, wait for such things. Lakshmi deems it favorable. Dadi predicts Rishi will continue to fixate on you. She says that since you are Rishi’s wife and that your love would bind him to you, no one will be able to separate Rishi from you for Virender and me. You are pretty good, according to Lakshmi, because I bonded with you when I arrived here. When I first saw you, Lakshmi says, I knew this was my home.

She tells her to go to bed early. Lakshmi says that she is pleased with Rishi’s return. Dadi says that you are at fault. Malishka questions Rishi about if he still has feelings for her and whether she is correct that he doesn’t. Rishi, he claims, is old. Malishka enquires as to whether you still adore me. She hugs him and asks him if he wants to answer yes or no.

Janiye Aaj Ka Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi

Janiye Aaj Ka Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi

Rishi adds that certain issues are complicated and the answers are more complicated because he is in a complex circumstance. He tries to flee as he sees Lakshmi approaching. Malishka is still giving him a bear hug, and he is holding her hand. Dadi notices that Rishi is being hugged by Malishka while Lakshmi is in his hand. Does she inquire as to what is going on? They are urged to rest.

Malishka is dropped off at Lakshmi’s house, where she instructs her to remain. Malishka declines and departs. Rishi follows in her wake. Why did you send Rishi with her, Dadi asks Lakshmi? Malishka is hurt, according to Lakshmi, and she can feel it. She also has faith in Rishi because he is her husband. Rishi and Malishka are in the vehicle. Malishka questions Rishi about whether he would have driven to pick her up if Lakshmi hadn’t asked.

Rishi keeps quiet. Malishka says that he lacks the answers to many of her questions. She shouts at him to put the car in park. According to Rishi, there will be an incident. At the side of the road, he comes to a stop. Malishka stands up and begins to move. Rishi gets worried.

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