Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 26 October 2022: Rishi and Lakshmi go on a Bike Ride

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 26 October 2022: Before standing in front of Lakshmi, the inspector hugs Aayush after stating that Rishi is free and without charges. When she asks if he is okay, he responds, “If she is okay, then even I am okay.” Aayush struck him in the back, leading him to hug her.

The lady constable explains that although his wife can even give her life for him, how can she not bring the pen drive since such a lovely relationship is not seen at the moment, which makes Malishka envious. Rishi thanks the Inspector, but he responds that Rishi should thank his wife because the pen drive that proved his innocence was brought by his wife. Balvinder rushes in, angry, claiming that despite his best efforts, they were all for nothing, Malishka becomes the hero, and he ends up turning into the devil.

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 26 October 2022

Bhagya Lakshmi

How, he asks himself, can he explain to Lakshmi that he is doing it all for her? While sitting on the couch, Kiran worries that Malishka will eventually become trapped because of Balvinder, but she selects not to take their worries into consideration. When Balvinder becomes enraged and starts hitting the vase in the room, Kiran wonders where the sound is coming from because no one else is home.

Then, she notices that someone is in the room. Kiran takes up a rod in the belief that she will surely teach Balvinder a lesson after remembering how Rishi explained that he might also try to harm her. All is well that ends well, Rishi responds when Aayush asks what Nani has to say about the incident. Lakshmi explains it in Hindi, and Aayush says that it all happened as a result of her.

Rishi, Lakshmi, and Aayush emerge from the police station. Aayush explains that Rishi should celebrate this moment with Lakshmi but she refuses to explain they must inform the family. Aayush assures them they need not worry about anyone and Rishi must depart with Lakshmi. Malishka believes Lakshmi has the ability to trap everyone with her words, including the terrorists and even the workers Lakshmi.

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Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 26 October 2022

Rishi explains that since they are not two separate beings, she does a lot for him and that Aayush meant that she values him greatly. He is constantly worrying about what would happen if she were to leave his life, and Aayush asks why he would stay alone since she would always be by his side. Lakshmi concurs when Rishi says that she would always stay with him, but Malishka says she would leave after the wedding.

Lakshmi herself wanted the divorce, according to Malishka. Rishi explains Moreover, Dadi advises them to live in the now because no one can predict the future. Lakshmi is standing there calmly and rejects Rishi’s request to take her hand. Rishi responds that he is pleased if she wants anything else and asks Aayush why she isn’t accepting his hand, which is her right. Malishka is pleased that her discussion of the divorce managed to dampen Lakshmi’s mood.

Rishi is ready to extend his hand, but Lakshmi declines, saying that she is happy with him both now and in the future. Lakshmi walks over to the bike with Rishi, and he helps her put on the helmet, which makes Malishka very jealous. Before they both sit on the bike, Lakshmi helps Rishi put on his helmet while they both smile. Malishka is unable to view the scene, but Aayush is grinning. On the bike, Rishi and Lakshmi set off.

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Aayush turns to Malishka and inquires about her well-being because he notices smoke coming from the direction of the bike and believes that something is wrong. When she violently tries to close the car door, Aayush offers to send her off, saying that she has gotten badly upset but it doesn’t matter. Balvinder lost the pen drive that Lakshmi presented to Rishi before they both left for a bike ride, according to Lakshmi who is sitting in the car and saying that it is all his fault.

She argues he should first listen because she did not refer to him as a driver but rather stated she may call him if he is in a hurry, to which Aayush responds that he also stopped the car to listen to her. He then asks if they can leave, to which she agrees and they drive away.

Balvinder gets up from the bed but is startled to find Kiran and tries to shut the door when he asks her to listen and says that Malishka called him here. She responds that her daughter would have told her, but he forcibly opens the door and says that Malishka asked her to stay here because he has nowhere else to stay. He swears he is not lying and defends his mother, to which she asks if he has one.

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Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 26 October 2022

He then offers to call Malishka, but Kiran stops him and says that he is trying to trap her because she is with Rishi. Balvinder sits down and says that it was improper for him to ask them both for help, explaining that he has nothing. Balvinder believes he is compelled to support her because he has no money. When Rishi asks Lakshmi if she’s enjoying herself while riding, she responds that she wouldn’t have chosen a bike trip like this and that she only wanted to stroll alongside the road with her husband.

Rishi then cracks a smile. When asked why she did not say thank you after they arrived at her residence, Malishka responds that one does not express gratitude to family members. Aayush says that although she would not be married to Rishi, he would accept if she so chooses. Since this is not the parking area, Lakshmi asks what happened when Rishi abruptly stops the bike and motions for her to get down.

Rishi replies that something essential has happened, but she doesn’t comprehend it, so they must realize her dream. Balvinder welcomes her, but she asks him if he has any idea what kind of trouble he has made. He is unsure, so she explains that he lost the pen drive and became the hero in Rishi’s eyes. As a result, Malishka enters the house feeling really angry and vowing to beat him if she finds him.

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Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode

went on a ride, and Malishka begins beating him when he asks Kiran to comfort her and explain what happened, she says Lakshmi showed Rishi the pen drive before leaving with his hands in hers like they used to. Balvinder then accuses Rishi of being shameless for going with Lakshmi while they are both sobbing. She declines when Kiran asks if she invited Balvinder to stay here.

Rishi responds that her goal is to walk along with her spouse in the chilly air. When Lakshmi inquires as to what dream he is referring to, she gets visibly agitated and begins staring at him. Rishi retorts that he is only her husband for the time being, which astounded Lakshmi, despite the fact that he is a big businessman and doesn’t have the practice of following her on walks.

Lakshmi smiles as Rishi holds her hand and declares, “Now her desire would be fulfilled,” after forcibly taking the helmet and placing it on the bike while motioning for her to begin walking. Rishi questions Lakshmi about if she only observed her and her husband strolling but did not hear them conversing.

Lakshmi replies that she only wanted to walk and that they may talk if he wants to, adding that even the quietness can convey a lot if they pay attention to it. Rishi looks back at her smiling as he turns around in confusion.

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