Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022: Malishka Emotionally Blackmails Rishi to stop Inspector

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022: Neelam begins the episode by saying that only our son Rishi is capable of performing this miracle. No, Lakshmi Rishi Oberoi, says Dadi. Lakshmi found the Pendrive and displayed it to the family, according to Ahana. Lakshmi bhabhi, according to her, has performed a miracle and is a miracle for us. Really, Karishma asks; she traps us first, then takes action to release us. How did you know before we did, Virender wonders? Ayush told them he was departing, according to Ahana.

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 25 October 2022

Dadi claims Lakshmi informed her in the early hours of the morning that Rishi would be cleared of all charges. She says she desires a reward. Virender queries who the guilty party is. Rishi Bhai will reveal later, says Ahana. According to Neelam, whatever the offender is, I want to see them hanged. Due to that person, Rishi was jailed. According to Dadi, even Lakshmi was jailed.

Neelam declares her desire for the guilty to be hanged. When she hears the door knocking, Malishka awakens and becomes irate. Hearing the sound of the door banging, Balwinder gets out of bed. When there is a bell ring, he wonders why someone is knocking on the door. When Kiran opens the door, Rishi is standing there with Police. She utters Rishi in shock. Malishka is standing when Rishi enters. Balwinder believes Malishka contacted the police by allowing him to stay here when he sees the police.

He then muses. She wouldn’t have called 911 at this time. He considers waiting. Malishka is informed by Rishi that he has viewed the video and he enquires as to when you changed like this. He claims that you were in the hotel on that day, and I have proof of this. He claims that we had taken the footage to the PS early in the day.

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

Written Update Episode

When an FB is displayed, the inspector verifies the Pendrive and declares that the true criminal has now been apprehended. Lakshmi inquires as to Rishi’s innocence. Yes, Inspector replies, regretting that Rishi had to remain in custody. Did you not know that CCTV footage, he wonders? You would have given it thought, according to Ayush. It’s all right, replies Lakshmi; the criminal will now be apprehended. The inspector promises to go after the offender. I’ll go with you, Rishi offers. End of FB.

Malishka is informed by Rishi that he has also brought the inspector, the female constable, and the constable. Why Rishi? asks Kiran. According to Rishi, I went to Balwinder’s phone and discovered my phone there. Balwinder believes Malishka will now be arrested. He believes that if I am caught and try to flee, I will go to jail. Malishka is informed by Rishi that he is brokenhearted by her.

Malishka assures you that she didn’t break your heart and that she will be completely honest with you. Balwinder eloped yesterday, and Lakshmi predicts that the police will find him. She is asked by Ayush to imagine Rishi being exonerated of all accusations. He informs you that Shalu is not good and that you are bad. In the video, Lakshmi says that Malishka and Balwinder were seen meeting as Shalu looked on. My heart is telling me that Balwinder and Malishka did this together, as she says.

Full Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode

As long as Balwinder holds back his confession, according to Ayush, we are unable to say. Everyone is aware of how eagerly I have waited to wed you and how willing I am to sacrifice anything for you, according to Malishka. Malishka is told by Lakshmi that she will confess just when she fears being discovered. She says she just wants Rishi and will do anything to get him.

Ayush says that she already acted improperly. Malishka admits to making a mistake and telling Rishi that she didn’t see him approach Lakshmi. Says Ayush I’ll make her bald, strap her to a donkey, and let her roam the city, I promise to you. He queries whether Rishi had any doubts about Malishka seeing the video. Malishka expresses regret to Rishi. Consider not saying anything, Balwinder. Rishi queries what error you have made. Says Malishka in the motel.

Aaj Ka Written Episode

 Written Episode

She acknowledges that Rishi didn’t acquire any knowledge and believes she was foolish to believe this. According to Rishi, I watched the video and Balwinder did this. Malishka acts as if she didn’t see him and asks if he came in a different outfit, pledging that she would have murdered him. She apologizes to you, saying that she was powerless to help. He asserts that Lakshmi was absent from the but you were in the kitchen.

He claims that because the cameras were being serviced, he was unable to view some of the videos. Malishka believes that is the reason she evades capture. Balwinder believes she has him in a trap. Kiran queries Rishi as to why he brought them here. The Inspector believes that Balwinder can kill you, but Rishi says that Balwinder is not in his home. Malishka claims he has no animosity toward me and won’t harm me. When that happens, the inspector continues, you can be his friend.

Janiye Aaj Ka Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi

Janiye Aaj Ka Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi

He is the actual adversary, according to Mishka, and you are suggesting that I become friends with him. The inspector speculates that he might have come here to assist Malishka or kill her. My daughter has no relationship with Balwinder, according to Kiran. When the inspector says I had my doubts about you after viewing the video. He promises to search her home. They are urged to stay at Kiran’s home.

How can you say this, asks Malishka. Let him check the house, Kiran says. Does Balwinder consider his options? Malishka considers employing Rishi to obstruct Inspector. Inspector is requested to check by Rishi. Malishka questions Rishi’s ability to witness her being degraded by the police and wonders if he is unaware of their relationship. You are mine, she claims, and I would devote my life to you. She admits that Kiran is her daughter and that she doesn’t believe in her.

She informs Rishi that everyone is aware of their relationship, implores him to consider his persona, and queries how He will be humiliated in front of everyone. Inspector is told by Rishi that he does not need to check her house because he trusts her. Ok, the inspector says. Malishka informs me that you are no longer facing accusations, and she promises to accompany you to the police station. She moves to get dressed.

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