Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022:  Sonia and Malishka Instigates Neelam Against Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022:  Karishma greets the visitors and asks them to take a seat in preparation for the karwachauth fast as The Episode starts. Karishma is greeted by a guest who says that she has brought her daughter Vini to understand the fast’s practices. She compliments her daughter and promises that she will blend in with the family. Along with Shalu and Bani, Rano travels there. Seeing them upsets Karishma. Chachi, according to Shalu, desired to break her fast with Lakshmi.

Rano likes the jewelry. Karishma thanks her and asks questions as to your Lakshmi’s ability to maintain the karwachauth quickly. Lakshmi can do everything for Rishi, according to Rano, so fast is a minor thing. Karishma departs. Simmy is struck by Rano, who then introduces herself. Simmy says that the alliance will be solved and explains that she has brought her daughter here to meet Ayush. Rano wonders how I would get here if Lakshmi leaves here. She believes Neha did not arrive, and Shalu is incredibly intelligent.

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022

When Bani enters Lakshmi’s room, she is seated and sleeps. She leaves. When Ayush arrives, he calls out “Yo Bani.” What’s up, he asks. Bani says she’s okay. Ayush asks her to avoid Shalu and concerns herself with her location. Why are you enquiring about Bani, she asks. Shalu, according to her, went to Dadi’s room to do some work. AYUSH LEAVES Shalu rubs Dadi’s hands together. She is massaging like Lakshmi, according to Dadi. Shalu says that she is distinct from Lakshmi and that she could not accept wrong.

Dadi says that although she doesn’t react or speak, her life will soon be happy. She is urged to bless Shalu as well. Dadi says that she has also blessed her. Ayush comes and offers thanks to Shalu. He asks her to give his hands a massage. What did you do that you need a massage, Shalu asks. Ayush claims to have put in a lot of work. Shalu turns down. Dadi asks her to give him a massage. He is a cute kid, according to Ayush. He says to have a lot of girls. Dadi says that’s why he was unable to get any.

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi

Shalu says that he missed it. According to Ayush, he dislikes the typical girl. Shalu is not usual, says Dadi. Ayush says he wasn’t able to find her till today. He asks her to give his hands a massage. Shalu furiously rubs his hands together and asks whether he is feeling relieved or painting. Mukesh comes and reports the coming of Pujari Ji. Dadi departs after saying Pujari Ji will inform the Katha. When Ayush tries to leave after saying he doesn’t want a massage, Shalu trips him. Together, they both drop onto the bed.

the song is played. Rano thinks their Jodi can be set after taking a look at them. Shalu calls Ayush purple and begs, “Why did you make me fall down?” If you say it again, Ayush says that if you weren’t a girl, I would have replied.  Rano believes they could be rivals. Ayush keeps his hand on his chest and believes that this is completely incorrect. Malishka is asked by Sonia why she brought the plate. Malishka asserts that in order to convince everyone that Lakshmi has broken the fast, we must display this platter.

Aaj ka Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Episode (Today) 1 November 2022

Malishka shows Sonia an FB and says, “This is paneer essence. We will apply it to Lakshmi’s lips. Then, we want paneer and some rotis to keep in her room so that everyone will think she has eaten it.” Sonia says the paneer fragrance is approaching after checking. Everyone will trample Lakshmi under their feet, according to Malishka. Fb closes. Do you recall now, Malishka asks. Yes, Sonia answers. They enter Lakshmi’s room.  I’ll fast apply it to Malishka’s face, she says. She coats her lips with the essence. Rishi’s name is given to Lakshmi.

Since Malishka is seeing Rishi’s dreams, she says they will put in more effort. She works harder. Shalu thinks of visiting Lakshmi and traveling there. Behind the bed, Malishka and Sonia are hiding. Lakshmi will arrive later because Shalu thinks she is asleep. Since Pujaran has come and everyone is waiting for the Katha, Dadi asks that she wake her awake. Wakes up is Lakshmi. Dadi inquires about Lakshmi’s well-being. Lakshmi claims she has no idea how she slept. Shalu says she can smell food. On the table, they discover the plate.

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Maybe Jiju ate it, according to Shalu. They go away. Malishka and Sonia get joyful. Malishka exults and says that dhamaka will take place after everyone is aware that the great Lakshmi already consumed the food. Lakshmi descends the stairs. Who is your bahu, Pujaran asks? Neelam displays a sign at Lakshmi. Lakshmi is blessed by the pujaran, who also asks her to accept her satsuma’s blessings. Malishka believes that since you named her bahu today, you will now disparage her, and when you smell her, you will smell paneer.

Neelam detects the paneer odor but brushes it off. She requests Lakshmi to accept blessings from others. Lakshmi accepts everyone’s kind wishes. Everyone takes a seat to listen to the Katha.  Malishka tells Sonia that the paneer plate is still in Lakshmi’s room and that we must use it to light the fire with gunpowder, which we have. Yes, Sonia says. Neelam is approached by the woman and asked to join her. We are down for puja, according to Neelam. According to Sonia, it’s a life-or-death issue.

Neelam asks, “Who?” Says Sonia about Rishi Bhai. Neelam rises and leaves. Malishka visits Sonia and Neelam. Sonia says we placed a wager on whether Lakshmi would keep her fast. Lakshmi will keep the fast as she acts, according to Malishka. Lakshmi, according to Neelam, has already kept the fast. Sonia says she has not kept the fast. Neelam says she can’t believe it. Malishka says if Sonia is right.

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