Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode Update Today November 2022: Lakshmi warns Kiran

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode Update Today November 2022: The Episode starts with Rishi finishing the food. Lakshmi says you finished all the food, as Mummy Ji gave the food. Rishi says if I had not eaten then Mom would have gotten hurt. Lakshmi says how can you do this and praises him for taking care of everyone. Rishi says he is learning from her. Lakshmi asks if she shall bring a sweet dish. Rishi says just now I had it, you have praised me. He asks her to praise him more. She asks him to go and change and praises him. Rishi goes to change.

Bani calls Lakshmi and asks how jiju is. Lakshmi says he is fine. She says she is having a headache. bani asks shall I come there and massage your head. Lakshmi asks when she wakes up to study. bani says 5 am, and 6 am, and tells them that she wakes up at 8 am. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he heard her and asks her to sit. He massages her head. Tu thodi der plays……Lakshmi says Bauji used to massage Maa’s head, and she used to say that she is very lucky. She says she is very lucky.

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode Update Today November 2022

Rishi says, Bhagya Lakshmi. Later Lakshmi steps on Rishi’s hand and he falls down from the couch and gets up. He says anyone can fall down. Lakshmi says I never fall down. Rishi says even you can fall. Lakshmi says I will go downstairs and tell everyone. Rishi asks her not to tell anyone. He asks how did he fall down? Lakshmi says he was touching her feet and might have done something in a dream. She then tells him the truth. Rishi says husband and wife have the same rights.

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode Update Today November 2022: Lakshmi warns Kiran

Rishi praises him as unique and good. Karishma comes to Ayush and asks him to drop aunty home. Ayush says he is very tired. Karishma says no excuses, go and drop him. Lakshmi comes there and keeps water there. She asks Ayush to drop off the guests. Ayush says ok. Karishma gets upset as he listens to Lakshmi. She asks him to sleep. Ayush tries to make Karishma understand. Karishma blames Lakshmi. Ayush says he trusts Lakshmi and goes. Karishma tells Lakshmi that she was right about her, and asks her not to interfere between her and her son. She says Rishi will not be your husband for long, this was your last fast as Rishi’s wife. Lakshmi cries and goes. Simmy and her husband are waiting for Ayush so that he can drop them off. Ayush comes there. Simmy asks Ayush to take the boxes, and come.

Rishi imagines Lakshmi and says you are here. Lakshmi says whenever you call me, I will come. Karishma comes there and asks why is he standing like this. Rishi says he was searching for Lakshmi. Karishma thinks Lakshmi made Ayush her Servant and Rishi mad. Kiran comes there and says we are leaving. Rishi says bye. Kiran says you used to come and drop us off. Lakshmi comes there and says Rishi will not go. Ayush drops Simmy and her husband off and sees Shalu going on the road. He thinks where is she going? Lakshmi says the situation has changed now, he was not married to me then.

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She says Rishi used to drop Malishka due to the relationship, now he is married to me. She says I have kept fast for him and he has broken my fast. She says we shall respect the limitations of respect. Kiran says you came many letters. Lakshmi says Rishi is married to me, and I am his wife. Karishma asks her to behave and asks if water was mixed in it. Dadi supports Lakshmi. Lakshmi thanks Dadi. She apologizes to Kiran and tells them that if anyone tries to snatch her husband from her, then she will not bear it. She says if Malishka tries to snatch Rishi, then it won’t be good for her. Karishma asks Rishi what is this. Rishi says I will ask her why she said this.


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