AT&T Short Codes 2022 – AT&T Secret Codes List 2022

AT&T Short Codes 2022 – AT&T Secret Codes List 2022: Hello friends, So friends today we are going to share information about AT&T shortcodes in our today article for AT&T SIM users. And with that, we will also know what AT&T is.

So friends, let us tell you that AT&T is basically an American telephone and telegraph company. This company is the world’s largest telecommunications company. And this company is the largest mobile telephone service provider in America. So today we will talk about this AT&T short-code or rather about AT&T secret codes, using which you will be able to easily take advantage of various services of AT&T. The AT&T secret codes that we are going to share with you here are valid for both prepaid and postpaid. Let’s know about AT&T:-

AT&T Short Code:

We have already told you about what AT&T is. Nevertheless, let us tell you that AT&T is one of the largest telecommunications companies in America. Now let’s come to the AT&T shorts code, AT&T shorts code consists of 3-6 numbers and you can use these AT&T shorts secret codes to check your sim Talktime balance, main account balance, data balance, caller tune, recharge You can check offers, balance internet balance, DND services, loan codes, etc. There are several AT&T short-codes that you can use to take advantage of AT&T’s various services. Below we have listed some AT&T shorts codes, you can read them and if any of these codes are useful to you then you can use them:-

AT&T Short Code List:-

  • Check Balance, Bills Payable, Last Payment Received *225#
  • Check Order Level *6737#
  • check to upgrade eligibility *639#
  • to pay *729
  • Check data and messaging usage *3282#
  • Check Balance Minutes *646# / * Min #

How To Use At&T Shorts Codes?

Using the AT&T shorts code doesn’t have to be that difficult. You can easily use these codes. We have explained the step-by-step process to use these short -codes. You read and follow the steps given below carefully:-

  • step 1. First of all, open your caller app,
  • step 2. And after that, you dial the code as per your requirement in the caller app from the list of shorts codes,
  • step 3.  After doing this, you will see a flash message on your screen, and this flash message will contain the information that you need.

‘So, to apply this type of AT&T abbreviation you need to take these simple steps.’

At&T Short-code For Spanish Users:-

Here we have given some other codes for you. Below we have given a list of at&t top shortcodes for Spanish users, you can also see them:-

  • Check Order Status *6737#
  • Check Upgrade Eligibility *639#
  • Pay *72427
  • Check remaining minutes balance *876#
  • Check Data and Messaging Usage *3286#
  • Check Balance, Bills Payable, Last Payment Received *725#

‘If You Are One Of The Spanish Users Of At&T, You Can Use These Short Codes Above.’

Can’t Find Short Code Texts In At&T?

If you can’t find the shortcodes on AT&T we generally recommend that you restart your SIM card network. But if even after doing this, the problem persists then it is recommended that you contact AT&T customer care for this.


So today this was our complete information. We hope that this information will be very beneficial for you. We’ve done our best to give you all you need to know about AT&T shorts codes in this article. For complete information, read this article completely and read it carefully. Whatever information we have shared with you in this article is not our personal special research, all this information is based on internet research. If you think that we have missed any aspect related to this topic then you must let us know. And if you have any problems or any queries then you can comment to us in the comment box. We will try our best to assist you.

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