Anupamaa Written Update Episode (Today) 27 October 2022: Vanraj Confront Anupamaa

Anupamaa Written Update Episode (Today) 27 October 2022: In the Newest Episode, the teacher assures the pupils that she would assign homework to them without a doubt before the Diwali holiday. Anupama believes she also delivered a lecture to the class. Vanraj gives Anupama a call. Anupama says she must leave the class. Suddenly, Vanraj calls her.

Vanraj informs Anupama that he needs to discuss a crucial aspect of Pakhi. Anupama informs Vanraj that she won’t take calls for three days a week because she would be in class. Vanraj queries Anupama about if Pakhi is significant to her. Pakhi is not a child who needs Anupama, according to her.

Anupamaa Written Update Episode (Today) 27 October 2022

Anupamaa Written Update Episode (Today) 27 October 2022

She continues by saying that Pakhi’s family may wait a while if she can battle for her marriage, mistreat her mother, or lie to them. Anupama is asked by Vanraj if she will ignore her kids while she studies. Vanraj is tasked with caring for Pakhi till Anupama returns. Pakhi is an adult and does not require a mother, she continues. Anupama makes the decision to keep her college time to herself.

She angers Leela and Vanraj by being conceited. Anupama, according to them, shouldn’t have enrolled in college. She was never sent, according to Leela, despite Baa and Hasmuk’s wishes. Vanraj decides to call Anuj and ask him to bring Anupama after siding with Leela. Anupama has a family and a life of her own, so Hasmuk asks Vanraj not to call her. Leela says Anupama is selfish.

Anupamaa Written Episode

It’s okay to be selfish, according to Hasmuk. He requests that Vanraj and Leela not bother Anupama. Vanraj makes the decision to oppose Hasmuk. Anupama exits the class. She addresses a letter of affection to Anuj. When Anuj receives the letter, he is delighted. Adhik challenges Barkha about telling Shahs his truth. He queries Barkha as to the reason.

After Anupama, Barkha claims she can no longer bear her daughter serving as the household’s daughter-in-law. Ankush challenges Barkha. Threatening Barkha is Adhik. He makes the conscious decision to wed Pakhi. Barkha is taken aback. Lunch is shared by Anupama and her classmates. Anupama and Anuj’s planned college romance excites Anuj. Vanraj hears a lesson from Kavya about becoming angry during a crisis.

Aaj Ka Anupamaa Written Episode

Anupama Written Update.

Anupama is excited to start college. She gives thanks to Anuj. Anuj is sorry she didn’t send Anupama to college before. Anupama commends Anuj for always being there. Anupama is teased by Anuj. Anuj and Anupama have fun together. Anupama is awaited by Anu. She tells GK that she has written Anupama a welcoming poem. Barkha is urged by Ankush not to stir up trouble today. Anupama receives joyful posts For her, Anu read a poem.

She is asked by GK, Anuj, Anu, and Ankush about her first day. Anupama describes her first day of college. She also makes the decision to get ready for Diwali. Secretly, Adhik meets Pakhi. She is invited by Leela. Anupama refuses to visit Shah’s residence. Anupama is pleaded with by Hasmuk to come.

[Episode End]

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