Anupama Written Update Episode (Today) 8 November 2022: Pakhi Misbehaves With Barkha

Anupama Written Update Episode (Today) 8 November 2022: Anupama with Anuj visits Shahs. She tells them that Sweety’s wedding is in just 4 days. Anuj says they all will manage the arrangements. Jignesh jokes that they need to prepare a shagun envelope. Anuj jokes back that he can write his own name on the envelope and keep it back as both they are both from the bride and groom’s side. He says there is no issue with the exchange of gifts, so it’s enough if the bride reaches her groom’s house with 2 sets of clothes. Kavya says there should be all pre-wedding rituals. Anupama says there should be. Anuj says they will all get a chance to party and recites a poem describing accepting happiness as it comes and forgetting all the differences, indirectly pointing at Vanraj. Vajra silently listens.

Pakhi introduces herself to Barkha’s friends. Barkha says Pakhi is Anupama’s daughter. Pakhi says Barkha aunty didn’t introduce her properly, she is also Barkha’s brother’s wife, Mrs. Pakhi Adhik Mehta. Anuj suggests prewedding rituals at Kapadia’s house and weddings at Shah’s house. Vanraj offers a money cheque to Anupama and says he was saving money for Pakhi’s higher studies and other expenses, she can give it to Pakhi or spend it on Pakhi’s wedding. Anuj says there is no need for that. Vanraj says it’s not a question of necessity; a daughter can leave his father, but a father cannot forgo his responsibility; he fulfilled his responsibility, and Anuj should decide how to manage his responsibility. Hasmukh says at least he is participating.

Anupama Written Update Episode (Today) 8 November 2022

Anupama Written Update Episode (Today) 8 November 2022

Leela asks Anupama if Barkha agreed to the wedding. Anupama says Barkha will. Leela says as per Anupama, GK, Adhik, and Ankush are at the office and Little Anu in school, so Pakhi and Barkha are alone at home. She hopes they are not pulling each other’s hair. Anupama hopes that is not happening. Barkha’s friends ask Barkha why didn’t she invite them to Adhik’s wedding and hid it. Pakhi says the wedding happened in a hurry, they are organizing a grand reception after a few days and will invite them all. Barkha gets angry and says that is not going to happen as Pakhi is unfit for her brother and is a gold digger who trapped her brother for money. Pakhi warns him to mind her tongue or else she will expose her secrets. Barkha shouts she is shameless.

Pakhi says she is shameless and that is why she is boasting about Anuj’s house as her house. She further reveals that Barkha’s business went bankrupt in the USA and hence her family shifted to India to Anuj’s house and are living in Anuj’s favor, Barkha tried to grab Anuj’s business illegally but failed. She asks for ladies’ numbers to discuss Barkha’s long list of secrets further. Barkha shouts. Pakhi walks away grinning at her, walks to her room, and thinks she is not Adhik to bear Barkha’s taunts, this house equally belongs to her and she will give Barkha a reality check at regular intervals.

Anupama and Anuj return home. Barkha welcomes Anupama as Devi of knowledge and queen of lectures. Anuj says Devi of pilon and queen of freebies is inviting Anupama, asks Barkha how would she feel if he speaks to her like this, and warns her to dare not speak to Anupama like this and come to the point. Anupama asks what did Sweety do. Barkha says Pakhi is mannerless and taunts Anupama that she should have taught her daughter some manners. Pakhi walks in misbehaving with Barkha and describes what Barkha did, she continues to misbehave with Barkha and says Barkha will get what she gives. Anupama warns her to behave with Barkha as she is her elder.

Anupama Written Update Episode (Today) 8 November 2022

Pakhi says nothing has changed for her, she is hearing her mother’s lecture even at Shah’s house and here. Anupama says there is a difference, she is her mother at the Shah house and from her in-laws’ side at the Kapadia house. Pakhi says they should doubly misbehave with one who misbehaves with them. Anupama says if she double misbehaves with Pakhi for her misbehaviors, then Pakhi would have to bear slaps 3 times a day; Pakhi should learn to speak instead of misbehaving with elders. Anuj says Pakhi should remember that elders are always elders. Adhik says Barkha is also a mistake. Anupama says he misbehaved with his sister who brought him up since the day he got married and is blindly supporting his wife instead of becoming a bride between them. She asks Barkha to stop reacting to Pakhi’s behavior and maintain peace. Anuj says he doesn’t want this issue to stretch further and asks all 3 of them to apologize to each other. Pakhhi refuses to apologize but does on Anupama’s insistence.

Leela tells the family that they should perform Pakhi’s wedding in a simple way and shouldn’t give whole jewelry to Pakhi as she is Kapadia bahu now and would be wearing diamonds, instead they should keep it for Pari. Toshu and Samar ask her to give whatever Pakhi’s right is. Hasmukh backs them. Kinjal walks in with Pari. Everyone gets happy seeing him. Leela performs her and Pari’s Nazar. Vanraj happily picks Pari and pampers her. Toshu asks Kinjal how is she. She says she is fine. Anupama walks to the kitchen and notices Adhik preparing coffee for Pakhi. She gives him advice not to be blind in love and corrects his wife when she makes mistakes and teaches her to filter her talk. Adhik nods yes. Anupama feels anxious.

Adhik offers cold coffee to Pakhhi to cheer her up. Pakhi says her mood is off. He says he doesn’t want any negativity during their wedding, so she should smile. Pakhi says she said sorry outside because of him. He tickles her funny bones and makes her laugh. They both get romantic.

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