Anupama Written Update Episode 26th October 2022: Adhik is exposed by Barkha to the Shahs.

Anupama Written Update Episode 26th October 2022: Anupama shows up for her class. Everyone is asked to introduce themselves to the teacher. A newlywed couple introduces themselves and talks about how they met at work, fell in love, and were married in six months. They also talk about their goal to quit their jobs and establish a marketing company. Anupama commends them for having the guts to quit their well-paying jobs and consider creating their own businesses. Everybody praises them. Another student, Chetain Sangoi, introduces himself and mentions that he owns a grocery store, has a B.Com., the necessity to upgrade small businesses in order to compete with large international corporations, and his desire to maintain his father’s business by taking various financial courses. Next, everyone praises him.

Other students also make introductions. Anuj waits outside the campus for Anupama and wishes her well on her first day. Adhik is exposed by Barkha at the Shahs. If she is being honest, Barkha queries. How can she justify using Pakhi to manipulate Anupama, wonders Kavya. These awful behaviors, according to Leela, are not tolerated. Vanraj questions her about if she planned everything and how it happened so suddenly that she showed up to expose her own brother. Barkha claims that she had considered using Pakhi for a long time but had not considered that she might be imprisoned for the rest of her life; she has a daughter herself and does not want this to happen to her.

Anupama Written Update Episode 26th October 2022

Anupama Written Update Episode 26th October 2022: Adhik is exposed by Barkha to the Shahs.

When she was attempting to abuse Pakhi, Leela questions why she didn’t consider her daughter. Vanraj questions why she came here rather than telling Anupama if she felt so bad. According to Barkha, she previously told Anupama. Next student is asked to introduce herself as a teacher. When her husband passed away, her daughters urged the elderly woman to enroll herself in a financial course so she could better understand their business. She rises up, cracks a few jokes, and says she used to assist her husband in his business. Everyone applauds her. Anupama is then asked by the teacher to introduce herself. Anupama is worried. Barkha claims that she told Anupama everything.

As per usual, Leela screams at Anupama, telling her she has time to get dressed and go to college but not to tell them the truth. Since she has known Adhik since childhood and knows that he is not at all interested in marriage and cannot fall in love with Pakhi in only a few encounters, Barkha claims that she is startled by Anupama’s quiet and that Adhik told Anuj the full truth. She does not trust Adhik at all. They will make any decisions only after speaking to Anuj and Anupama, Kavya promises, and she thanks her for telling them the truth. Adhik enjoys parties, girlfriends, and females from the upper class, according to Barkha, who claims to be familiar with his American lifestyle. He cannot love a simple lady like Pakhi.

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Anupama Written Update Episode 26th October 2022: Adhik is exposed by Barkha to the Shahs.

Anupama repeats “sorry” while taking a frightened drink of water. The teacher asks her to identify herself now and tells her that she should take her time. She also advises that she should learn to be comfortable and that it’s alright to be uncomfortable. Shahs is questioned by Barkha as to how Adhik can be loyal to others if he cannot be to his sister. Even she, according to Hasmukh, is not devoted to her brother. According to Barkha, she is letting them know so they may make an informed decision about Pakhi’s future. Samar claims that she is taking these actions to avoid future criticism of her. According to Barkha, they shouldn’t hold her responsible afterward since she can’t accept Adhik’s assurance.

Hearing Barkha, Pakhi becomes frightened and tells her she should be embarrassed for character assassinating her own brother. Barkha claims she was only telling the truth. Pakhi Adhik has shared information about his background, current, and future ambitions. A thief won’t be a thief if he tells the truth, according to Leela. Pakhi affirms Adhik’s integrity. Vanraj queries why, knowing the facts, she is still standing behind Adhik. Whatever others say, Adhik is the only man Pakhi would marry since she is confident he has changed for the better and solely cares about her. She is to enter so that Vanraj can speak to Anuj and Anupama first, he commands. Anupama introduces herself and states that although she and her father wanted her to do well in her studies, she was unable to continue following her father’s sudden passing.

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She claims that young children take things for granted, but for her, it was a dream. After getting married, she wanted to continue her education, but she couldn’t shake the memory of Leela and Vanraj discouraging her. She goes on to say that once her children were born, her duties grew and she was unable to pursue her education. She talks about how her husband and kids were made fun of because of her academic achievements, how fate caused her to divorce her husband, and how Anuj Kapadia, her ideal partner, came into her life. Barkha adjourns. As they spent time alone in a hotel room, Leela claims they wanted to marry Pakhi and Adhik, but they decided against it after they learned the reality.

She is urged to calm down by Hasmukh. Vanraj questions why Anuj and Anupama didn’t tell them the truth. According to Kavya, she had urged them to put aside their issues for 3–4 days and concentrate on their first Diwali together. According to Anupama, she was in a relationship for 26 years and thought of the man she was with as her life. However, after meeting Anuj and experiencing his love, she understood what true love is and how toxic her prior relationship had been. She claims that she now has a small family, including a little girl named Anu. Her husband dropped her off at college after learning about this course, and she is confident that he is waiting for her someplace and praying for her.

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Pakhi calls Adhik on video and tells him what Barkha did. Hearing that also makes Adhik nervous. Pakhi claims she wants to meet him and will do whatever to be married to him. Vanraj doesn’t want to see them for a while, Adhik reminds him. Pakhi becomes insistent. Anupama explains how a woman should carve out time from her obligations to pursue her ambitions. She is correct, according to a student, that males don’t appreciate women’s time. According to Anupama, women should be educated and skillful since only such things will benefit them in the long run because they don’t respect their own time. Everyone praises her. While Anupama is occupied in class, Vanraj calls.

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